2013 Movie Preview: Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters

Release Date: January 25
Director: Tommy Wirkola
Rating: Not Yet Rated

What We Know:

Yet another one of your childhood bedtime stories is getting a stylized, action-packed big-budget treatment. (At least, until Michael Bay decides to tackle Little Miss Muffet.) This time, it will feature Hawkeye and a Bond Girl that ended up bathed in black gold.

Here, we have a slick follow-up to the 1812 Grimm fairy tale that taught us the value of leaving breadcrumb trails and that witches who don't get proper education at Hogwarts end up living alone in an edible cabin in the woods, craving the taste of children.

Managing to avoid becoming the main ingredients in a witch's oven-baked kid pies, grown siblings Hansel (Jeremy Renner) and Gretel (Gemma Arterton) used their childhood trauma and went the Sam and Dean Winchester route, hunting these evil broom-bucking bitches wherever they may hide.

Now, it appears that the baddest of them all, Muriel (Famke Janssen) is lurking about and needs to be stopped. She's kidnapping children to be sacrificed at a massive gathering of witches on "Blood Moon" night. (Of course, this was before the Blood Moon sacrifice of children festivities got all corporate, charging high ticket prices and forcing you to pay $50 for just one eye of newt.)

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Arctic Strike DLC Details

Ubisoft Motion Pictures is turning its attention now to the Tom Clancy-branded Ghost Recon series for a possible big screen treatment. The news comes from UMP chief executive Jean-Julien Baronnet, the former head of Luc Besson's EuropaCorp, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Ubi started establishing itself as a Hollywood player in 2012, with news that Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy had been attached to big screen adaptations of Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell, respectively. There's little to say at this point about Ghost Recon beyond the fact that it's in the pitch stage (which is very early in Hollywood terms); expect to hear much more first about those other two projects.

The LA Times interview is largely focused on profiling Baronnet and his work at Ubisoft. If you're at all curious to learn more about the company's efforts in the film world, this is well worth a read.

2013 Movie Preview: The Last Stand

Release Date: January 18
Director: Jee-woon Kim
Rating: R

While he's made a notable comeback in The Expendables films, the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger will grace the top of a marquee for the first time in a decade, this time sporting a sheriff's shield, a grizzled demeanor, and a modernized take on the traditional western movie plot.

What We Know:

The Governator plays Ray Owens, a jaded ex-LAPD narcotics officer who now lives a quieter life as sheriff in a sleepy small town on the US/Mexican border. However, the town's sleepiness is about to receive a wake-up call when a vicious drug cartel head their way after a speed-heavy caper that freed their leader from FBI custody.

Now, circumstances have forced Ray to give his upstart deputies a quick lesson in badass action and even badder puns since their happy hamlet is the final geographic obstacle before the pernicious pushers can elude authorities across the border.

Aided by an eccentric sidekick in Jackass star, Johnny Knoxville, Ahnuld will truly be "back" and joined by a cast consisting of Rodigo "Xerxes" Santoro, Forest Whitaker, Luis Guzmán, and Thor's Jaimie Alexander.

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The Wolverine: Hugh Jackman Reveals Timeline

While Hugh Jackman is riding high from the solid holiday numbers for Les Misérables, it turns out the actor has recently revealed an important detail about the return of his signature character. (And no, I'm not talking about Van Helsing.)

In an interview with Parade magazine, Jackman let loose some details about The Wolverine, his return next summer as Marvel's adamantium-aligned ass-beater. Apparently, everything we thought we knew about where the film fits in the timeline of the X-Men franchise was wrong. According to the star, The Wolverine will actually take place AFTER the events of 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand. (You know, the one where a lot of important characters met lame, anticlimactic deaths? Yeah...)

As a result, The Wolverine is apparently not a prequel-sequel to the 2009 prequel, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but is, in actuality, a spinoff sequel to the 2000-2006 X-Men trilogy. -- Does that make sense?

