Today, Adam brings you all the latest gaming news, including a new Lord of the Rings game, a new Knights of the Old Republic game, and Spore's release date.

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Wes Craven last wrote and directed an original film script in 1994, when he did the immortal Wes Craven's New Nightmare. Well, now the horror master is hoping that scary lightning will strike twice, as he's set to direct 25/8, a script he wrote himself, which features a serial killer, but is supposed to be more a thriller than a horror film. 

The new film will unveil a signature villain, a killer who turns up 15 years after his supposed death to kill the seven children born on that fateful night. Sounds very Craven. We were hoping his next project would be the long-awaited sequel to Shocker, but we will keep the dream alive that he will get to that next.

IGN: Craven Unleashes New Killer

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There is no doubt that 2007 will go down as one of the biggest years the gaming world has ever seen, but EA isn't wanting it to stop with 2007. They've unveiled some of the plans for the next two years, and let us say, it's a doozy.

Included in EA's tenative lineup for 2008 & 2009 are new installments of their Burnout and Need for Speed franchises, as well as a new Skate. Skate, now being dubbed the "Tony Hawk-killer", far exceeded expectations last year by seemingly besting the Goliath that is Tony and his skating buddies.

Also on the list was a confirmation that we would be seeing the 2nd and 3rd installments of the Mass Effect trilogy over the next 2 years, and that both of those will be coming to the 360 and PC. BioWare was also listed as developers on an upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game, which is not an MMO.

In short, it looks like EA is going to have a very very big couple of years. What do you good folk think? Is this a bunch of good news or is EA rushing out a bunch of titles to try and capitalize on the great releases of last year?

IGN.com: EA Goes Big in '08, '09

'LOTR' Game Re-mounted by EA


Posted February 13, 2008 - By jrmylmb

So, The White Council, which was meant to be EA's first entry into the Lord of the Rings mythology was shelved indefinitely last year, but now there's a new group of roustabouts at Pandemic, a company EA has have recently acquired, who have been tasked with doing a totally different LOTR project.

Details are completely nil at this point. No name, no concept, no console info. All we know is that it will involve Middle Earth, Hobbits, rings, a lord, and of the.

ps - that's my LOTR tatt you're lookin' at.

ign.com: Pandemic Crafting New LOTR Game

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After months that saw us lose a ton of television entertainment and, by some analysis, over $2 billion in revenue, the Writers Strike is finally over, having been settled late last night. Now, we wait to find out when our favorite shows roll back into production, and back on screen.

Luckily, we have all of the up-to-date information on those schedules. The good news? More Lost and The Office this year. The bad? Perhaps no more Scrubs ever, and we're going to have to wait another year to see a new season of 24.

Peep the list. Let us know what you think.

  • 24 - Season 7 postponed until January '09.
  • 30 Rock - Expected to shoot 5 or 6 new episodes to air in April/May.
  • Aliens in America - Eight pre-strike episodes remain. No additional episodes expected for this season.
  • Back to You - Two pre-strike episodes remain. Future TBD*.
  • Battlestar Galactica - Returns April 4 with first half of 20-episode final season. Production on second half could start as early as March. Airdate for those TBD.

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The Entertainment Software Association, or ESA, have threatened countries that aren't doing enough to combat piracy with trade sanctions if those countries don't clean up their act. According to an ESA report, piracy is a persistent problem in Canada, China, Malaysia, Russia and other parts of Europe, with piracy levels exceeding 90 percent in some markets and threatening the videogame industry’s growth.

In short, the ESA sure is p.o'd about losing money, even though they had a record-breaking year, pulling in over $18 billion, in 2007. Still, they see piracy in other countries as a real threat, and are adopting language that governments usually reserve for civil rights abuse and other such atrocity as a warning.

Next Generation.com: ESA: Combat Piracy or Face Damaging Sanctions

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Well, that didn't take long. Before even hitting stateside, Super Smash Bros. Brawl has gone platinum, selling over 1 million copies in less than two weeks, making it the fastest selling Wii title to date.

The game is selling so well apparently, that retailers have been reporting 90% stock depletion. If it's anything like that over here in the good ol' U.S. of A., I might suggest waiting in line, possibly at your local Sam's Club.

Also, in case you are unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is going to be Super Smash Bros. Brawl, check out Adam's and Morgan's Hands On look at the American version of the game from X-Play.

