'Haze' Coming In May '08


Posted February 26, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Haze has been hovering around the gaming scene like a...well...haze for quite some time now, but finally, the Nectar-infused shooter has a date, and will be coming out for the PlayStation 3 in May of this year. So, polish your FPS skills and get ready to make some morally ambiguous decisions, because Haze is coming to town.

We offer a video. Note, the new song from the bleeding-edge relevant Nu-Metal band Korn!

Trailer: Haze »

Yahoo Launches Buzz for News


Posted February 26, 2008 - By bleahy

Yahoo has just launched a new news service named Buzz, which lets users vote on stories that are interesting or popular. Sounds a lot like Digg to us, but they only accept stories from 100 news sources at the moment.

Users cannot submit stories from random blogs and what not.

Also, the top search right now is "Nazi Gold" so you know it's good. More people are searching the term "Nazi Gold" over "Barack Obama"? Smells like an internet raid.

Check it out and obviously you'll need a Yahoo account to vote.

TechCrunch: Yahoo Buzz Launches: Popular Stories To Go On Yahoo Homepage

Ubisoft Shows Acquisition Interest


Posted February 26, 2008 - By bleahy

EA isn't the only one getting ready to buy property. Ubisoft has expressed interest in growing their business through acquisitions as well.

Ubi president Yves Guillemot said, "The desire of EA to buy Take-2 pushes us to go faster, to accelerate internal growth but also to look at acquisition opportunities". He clarified that they aren't trying to buy studios, but instead acquire properties.

Maybe they should just acquire more personalities like Jade Raymond to work on their games. That seemed to work for Assassin's Creed.

IGN.com: Ubisoft Catch Acquisition Fever

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Daily Wrap-Up 2.25.08


Posted February 25, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

The Daily Feed with Layla Kayleigh 02.25.08 »

Here's what went down today in the world of videogames, technology and pop culture!

Read More »

Today, Adam brings you all the latest in gaming news, including EA's proposed buyout of Take-Two and Phil Harrison resigns from Sony.

X-Play Gaming Update 02.25.08 »


Each and every week, the Wii Shop channel offers some downloadable content for you Nintendo fans who are looking to enhance your already enhanced gaming experience. This week, there are two new games that hearken back to a bygone era. First is Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and second is Psychosis.

The Crystal Shards was Kirby's debut on the Nintendo 64 and his first 3-D adventure, and focused on his desire to reassemble the 100 shards of a crystal that would save the universe from a villain known as Dark Matter. Psychosis, on the other hand, allows you to enter the mindset of a twisted demon who wants to cause evil worldwide.

Sounds like fun, eh? Go. Check them out!

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Trailer: 'Run Fatboy Run!'


Posted February 25, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Simon Pegg, who you will recall as the star of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, stars in Run Fatboy Run, a movie he wrote with perennial hipster Michael Ian Black, and directed by unearthed Friends star David Schwimmer. You should watch the trailer. Where will you find it? Well, look below.

Trailer: Run Fatboy Run »

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It's been coming for a long while now, and the other shoe has finally dropped. Microsoft says they will no longer make HD-DVD part of their plans and they won't continue to produce the HD-DVD player as an add-on for the XBox 360, effectively driving the last nail into the DVD format wars once and for all.

There's even speculation that Microsoft will begin production of a Blu-Ray player, though that is strictly rumor at this point. They might also just concentrate on the digital download service for a long while and let the fallout do what it will. Still, who could have seen this coming even a few short months ago?

Microsoft has dropped the price of the HD-DVD add-on to $50, while supplies last.

Next Generation: Microsoft Drops HD-DVD

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Each week, Gamefly keeps track of what gamers are looking for with a list of the top ten most requested games across all platforms each week. This week, the top requested title is Frontlines: Fuel of War for the XBox 360. As for the rest of the list...well, you're going to have to check it all yourself.