Check out what Jackman had to say about the matter below, as well as his hint of a cameo from another X-Men member.

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Mad Max Sequel: First Look At Tom Hardy

A photo has surfaced from next year's Mad Max: Fury Road, giving us our first look at star, Tom Hardy as the film's titular "Road Warrior."

The image came from a set of autographed low-res set snapshots sent to Ain't It Cool News. Initial doubts surrounding them were quickly quelled when Warner Bros officially confirmed their authenticity.

Now, we can certifiably see Tom Hardy as he dumps his Bane respirator to take over Mel Gibson's star-making role of "Mad" Max Rockatansky. For the uninitiated, Max was an Australian federal police officer serving the remnants of a post-apocalyptic society until a vicious gang killed his wife and infant son. After his vengeance was satisfied, he became a roaming warrior of justice in a savage future.

Check out the full pic below, as well as a look at one of the post-apocalyptic vehicles from the film.

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The hunt for Osama bin Laden may be over, but how did the entire investigation come together? Zero Dark Thirty explores the decade long operation, and Tiffany Smith from Attack of the Show spoke with the cast to discuss what the film is actually about, the unsurprising ending and more.

Zero Dark Thirty Cast Interviews »

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Resident Evil: Retribution, the 5th installment of the Resident Evil film franchise, comes to DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D tomorrow, Friday 12/21, and we have an exclusive behind the scenes clip to whet your undead appetite! In the clip, titled "A Great Visual Journey", we get a behind the scenes glimpse into the design and build of the world of Resident Evil: Retribution.

It's pretty cool clip, seriously lacking in Milla Jovovich and those little outfits she always pours herself into for these movies, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Check it out:

Resident Evil: Retribution "A Great Visual Journey" Behind The Scenes Video »

Did you see Resident Evil: Retribution? What'd you think? I actually haven't seen it yet and I need something to watch this weekend.

Iron Man 3: Tony Stark Takes Beating In New Photo

Marvel has unveiled a new photo from the upcoming Iron Man 3, although from Tony Stark's point of view, it hardly captures a Kodak moment.

We don't know who gave Iron Man this serious beat-down, but whoever it was had to be pretty powerful. After being exposed to the first trailer and seeing some of the stills, it's hardly a secret that the Armored Avenger is in for his toughest test yet.

Not only has his greatest enemy in The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) finally surfaced, but a techno-virus making his armor collection go haywire has been unleashed. On top of that, it appears that goons like Coldblood (James Badge Dale) have Tony set in their crosshairs.

Oh, but don't get the impression that this film is going The Dark Knight Rises route, sending Tony off to hiding armed with a cane and a wealth of self-pity. While that techno-virus (Extremis) may cause some weird stuff, which include his armors creeping over Pepper Potts at night, those kinks should be worked out and Iron Man will receive some serious upgrades to fight his new enemies. (I guess Pepper will just have to deal with the nightly gropes from the armors.)

Iron Man 3 directed by Shane Black looks for a body shop that handles Mark VIII armors before hitting theaters on May 3, 2013.

[Source] (Hi-Res version)

S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Show Casts Some Nashville

Marvel's upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series has added the final regular agent for its spinoff in singer/actress, Chloe Bennet.

The 21 year-old half-Asian attraction made a name for herself in Beijing, China where, billed as "Chloe Wang," she became a bilingual pop star. However, as with most exquisite ingenues, the acting bug eventually bit and she relocated back to the states where she currently appears on ABC's Nashville. (Which stars Hayden Panettiere, whose name on Heroes was Claire Bennet. Coincidence? -- Probably.)

Bennet/Wang will play the role of the energetic Agent Skye. The Hollywood Reporter describes the character as:

"A confident woman who is slightly obsessed with superhero culture and the shadow organizations that exist within it. She's edgy and can out-talk anyone with her unflappable nature."

