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We (everyone over 21) can appreciate a good beer, but only the beer elite can brew their own. Turns out it's not hard to be a beer aficionado thanks to Beer Making Kits. Your very own Beer Making Kit will come with  barley, hops, yeast and spices, ensuring your brew is on par with your local bar or pub. Using the kit, you'll be able to make either Everyday IPA, Summer Wheat or Bruxelles Blonde. This is a must have for anyone who enjoy beer.

Beer Making Kit: $ | More info: Williams-Sonoma

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Samsung 60-Inch Slim LED HDTV -- The Smart TV Of The Future

The lightweight Samsung 60-inch Slim LED HDTV is exactly the set you need if you're looking for stunning picture quality. With the set's incredible 1080p picture, you'll be able to watch even fast-moving action movies and sports with top-notch motion-clarity. Among other unique features, built in to the set is a full web browser, WiFi, innovative apps, and Samsung Signature Services like family story, which lets you upload and share photos to a gallery.

Samsung 60-inch Slim LED HDTV : $1,800  | More info: Amazon

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Scrabble Typography Limited Edition -- Every Font's A Winner

When it comes to Scrabble, we all know that every word's a winner. But really when you think about it, it's all about the board. With this Scrabble Typography Limited Edition version, you and your friends can play Scrabble in style on a six-panel solid walnut magnetized gameboard complete with walnut tiles featuring all sorts of different, quirky fonts. You'll still have to come up with words on your own, but at least your friends will admire your excellent taste while you do so.

Scrabble Typography Limited Edition: $199  | More info: Winning Solutions

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MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer -- Create The 3D Models Of Your Dreams

The fourth generation MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer is exactly what you need for making the absolute best quality models. It has a resolution capability of 100 microns, making it easier than ever to create true-to-life high-resolution models. The MakerBot Replicator 2 also has a build volume of 410-cubic-inches, so you can build even bigger projects than ever before. With its powder-coated steel chasis that's resistant to temperature change, the Makerbot is perfect for your desktop or the workbench.

MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer: $2,199  | More info: Makerbot

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Click & Grow Smartpot -- Quickly Grow Plants From Inside Your Home

The Click & Grow smartpot is perfect for those who love gardening but may not have the time or space to grow plants in the soil. Thanks to the Click & Grow's smart technology, all you have to do is choose from one of 13 available plant cartridges, pop it in the smartpot, fill it with water, and the Click & Grow does the rest. It measures exactly how much water, fertilizer, and air the plant needs, all without any guesswork on your part. The best part is that plants grow quickly, and there are a wide variety of plant cartridges available to suit every taste.

Click & Grow Smartpot: $40  | More info: Click & Grow

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iCADE 8-Bitty -- Retro Gaming On The Go


Posted December 10, 2012 - By G4 Staff

iCADE 8-Bitty -- Retro Gaming On The Go

Classic gaming on the go with your iOS and Android device has never been easier thanks to the iCADE 8-Bitty. The 8-Bitty is a wireless controller that looks like it's straight out of the 80's. It comes complete with a D-Pad and four face buttons and is fully compatible with iCADE's bountiful list of hundreds of retro gaming apps like the  Atari Classics collection, Pac-Man, Super Mega Worm, and more.

iCADE 8-Bitty: $25 | More Info: ThinkGeek

Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers And Subwoofer -- Form And Function In Perfect Harmony

In stark contrast to the planned obsolescense that seemingly permiates our modern technology purchases, these ceramic speakers and subwolfer designed by Joey Roth are built to last. Avoiding plastic entirely (except in some of the electronic components), these speakers are constructed entirely from stainless steel, porcelain, and Baltic birch plywood. They feature a frequency range of 70 Hz - 20 Hz (the subwoofer clocks in at 40 Hz - 200 Hz), and feature flexible inputs, meaning you can connect them to any music device you wish, even a record player. These speakers are supremely stylish and would make a great addition to any multi-million dollar home.

Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers and Subwoofer: $1095 | More Info: Joey Roth

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The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set -- You Say Goodbye And I Say Hello To 14 Albums

For the hardcore Beatles fan in your life, consider The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set. Featuring 14 complete Beatles albums on high quality 180-gram vinyl including A Hard Day's Night, Rubber Soul, The White Album and more, this comprehensive set also comes with a limited edition 252-page book. It is important to note that these records were not pressed from the original masters, but from the 2009 remastered CDs; however, having all of these albums on vinyl and all in one place is well worth the asking price. 

