X-Play Gaming Update 02.20.08

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Posted February 20, 2008 - By Yodapollo

Today, Adam brings you the latest in gaming news, including the Gears of War 2 announcement and more from the Microsoft keynote speech.


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Catering for X-Play's GDC '08 Coverage Provided by SMG.

Insomniac Games, developers of Resistance: Fall of Man and the Ratchet & Clank series, posted a video to Youtube. Last night, they graciously shared the video with us for tonight's episode of X-Play, but we just couldn't keep it to ourselves all day. On face value, the video seems to simply be recruiting young game developers to apply to join the Insomniac team. They'll even let you play with the pinball machines.

The video, however, appears to be more than what it seems. Early in the video, as they sing about Resistance 2, a computer screen is shown that reads, "12 new Chimeran Enemies". Later in the video (around the 3 minute mark), the screen is shown again, this time displaying four numbers: "0708". Could this be a release date?

Insomniac Music Video »

Some reports have posted that the expected release date for Resistance 2 would be September of 2008. Is it possible we could be facing the Chimera a couple of months early? Check out tonight's episode of X-Play to see it in all its televised glory.

Click the cut for a freeze-frame!

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Barack Slaps Games


Posted February 20, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Last night, as he delivered a stirring primary victory speech, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama took time out from inspiring a generation to diss videogames.

"We’re going to have to parent better, and turn off the television set, and put the video games away, and instill a sense of excellence in our children, and that’s going to take some time."

Our initial reaction was like, "WTF? Games no make dumb! Talking suit man wrong!"

But then we calmed down and, as Feed writer bleahy pointed out: Obama was only talking about kids putting down the the vidja games and the super-Imtendos. As far as we're concerned, the fewer 12 year-olds playing Halo, the happier we are.

When Obama is president, we'll live in a world where noobs won't play Halo because they'll be busy pursuing a sense of excellence. Also: Free candy!

Barack in '08, baby! Ban the nubs!

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Today, Morgan brings you all the latest gaming news, including the death of HD-DVD and rumors of Microsoft looking to acquire Epic Games.

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Nintendo of America Inc. has asked the U.S. Trade Representative to encourage specific governments around the world to take a more aggressive stance to combat piracy of Nintendo video games and systems.

While China remains the primary source of manufacturing pirated Nintendo DS and Wii games, Korea has emerged as the leader in distributing illegal game files via the Internet. Despite aggressive anti-piracy actions taken by Nintendo, Brazil and Mexico remain saturated with counterfeit Nintendo software. Meanwhile, Paraguay and Hong Kong continue to serve as major transshipment points for global distribution of illegal goods.

"The unprecedented momentum enjoyed by Nintendo DS and Wii makes Nintendo an attractive target for counterfeiters," said Jodi Daugherty, Nintendo of America's senior director of anti-piracy. "We estimate that in 2007, Nintendo, together with its publishers and developers, suffered nearly $975 million USD worldwide in lost sales as a result of piracy. Nintendo will continue to work with governments around the world to aggressively curtail this illegal activity."

Below your "read more," you'll see a summary of Nintendo's filing:

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M'Soft Disputes RROD Data


Posted February 16, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Square Trade, who issues the warranty for the XBox 360, reports that there is a 16.4% failure rate for XBox 360, based on a sample of 1,000 users, but Microsoft disputes the claim, saying that the information is all just speculative on the part of Square Trade, and that it's not their policy to respond to such speculation, but that it's entirely possible that the data is off.

They also go on to say that the methodology that went into compiling the report is suspect, so it's not an accurate representation of what actually goes on in the world of the XBox 360 user.

IGN: Microsoft Responds to Warranty Report

For most of their history, videogames have been largely portrayed by mainstream media as an interactive format for kids to explore worlds of grotesque violence, shameless sexuality, and wholesale wickedness. However, over the last couple years, gaming has grown in popularity exponentially, and not only among children. With the growing de-ghettoization of games, mainstream media’s dire, alarmist view of interactive entertainment is destined to change, one way or the other.

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The highly anticipated Legendary from Spark Unlimited features a world where Pandora's Box has been reopened. Now werewolves and minotaurs roam the streets, wreaking havoc on everything they encounter. The game's Lead Producer, John Garcia-Shelton, stopped by our offices to give us an exclusive first look at some of the gameplay in Legendary.


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Don't miss more exclusive footage as we go Hands On with Legendary on a brand-new X-Play

Airing Monday, February 18th @ 8PM ET, only on G4!

