Go Skydiving On Your PS3


Posted February 7, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Let's say you want to go skydiving, but you don't want to deal with all of that pesky outdoor action. What to do? Well, if you're a PlayStation 3 owner, your problems are solved! Enter Go! Sports Skydiving, which will allow you not only to jump from planes in a virtual sense, but also to perform aerial tricks and the like.

So, agoraphobes and people who don't like the feeling of wind rushing against your face, you can tell everyone you've been skydiving. Of course, if you're a gamer, you can also tell them you own a mech suit, save the world on a regular basis, and play in the professional sports league of your choice. So, there's that.

PlayStation Blog: Go! Skydiving From the Comfort of Your Sofa

This Just In:  Celebrities are losing money in the real estate market in Southern California.
This Also Just In:  HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

The recent downturn in the national housing market is crunching people at all levels of income including the rich and famous. Folks like Avril Lavigne, Slash, Wilmer Valderrama, and Ed McMahon all have had houses on the market for a while and have been forced to drop their asking price. TheFeed is sad to learn that, for instance, Avril will only be getting $5,800,000 for her five-bedroom, six-bath house in Beverly Hills.

It is a sad day for such a cute, little Canadian badgirl who just wanted to keep things so uncomplicated.

forbes.com: Celebrities losing in real estate game

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XM is stepping up the hip-hop content, with two new stations designed to appeal to different segments of the culture. The first features N.O.R.E. and his cohorts DJ EFN and Capone, talking smack about the topics of the day. "It’s barbershop talk on the radio," N.O.R.E. told AllHipHop.com. " We are covering all issues from Superhead [Karrine Steffans] to Hillary Clinton and Obama, to the Iraq war, to smoking cigarettes, getting weeded and drunk and lying to your girl. It’s made for n***as but females will enjoy it as well."

The other show will feature Philly native Monie Love and her old-skool take on the hip-hop community, with a show called Ladies First Radio that will feature her reflections on life, all set to a 90's rap soundtrack. We are glad that XM is reaching out to the hip-hop community, and shows like this will allow fans and casual listeners to get a grip on that world in much more far-reaching ways.

All Hip-Hop.com: N.O.R.E., Monie Love Debut Shows On XM

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Yes, Virginia, there will likely be a Pirates of the Caribbean 4, regardless of what you thought of the last couple of Pirates movies. Why? Because they made about a googol of dollars, that's why. Still, you might ask, what would happen in such a film? Good question, and now, here's a rumor about the answer. Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner would be jettisoned, and the film would be a "bawdy buddy movie" featuring Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush's characters.

Note we didn't say it would necessarily feature Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush. Nope. We're thinking that, in the end, such a movie would be such an unpopular move that both men would decline involvement, and it would end up being a typical Disney straight-to-video release that kids would absolutely love and parents would kill if they had to watch more than once. And it would be called Pirates of the Caribbean 3 1/2 or some such.

IGN: Pirates 4 a Buddy Pic?

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Though alleged nutjob Jack Thompson would have you believe that every other game that comes out these days should have an "M" rating from the ESRB, the opposite is, in fact, true. Statistically speaking, according to the ESRB, the number of M-rated games have been cut in half since 2005, and make up roughly 6% of the gaming market, which is dominated by games that are rated "E" for "Everyone."

Now, why would people want you to believe otherwise? Might have something to do with the fact that it's a political chip in the favor of a lot of elected officials, and the more that they can keep your elders scared about what the young whippersnappers in their lives are up to, and the more they can con them into thinking they're the only solution, the more votes they are likely to attract come election time.

You are now armed with information. Use it at will.

Ars Technica: Percentage of M-rated titles halved since 2005. What gives?

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The most recent Bungie podcast has revealed something quite interesting to its listeners. The next release from them will be "something totally different" from the Halo series. Christian Allen, Bungie's lead designer, essentially said it's far too early in development to talk about.

We can't even begin to speculate what this could mean or what their perspective of "totally different" actually means. Are we talkin space MMO different, sports game different, or the main character's name is Master Chef and he's battling Aliens called the Ovenant in an interstellar cooking competition kind of different?

the Bungie Podcast

Also, remember this?

Halo 3 - First TV Ad »

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova has been cast as Cover Girl in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie, according to reports. The stunning blonde has been previously known as a Victoria's Secret model, but will bring her panache to the role, which is that of a former runway model who ends up being part of the Joe team.

Now, we weren't previously all that enthused about the movie, but the addition of Kurkova definitely makes the eye candy factor of the project leap off the screen. Not that Cover Girl has ever been a huge part of the team, but how can you squander a beauty like that by giving her less screen time. Answer? You can't. And that's good news.

IESB.net: G.I. Joe's Cover Girl Revealed!

