The winners of our CES 2009 Sony Walkman giveaway have been (randomly) selected! Thanks to everyone that entered -- especially those that shared their favorite products of CES and didn't just gawk at Abbie. And the winners are:

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So I'm back from CES 2009 and recovering from the Nerd Flu. I apologize if my intro isn't as upbeat as Raymond's Top Three Picks of CES 2009, but he didn't get sick... five out of five doctors recommend staying away from 100,000 consumer electronics professionals.

As always, be sure to check out the full Best of the Best of CES and submit your list for the Best of CES for a chance to win a totally sweet classic Sony Walkman.

And with that, here are my picks:

3) Toshiba Cell TV -- While everyone was pushing 240Hz and LED backlighting, Toshiba was looking to the future with Cell TV. This future is actually just later in 2009 if it can release its new set-top box when promised, but it will be a while before we all have displays that can take full advantage of the device. If you missed the announcement, Cell TV uses the same Cell processor that powers the PS3 to do crazy video-processing voodoo. Toshiba promises that its device will make SD look like HD and HD look like 4K x 2K, which is four times as awesome as 1080p. Expect this beast to cost a lot of money. Further, expect 4K x 2K displays to cost a lot of money. Start saving.

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Now that I've had a weekend to think about everything that happened at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, I wanted to share three things that have me the most hyped with CES announcements. Readers that have been following G4's coverage of the event know that tons went down, with a slew of awesome devices coming out soon. While this isn't a Best of the Best of CES list by any means, the following products are what I'm personally jazzed about. Here's my "top three" of CES 2009 list (and don't forget to list your best of CES for a chance to win a classic Sony Walkman!):

3) Samsung Luxia LED TVs -- I'm a big fan of Samsung displays. I'm currently rocking one right now and I was planning to buy a new one this year. Samsung's Luxia televisions look amazing. Early reports are that the company is really starting to perfect the use of LEDs in LCD televisions, resulting in amazing blacks, high contrast ratios, and a superb overall picture. While I definitely want to see a calibrated set and some in-depth reviews before I make a purchase, the Luxia's other features have me intrugued. Each set in the line is just a tad over an inch thick, which is just cool and space saving. They also have ethernet jacks for Netflix streaming and Flickr access. The top-of-the-line model even has a 240Hz refresh rate! Lastly, Samsung claims that Luxia TVs are mercury free and use up to 40 percent less power than similarly sized LCDs -- both features are better for the environment, while the latter is also better for my wallet (Gcycle!).

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Tech writers and gadget enthusiasts alike were thrilled with last week's announcement of the Palm Pre at CES 2009. Many of you have listed it as the biggest news coming out of the show in our Sony Walkman giveaway. While it's easy to see why so many journalists are excited about the product, it's not unusual for writers to become enamored with the potential of a device without thinking about its real-world applications. GigaOm's Om Malik, one of my favorite tech writers, is trying to keep it real. Malik recently wrote, "I remain highly skeptical of Palm's chance to succeed with this new effort. I may be the only one who isn’t buying it." He also pointed out a few reasons why people shouldn't be too excited about the Palm Pre. Let's take a look at his wizened comments and break them down.

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Dell has announced its latest line of consumer laptops at CES 2009: Adamo. This "luxury" line of PCs will kick off with an ultra-svelte aluminum-laptop designed to compete with models like Apple's MacBook Air, Sony's Vaio Z-series, and Voodoo's Envy 133. Unlike the competing laptops I mentioned, Adamo is expected to be priced competitively. According to AnandTech:

"While this appears to be an upper end product, Dell has always done exceptionally well in the realm of mass production, so there's a reasonable chance that the Adamo could end up being more affordable than the competition. We hope so, as there's a lot of demand for a light ultrathin notebook that can still pack more power than the current netbooks. Final pricing and details will have to wait until Dell is closer to shipping the Adamo, which should be sometime later this spring."