You know, writers really get our goat lately. First they go on strike for four months and cost us $2 billion, and then they vote Dead Head Fred the most well-written game of the year.

Has anyone played Dead Head Fred? The most we can muster in our mind when we think about it is that terrible movie that wasted the talents of The Young Ones' incredibly funny Rik Mayall (not a midget...sorry.) which is actually called Drop Dead Fred, but who cares?

Also, did any writers play BioShock this year? Have you ever played a game like that before, where the writing is so good that the plot literally made you gasp? Feh. What do we need writers for anyway? The truth of the matter is that there was a baroque set of rules that governed the nomination process, which eliminated a lot of material that might have triumphed over Fred.

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According to Kotaku, game hating attorney Jack Thompson appeared on Fox News this morning to blame yesterday's shooting deaths of six students at Northern Illinois University on violent videogames.

Nevermind that the media only found out the shooters' name this morning, and the slowly-emerging details of his life (serious academic, sociology student with no criminal record) don't jibe with the "traditional" media-crazed gunman stereotype, Thompson has apparently already decided the killer is a gamer and his hobby caused the rampage.

We're not sure what exactly was said on-air, but, if it went down as you'd imagine it, the damage to the reputation of gamers is only a small consideration compared to the immense disrespect done to the victims families when news outlets let Thompson use death as a means of making cheap (and very, very stupid) political points.

So seriously, news media, when Thompson sees some bloody, violent tragedy and gives you a call, maybe you should just hang up, okay?

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X-Play Gaming Update 02.14.08


Posted February 14, 2008 - By Yodapollo

Today, Morgan brings you all the latest gaming news, including Dead Rising, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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Be Mine, Special Agent Clank!


Posted February 14, 2008 - By Yodapollo

So we were planning on spending Valentine's Day like we do most other holidays, wallowing in a pit of loneliness while we jab ourselves with shards of broken dreams and crushed hopes. Yeah, we're festive.

That is, until we received this very special valentine from Sony, including a box of chocolates and a blank card. The chocolates informed us to use the card in order to decipher a secret gift.

After some serious espionage business, we were led to this incredible trailer for Secret Agent Clank, coming soon to the PSP. Check it out below.


Super Secret Trailer: 'Secret Agent Clank' »



Australians aren't notoriously sensitive people, which is why it's strange that they'd be so freaked out by Dark Sector, but, nonetheless, it's happened. The OFLC, the Aussie ratings board, has refused to classify the game, which essentially means that no one will sell it, because of the violence contained therein.

There's your standard blood, but also the removal of limbs, complete with gradual pain involved, and twitching bodies that follow bloody a'splosions, so, yeah, it's going to be a bit of a hot-button issue. The conventional wisdom is that they're going to send the game back for some tweaking, so that they can sell it down under. Oy...

IGN: Dark Sector Refused Classification in Australia

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Back in the 1950s, Disney built a futuristic home in the Tomorrowland section of their park in Anaheim. It was so futuristic, it featured things like microwaves, plastic furniture, and a bubbly X-wing-shaped floorplan. Well, it was torn down in 1967 but now they're looking to revisit the idea of giving park-goers a look into their own domestic futures, with a newly designed $15 million state-of-the-art dwelling.

Part of a domestic partnership between Disney, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and LifeWare, the 5,000 sq. ft. home will feature tons of touch screen surfaces and counters that give suggested recipes based on what new groceries you place on them. Mirrored closets will be able to see what you're wearing and suggest complementary outfits or articles of clothing.

But how smart, is too smart? Rumors suggest that the home will also shave you while you sleep, beat your games on expert and veteran levels, and make death threats to neighbors and high-ranking city officials so you don't have to.

Just the right amount of smart.

physorg.com: Disney Revives 'House of the Future'

And hey, this has the word "house" in it and Morgan looks awesome:

Desperate Housewives: The Game Review »


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News Corp. Courting Yahoo?


Posted February 14, 2008 - By bleahy

Word around Wall Street is that Yahoo is in talks with News Corp. for a possible joint venture that would see an incorporation of MySpace and IGN into Yahoo's services and the use of Yahoo's advertising for News Corp. The venture would only give up 20% of Yahoo.

This is way different than Microsoft's proposed buyout, which Yahoo is trying to find alternatives to. If Microsoft ups their bid, they might have no choice but to sell.

The deal might seem better for Yahoo as a business, but it wouldn't result in a large payday for the board of directors like a sale to Microsoft.

Variety: Yahoo in talks with News Corp.

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