Tokyo Game Show 2012

"Handsome" Jake Gaskill went all the way to Tokyo to bring you back a firsthand look at social game company GREE's wares, including Assassin's Creed: Utopia, Resident Evil: Versus and more. All you need to do is click play to check them out.

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The Namco Bandai Booth at Tokyo Game Show was filled with all sorts of upcoming Wii U games. In the video below, Jake Gaskill tours the booth and brings you up to date on the games Namco was showing off including Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tank! Tank! Tank!

Namco Bandai Booth At Tokyo Game Show 2012 »


The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset offers gamers a way to experience their entertainment in ways that have never been possible before. In the video below, Nate Mitchell, the Vice President of Product at Oculus, discusses the three key components that makes the technology stand out: a wider field of view, ultra low latency head tracking, and its price. Mitchell also goes in to the success of the Oculus Rift kickstarter campaign, and why developers are already chomping at the bit to get their hands on the device.

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Tech Preview »


One of the quirkiest pieces of gear we found at Tokyo Game Show 2012 were the Necomimi cat ears from Neurosky. Basically, they interpret your brainwaves and move accordingly based on your mental state. If you're focused, they'll perk up, if you're relaxed, they'll drop down. Take a look for yourself, and if you watch all the way to the end you'll get to see NeuroSky's latest prototype -- a wagging tail!

Necomimi Ears & Shippo Tail Tokyo Game Show 2012 Tech Preview »


Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, is one of the most legendary video game developers of all time and in the video below we talk with him about the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear series. He explains how he got in to the video game industry and why interactive storytelling is so appealing to him, going in-depth about the differences between telling stories in games versus movies. He also goes in to what's coming up in the future for him and how he thinks new technology will impact the gaming business. 

Hideo Kojima On The Metal Gear 25th Anniversary »

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the extremely fast-paced action game that puts players in the shoes of the cyborg Raiden on his quest for revenge. We got to catch up with a few MGS: Revengeance developers at Tokyo Game Show, including Producers Yuji Korekado and Atsushi Inaba and Director, Kenji Saito, to learn more about the game's story, weapons, customization, and to find out how the game's staple cutting mechanic works.   

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Tokyo Game Show 2012 Preview »


The Light Shooter was an interesting video game that we found at Tokyo Game Show that teaches players how to shoot a bow and arrow. In the video below, we talk to Masasuke Yasumoto from The Light Shooter to get more details on the project, and to find out how the technology works.

The Light Shooter Tokyo Game Show 2012 Tech Preview »


Astro Wings is a personal flight simulator from Munazo. The simulator is very precise, and in the video below from Tokyo Game Show 2012, we chat with the President of Munazo, Munakata Tsunenori, about why he developed the simulation and how the experience works. Make sure your seatbelt is fastened before you watch.

Astro Wings Personal Flight Simulator Tech Preview »



We love bizarro Japanese tech equipment more than is probably healthy, and Brain Kiss definitely fits the bill. The new iPad app uses the power of your brain waves to determine whether you like someone or not. It will be available in the app store in October and an Android version is on the way.

Brain Kiss Tokyo Game Show 2012 Tech Preview »


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The Tokyo Game Show is over for 2012, and that means one thing: Cosplay! We shot video of the sexiest, funniest, coolest and most outrageous cosplay at TGS, and all you need to do to check it out is to hit "play!"


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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch transports players to a magical alternate world where they'll play as Oliver on his quest to try and save his mother. In the video below, Dennis Lee, Sr. Brand Manager from Namco Bandai, gives us details on Ni No Kuni, including more info on the battle system as well as the influence Studio Ghibli had on the title.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Tokyo Game Show 2012 Preview »

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G4 Goes to Tokyo Game Show 2012!

Tokyo Game Show 2012 has come and gone, and with it we brought you coverage of the biggest upcoming titles from Konami, Capcom, Namco Bandai, Team Ninja, Sony, and more. If you happened to miss any of TGS 2012, we've got you covered. Check after the break for everything you may have missed from the show, including all of our news, previews, videos, and photo galleries.


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With our Tokyo Game Show 2012 pictures you can check out just what the megashow is like from the comfort of your home. We've got pictures of everything from the Japanese trade show, including the best cosplayers, booth babes, the show floor itself, and all the wacky stuff in between. Just click on the gallery you want to go to below, and enjoy! For more coverage from TGS, head over to our Tokyo Game Show 2012 site

Tokyo Game Show 2012 Booth Babes PicturesTokyo Game Show 2012 Show Floor Pictures

Tokyo Game Show 2012 Pictures -- Cosplay, Booth Babes, The Show Floor, And More

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Ex Troopers is the Lost Planet 3 anime style spinoff from Capcom. The title was only recently announced and as of yet we still don't know if it's coming to the states. Nevertheless, Jake Gaskill got his hands on Ex Troopers at Tokyo Game Show and was able to get a feel for its controls and style in his latest preview. Here's a piece:

"You also have a grappling hook, but it looks like you can only use it in on designated objects or specific spots. Luckily, you have a slick looking jetpack that you can use to fly short distances, lunge forward, and strafe. Lost Planet’s lack of mobility---or rather, the series’ oddly designed sense of movement---has always been one of the big turn offs for me, and while it’s obviously meant to fit in with Ex Troopers’ more fanciful anime style, the faster paced action is much more fluid and responsive than the weighty, grounded feel of Lost Planet."

For more, check out our full Ex Troopers preview from Tokyo Game Show 2012.

Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation

Jake "Tricorne" Gaskill got his hands on the PC Vita version of Assassin's Creed 3, at Tokyo Game Show and brought back a preview. Here's a bit of his Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation preview to whet your appetite.

"Naturally, the build on display at TGS was in Japanese, so I have no idea what the point of this particular mission was, but seeing as I only have a few minutes anyway, story wasn’t at the top of my priorities list. After checking in with a nearby contact, a giant circle popped up on my radar, marking the location of the fort I was to infiltrate, peppered with red dots indicating all the guards in need of a right stabbing. Since I didn’t have time to fully pursue the mission, I focused mainly on testing out more of the traversal elements and some of the new momentum takedowns (because they are just too damn satisfying.)"

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