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The ESRB is the all-knowing, all-seeing organization when it comes to gaming, considering that all the legitimate games in the world have to go through this oracle of judgment to get to market. So, sometimes, that means that games are leaked before companies might want them to be. Such is the case with Lost Planet  Colonies, which might be either a sequel or an expansion to Lost Planet.

Now, so far there's no news from Capcom, who made Lost Planet, but we expect to hear some explanation in the not-too-distant future. After all, it's on the books at the ESRB, so something must be happening, right?

IGN: New Lost Planet Title Coming?

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Today, Adam brings you the latest in gaming news, including Gearbox Software, a Grand Theft Auto movie, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Gears of War 2.

X-Play Gaming Update 02.05.08 »

Wrestling fans, listen up! If you would like to win tickets to Wrestlemania 24, the granddaddy of all wrestling events, you best learn to play Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 pretty well. Because there's an online tournament, sponsored by HMV, and presented by THQ, that will allow you to do just that, if you're so inclined, and better than all of the other rabid wrestling fans worldwide that might try and knock you off your throne.

So, whether you want to play as 'The Legend Killer' or 'The Deadman,' as 'The Nature Boy,' or even 'The Glamazon,' you best get your finishing moves in order, because there's wrestling to be done, mi luches, and you can bet your last Atomic Drop that someone out there is waiting to Flip, Flop and Fly or drop the Bionic Elbow on you and get you 1-2-3, right in the middle of that squared circle.

In the meantime, registration will continue until February 8th, and you can check out all of the details online.

We know you've been looking for Barry Pepper since The Green Mile ran its course. We have too. But, we've now found the Hollywood icon, having agreed to lend his voice to the game Prototype, an open world action game in which he will play a 'genetically mutated shape-shifter.' Talk about typecasting!

Also, veteran character actor Paul Guilfoyle (CSI) will appear in the game, as will the hilariously-named Gordon Clap. We are just so thrilled to see that Barry Pepper has returned to us. After all, it's not every day that the man who played both Roger Maris and Dale Earnhardt lends his voice to a game. Kudos, Sierra Entertainment! You have secured a casting coup!

IGN: Sierra Entertainment's Prototype to Feature Barry Pepper and Other Hollywood Talent



Remember 2001? When we were searching for some outlet for our aggression against those who would commit atrocity on American soil? That was the fertile environment in which American hero Jack Bauer was born, when 24 premiered. However, as time's gone by and the Bush Administration has lost its flavor, so has Mr. Bauer's popularity.

This isn't just us talking, it's statistics. Oh, and the show's creators. "The fear and wish-fulfillment the show represented after 9/11 ended up boomeranging against us," says the show's head writer, Howard Gordon. "We were suddenly facing a blowback from current events." Specifically in the show's depiction of torture over the course of the last season, post the Abu Ghraib controversy, the ratings really dropped off in the second half of the season.

Read More »

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We have a lot to tell you about rapper Prodigy of legendary hip and/or hop combo Mobb Deep. So get comfortable:

  • On the technology front: Prodigy's new album, H.N.I.C. Part 2, will be coming out in March. Using "Voxonic Technology," the raps will be translated in 1,400 languages. We think Voxonix voice conversion technology comes from reverse-engineered alien spacecraft or something. Visit the official site and check it out.
  • Sadly, on February 13th, Prodigy will begin serving a three-and-a-half year prison sentence for weapons charges. But the rapper/writer/genius doesn't plan on sitting around feeling sorry for himself: "While I'm locked up, I'm going to be writing lyrics, working on the script for my second feature film, Dope, and finish writing an autobiography of my life which will be finished by the time I'm released. My mind is going to be focused and I'll have time to think and map out my entire plan," Prodigy said. We'll be talking to the rapper about his charges, prison sentence and New York's hip-hop cops on the 13th, so check back for the exclusive video.
  • Before his stint in the stoney lonesome, Prodigy hooked us up with some off-the-top lyrics! He'll be appearing on G4's own Freestyle 101 on February 19th. Don't miss it; it's musical history made before your eyes.
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Army of Two Multiplayer Trailer »


"Make money online...with extreme prejudice" may be the best new catchphrase in gaming. Seriously, that's hardcore.

The latest Army of Two trailer shows off some multiplayer gameplay and what it's like to take the fight to the internet. There's definitely no absence of bullets; in fact, the only people who died in the video are those not shooting something. Take note.

Army of Two is still on track to be released this spring for the 360 and PS3.

The Japanese get all the cool stuff. Oneechanbara, the Rez trance vibrator, and now a sexy silver-colored PS3 system.

In addition to being all sparkly, the system will come with one of those brand new rumblin' DualShock 3 controllers when the package goes on sale March 6. Based on the silver plastic used for the PSP, we're hoping for an eventual U.S. release, though none has been announced.

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