The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set: $319 | More Info: Amazon

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Libratone Wireless Speaker -- Customize Your Soundscape With Italian Wool

There's nothing more cozy than wrapping yourself in luxurious cashmere, so why would it be any different for you speakers? The Libratone Zipp speaker is a high-end portable speaker that allows you to stream music directly from you iOS device and/or personal computer. Although it was designed to work with Apple products (Look at it. Of course it was.), it will work with your PC too. Featuring their patented FullRoom Technology, the Libratone is completely wireless and even has handy app control, so no remote needed to feed music to your sweater-wearing speaker. Speaking of sweaters, you can dress it up to fit your mood with either their "funky" or "classic" color pack. Plus, if you buy one for every room in your house, it supports multi-room streaming, but you can always pick it up and move it around, because a speaker that appreciates fine Italian wool sweaters is just that awesome. 

Libratone Zipp Wireless Speaker: $449.00 | More Info: Libratone

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Black and Blum Thermo Pot -- Make Your Lunch Sexy With This Japanese Thermos

With the economy the way it is these days, packing your lunch is all the rage. There is, however, the age old challenge of trying to keep hot foods hot while you waste the hours between breakfast and your noontime meal. Enter the Thermo Pot from Black + Blum. It's got a stainless steel body and a cork top that forms a vacuum seal. This little beauty will keep your food piping hot for up to five hours. Oh Japan, you do love your soup. The Thermo Pot holds up to 17 fluid ounces of food, and even includes a spoon that adheres to the side so you'll never lose it. Now, that's a value. 

Black + Blum Thermo Pot: $59.99 | More Info: Amazon

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Surface From Microsoft -- A New Tablet To Rule Them All

The new Surface tablet from Microsoft is trying to take away part of the iPad's monster marketshare. Running a special version of Windows 8 called Windows RT, every Surface comes pre-installed with Office 2013, plus "touch-enhanced" versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Surface also features a built-in kickstand for hands-free entertainment viewing and a snap-on, snap-off keyboard in a myriad of different colors to impress your friends and scare off bears. 

Surface With Windows RT: Starting at $499 | More Info: Microsoft Surface

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12Society Curates Cool Products For You


Posted October 23, 2012 - By G4 Staff

12Society Curates Cool Products For You

12Society is a subscription-based service where members pay $39 a month to receive a shipment of items selected by paragons of style like Blake Griffin, Tim Lincecum, Nick Cannon, and more.  Sign up, and every month you will receive a box of items they say will be valued at $85+, with every product hand-picked by your favorite taste-maker. What could be more amazing than that? Past boxes have included Incase Reflex headphones, and these Creative Recreation Defeo sneakers, as well as a ton more stylin' gear.

12Society Subscription: $39 Monthly  |   More Info: 12Society

GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution: Sleek Wi-Fi Lightbulbs

Wi-Fi lightbulbs has long been considered the lighting of the future, and with the GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution, the future is now. With this lighting solution, you'll be able to turn on and off lightbulbs in your home with a simple touch of your iOS or Android device. Each LED Energy Star Certified bulb has its own IP address and can be adjusted and controlled individually . You can even set Smart Controls to time when certain lights turn on and off. The Connected Lighting Solution will be available soon.

Connected Lighting Solution Kit: $200  |   More Info: Greenwave Reality

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Intelligent Design Titanium Mouse Is A Pricey Thing That You Want

Most of us are perfectly happy using a basic, functional computer mouse, but people with more refined tastes might want to give Intelligent Designs' Titanium Mouse a look. It's grossly expensive for a peripheral that spends most of its time covered by the palm of your hand, but it's a sleek-looking thing.

Available in either white or black, you can nab yourself one of these babies from Intelligent Design's online store for €399, or roughly $520, plus shipping and taxes/import fees. Alternatively, you could skip the mouse entirely and just get yourself a touch-enabled tablet for roughly the same price. It sure does look pretty though, right?

Titanium Mouse: $520   |   More Info: Intelligent Design

Beats Executive By Beats By Dr. Dre: Headphones For Discriminating Gentlemen

The just announced Beats Executive headphones you see above are a cut above the usual Dre-offerings. The ultra-premium cans feature noise cancellation for those long business trips, brushed aluminum with leather accents, a folding design to save space and a battery life of up to 25 hours of active use with three AAA batteries. They also look dignified, but still slick. The Executive headphones are on sale today from Beats Electronics and retailers.

Executive: $299.99   |   More Info: Beats By Dre

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