Gamefly's Cross-Platform Top Ten

1. Frontlines: Fuel of War (Xbox 360)
2. Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360)
3. Army of Two (Xbox 360)
4. Turok (Xbox 360)
5. Bully: Scholarship Edition (Xbox 360)
6. Devil May Cry 4 (Xbox 360)
7. The Club (Xbox 360)
8. Major League Baseball 2K8 (Xbox 360)
9. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Xbox 360)
10.Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

In a show of solidarity against the tyrannical business maneuvering exacting by eBay executives recently, the proletariat listing masses have brought the venerable auction site to its shuddering knobby knees. Actually, it's not that big of a deal, but some users are angered over fee increases and the elimination of feedback for sellers.

Anyone who has used eBay knows that trust is huge when you're buying that Elvis toenail trimmer from that guy is Saskatoon. You gotta know it's going to make it to you once you've paypaled your savings over to him.

The week-long strike, which mysteriously ended today after no action from eBay was taken, dropped the site to 13 million listings, all of which will probably be made up in the next week. It's like those mass emails that try to hurt the oil companies by having people  not buy gas on one day, as if they're not going to need gas the next. Silly voodoo economics.

usatoday.com: Online auction listings down 13% in boycott of eBay

Also, you can become invisible: The Secret of Invisiblity AND The Wizard's Book of Animal Secrets

Take-Two Rejects EA's Offer


Posted February 25, 2008 - By bleahy

Take-Two has rejected EA's offer of a stock buyout for $26 a share (which is now what Take-Two is trading at after the markets opened today, up from $17).

Strauss Zelnick, Executive Chairman of the Board of Take-Two said, Electronic Arts proposal provides insufficient value to our shareholders and comes at absolutely the wrong time given the crucial initiatives underway at the Company."

Noting that this move by EA is probably an attempt to secure Take-Two for cheap before Grand Theft Auto IV launches, they added:

Read More »

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X-Play Gaming Update 02.22.08


Posted February 22, 2008 - By bleahy

Morgan brings you the latest from GDC on Portal 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Halo 3.


X-Play Gaming Update 2.22.08 »

Catering for X-Play's GDC '08 Coverage Provided by SMG. 

'Portal 2' Confirmed on X-Play!


Posted February 21, 2008 - By Yodapollo

On tonight's episode of X-Play, lead designer for Portal, Kimberly Swift, confirmed that there will be a Portal 2. This is pretty much a given as Doug Lombardi, Valve's Director of Marketing, had previously stated that "more Portal is definitely on the way." However, until now we weren't sure if this would be in the form of a direct sequel or possibly downloadable content. Well, now we know. Check out the video for the confirmation.


Face Time: Portal »


This is a triumph. We're making a note here: Huge Success.

X-Play Gaming Update 02.21.08

1 Comment

Posted February 21, 2008 - By Yodapollo

Today, Morgan brings you all the latest in gaming news, including Portal winning GDC's Game of the Year, Gears of War 2 info, and the latest on Wii Fit.


X-Play Gaming Update 02.21.08 »

Catering for X-Play's GDC '08 Coverage Provided by SMG.


Bad Satellite Go Boom


Posted February 21, 2008 - By jrmylmb

The errant spy satellite that was potentially going to dump 1,000 pounds of toxic hydrazine fuel upon an impact with Earth was successfully shot down last night by an Aegis NAVY cruiser northwest of Hawaii. The impact occurred at approximately 10:30pm Pacific at 153 nautical miles above Earth as the wayward decomposing orbit had the satellite traveling 17,000 mph and may not have burned up completely once it entered the thicker parts of our atmosphere.

Speculation that this was a test mission for the missile defense system that the US is developing were rebuffed by the Pentagon as well as rumors that it was being shot down because it had information on it that was sensitive to our national security.

No matter what the reason, it's pretty badass that we got it considering all the cash that went into it.

Splosion Video on CNN.com

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