IGN.com: Smash Bros sells a million

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Too Soon For Next-Next-Gen?


Posted February 12, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

The XBox 360 is now almost three years into its life cycle, which, traditionally, would make this about the time that Microsoft would be considering production on a newer model. However, analysts say that this would be a bad time for that, and that the 360 still has a lot of gas left in the tank, and that the improvements that a new-new-generation system would hold aren't significant enough to make it worth the effort.

First off, the idea was, at some point, to incorporate HD-DVD into a new console, which, as it turns out, might not be the best idea, considering the slide that HD-DVD has been on over the past couple of months. Also, the analysts say that shifting the market just for the sake of doing so might be disastrous. In other words, it's going to be a long time before you see the XBox 720.

Kombo.com: Timed Monopoly: Why it's Too Soon for the Next Xbox


Ubisoft Thinks You Need Exercise


Posted February 11, 2008 - By jfassino

Looking in the mirror while you're naked may not be your favorite thing. It may scare you. But Ubisoft wants to take away that grotesque fear with a helpful piece of software for the DS called My Weight Loss Coach.

That's right, play video games to improve your health.

The game will be out this summer and come with such useful features as nutritional advice, a daily log that tracks your fitness performance, and a pedometer, so you know how far you've traveled. Once you create your profile upon starting the game for the first time, it will give you a rough suggestion on the severity with which to start your conditioning and diet.

Hopefully this is just a prelude to the inevitable My Hair Styling Coach and My Family Reunion Coach. Get on it Ubisoft.

X-Play Gaming Update 02.11.08

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Posted February 11, 2008 - By Yodapollo

Today, Adam brings you the latest in gaming news, including Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 and Lost Planet.


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The killer PSP app God of War: Chains Of Olympus is now available for online pre-order through the GOW website. You can prowl the site and see with Kratos has been up to, or, actually, was up to before the first game, and find out news and information about the upcoming game.

Of course, should you want to get our preview of God of War: Chains of Olympus, you can check out the demo we did a few months back, you know, just to get your feets wet.


It's a rare phenomenon when something is so well known that the brand name is what most people use to identify it. Kleenex...Coke...Q-Tip...and Polaroid. Well, the Polaroid company has decided to abandon the cameras that made them famous, the ones with the instant film inside, and focus their business on a new model entirely...printers, digital technology, etc.

It makes perfect sense in the age of the digital camera, but it's still going to be kind of sad to see the old Land Camera go. After all, it's a lot of fun to take those pictures and watch them develop right in front of your eyes. It was a good run...and Polaroid will now come to mean something else entirely.

CNN Money: Polaroid shutters the Polaroid

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Writers Strike Almost Over?


Posted February 11, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

You know that writers strike we keep talking about? Well, odds are pretty good it will end as soon as tomorrow, as both sides have tentatively agreed on a deal that will stop the four-month holdout and get our entertainment community back to work. The contract will be voted on tomorrow, and if the writers follow the recommendation of the union, they will ratify.

The terms of the new contract include some relief on internet distribution, in which the writers will receive $1200 per year for one-hour webcasts for the first two years, and then 2% of revenue after that. So, that there's a percentage at all is good news, but did we really have to cost the city almost a billion dollars to get 2% of something that will be three years old by the time it starts earning?

Ars Technica: TV writers secure Internet gains; strike may end Tuesday

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What game series combines sweaty, hairy-chested Russian bear wrestlers and Japanese martial artists? Street Fighter, of course.

Capcom has released a huge new batch of images from the game that show off more of the returning fighter roster, including Dhalsim, E. Honda, and Blanka. Still no release date or platform officially announced for the game, but it sure is pretty.

Click the image to view the entire gallery.

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It's looking increasingly inevitable that the United Kingdom will be legislating videogames. While the British government currently rates videogames, the classification doesn't prevent the sale of games to minors. It is expected that an upcoming report will call for legal penalties for retailers who sell violent games to minors.

According to a report in The Guardian over the weekend, the government in the U.K. will also tell parented to make sure all gaming is done in the living room or kitchen, where the TV is in clear view and activities can be monitored.

Although similar laws have been passed in the United States, they've eventually all been deemed unconstitutional by the courts.

computerandvideogames: 'No games in bedrooms', parents advised

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