Essentially, she will be the show's gorgeously geeky beauty with enough of an edge to send fanboys into an amorous haze with the gratuitous use of pop-culture references and big-eyed close-up shots. You can't go wrong with that, I guess.

Bennet joins a cast headed by Clark Gregg's returning Agent Phil Coulson consisting of Ming-Na Wen, Elizabeth Henstridge, Iain De Caestecker, and last month's addition of Brett Dalton. Shooting is said to commence in January.


Vinnie Jones from Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and X-Men: The Last Stand was on Attack of the Show last night for his new film, Company of Heroes. He discuss the film's World War II setting with Michael Kosta, as well as his football career. (Not American football. The real football.)

Vinnie Jones On Company Of Heroes »

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The chance to own your favorite movies from 2012 is here--but which Blu-ray is worth the money? Attack of the Show's resident film expert Chris Gore and Candace Bailey take a look at some of the biggest releases for the week, like the Total Recall remake, Looper, Premium Rush and Pitch Perfect.

Looper, Premium Rush, Total Recall & More DVD Review »

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Star Wars VII Rumor: Luke Returns To Yavin 4?

The first of what will surely be many rumors surrounding 2015's Star Wars sequel, Episode VII has been making the rounds. It involves the few days remaining before the impending Mayan-predicted apocalypse, Luke Skywalker's retirement plans, and the place where Chewbacca was screwed out of his rightfully-deserved medal.

The rumor stems from a news story from Reuters discussing a temple located deep within the Guatemalan rainforest called Tikal Four and its connection to the dire December 21 date. Hardcore know-it-all Star Wars fans know it as the exterior shooting location for the Rebel Base on planet, Yavin 4 in the first Star Wars film, 1977's Episode IV: A New Hope.

However, one paragraph in the article has sent shockwaves of speculation down the network of fanboys and fangirls. (Of which we include ourselves.) Check it out below!

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Vin Diesel's New Riddick Film Gets Release Date

After a nine year series hiatus, actor, Vin Diesel finally has an official date to announce for his return as the intergalactic convict-turned-space-savior named Riddick.

According to the star himself, September 6, 2013 will be the date that the long-awaited third film in the series, simply titled Riddick will make its way to theaters -- in IMAX, no less.

For Diesel, it's been a long road to get this project moving. However, it was a process where he and the creative forces used the outlet of social media to garner fan input. As a result, the announcement of the release date for the now-completed film seemed to be an emotional one for the star.

Find out what he has to say below and check out a brand new photo from the set.

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Tonight On AOTS: Janina Gavankar Returns, Zero Dark Thirty Cast Interviews & More

On tonight's Attack of the Show, Michael Kosta and Candace Bailey welcome Janina Gavankar from True Blood and The League back to the studio, Tiffany Smith talks to the cast of Zero Dark Thirty and Matt Mira reviews the Sony Xperia TL smartphone for Gadget Pr0n. Just like James Bond! Tune in tonight 7/6c.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past: Wolverine Officially Joins

It appears that upcoming prequel-sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past will feature the claws and fury belonging to the one and only Wolverine!

A few weeks after it was reported that actor, Hugh Jackman was in talks to yet again reprise his role as the adamantium-braced, buff beserker, director, Bryan Singer has just given the official stamp on that bit of news by way of tweet.

Of course, Jackman's Wolverine is already bracing for a return to theaters everywhere on July 26, 2013 when the character's second solo shot, The Wolverine slices and dices the baddies of Japan. Prospectively, Wolverine's appearance in Days will mark (counting the cameo in X-Men: First Class,) the seventh appearance of Jackman's rendition of the now-iconic antisocial hero.

With Jackman's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just secured last week, you can bet that his addition to the cast will bring some new box-office pull to the time-bending sequel to a low key franchise relaunch previously lacking bankable stars. Additionally, more pull will come with a post-Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence returning as Mystique, plus Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart returning as the older counterparts of Magneto and Charles Xavier.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters to maim massive mutant-hunting Sentinels from the future on July 18, 2014.


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