I'm psyched for Adamo, as I'm a fan of Dell's pricing and customer support (on the consumer side). The early photos are pretty slick and I hope Adamo seriously undercuts the competition. That said, I'm not sure why Dell felt the need to introduce an entire new line. For consumer laptops, it already has the Inspiron, Studio, and XPS brands. Even those brands have sub-brands like the Inspiron Mini and the Studio XPS. While the Adamo appears to be aimed at tech-savvy customers, it does make things confusing for the general consumer.

What do you think of Adamo? Will Dell be able to scoop up some sales from the Vaio Z and Voodoo Envy 133?


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CES is the first major trade show of 2009 and we wanted to catch up with Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's Group Product Manager for Xbox 360, to talk about 2008 as well as what they have planned for the 360 in 2009.

We asked about the Xbox 360's holiday performance and found out where Microsoft sees its console's position with regard to the Wii and PS3. We learned some interesting things about Microsoft's recent push in Europe, which led to a lead over the PS3 in the region.

Even though Microsoft hasn't announced too many big, exclusive games for 2009, Greenberg explains that Microsoft is looking to take a different approach to hyping up games. There's a lot of great info about the New Xbox Experience and what the future holds for the Dashboard as well as the console in general. Hint: We might not be seeing the next console from Microsoft anytime soon as the Xbox 360 has a "very long life ahead."

Aaron chats about Sony's Home, the chances of a PS3 price-drop in 2009, the differences between both company's digital distribution strategies and much more in our in-depth CES 2009 interview.

G4: Before we get into the future, could you wrap up the Xbox 360's performance in 2008?

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The Daily Feed with Layla Kayleigh: 1.9.09 »

Happy Friday everyone, congrats you've made it through the week! We hope you've enjoyed our extensive CES '09 coverage to go along with the rest of the day's news here's the run-down in case you missed something. Oh yeah, another 2-parter with the lovely Layla to send you along into your weekend (Part 2 after the cut).

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Cole, the electrically-powered lead in Sucker Punch's PS3-exclusive Infamous, has been accused in the past for spamming certain spells.  Now, we have proof.  Dazzling, explosive, action-packed proof. Courtesy of CES '09 check out the latest videos for the high-voltage romp through Empire City.

Infamous CES 09 Powers Video

Infamous CES 09 Powers Trailer »

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Well, if you didn't know who Alex Mercer was before... what Radical Entertainment's genetically-mutated action game Prototype is... or how incredibly awesome X-Play writers can be... find whatever gaming addict vein you have left for a mega dose of Prototype video action.

Start out with a CES '09 double dose of trailers, followed by 3 shorter clips after the cut. Then, finish off with a nice helping of X-Play videos: The Reveal trailer (a Wednesday World-Exclusive) and the roflcopter-ing, comedic, live-action spoof of Prototype.

Time for a media overdose.

Prototype CES 2009 Demo Gamplay Trailer 1 

Prototype CES 2009 Demo Gameplay Part 1 »


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Welcome to the Tech News Countdown, hosted by Alison Haislip. Every Friday, Alison brings you the top 5 tech stories of the week.

This week, Alison covers the possible suckage of Facebook, the Small Hadron Collider, and Sony's early peak in their career.

Tech News Countdown - January 9th, 2009 »

Give it a watch and tell us what you think in the comments section. You can also cast your opinion in the Tech News Countdown forum.

Subscribe to G4's Tech News Countdown Podcast by clicking your preferred service:

Do you have an HDTV? Do you have it mounted on your wall? Are you sick of all the cluttered wires hanging out of the back of your wall-mounted TV? Are you riculously wealthy? Well then do we have a product for you. The Belkin Flywire turns all your HDMI output devices into one box that wirelessly sends the picture signal to your TV. Awesome!

Kevin and Dave also check out a new Audiovox Remote that has a color touchscreen and can control up to 18 devices at once! Sounds like the ultimate set up to me. Check it out.

CES '09: The Belkin Flywire & Audiovox Remote


CES '09: The Belkin Flywire & Audiovox Remote »

Check out all the other expensive things that you want but can't afford in the CES video page


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Update: Monday January 12 5:00PM PST -- The contest is closed! Stay tuned for the winners.

The 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has produced a plethora of hot announcements on several exciting products. The G4 crew has been working hard giving you the lowdown on the products and press conferences from this year's show. To celebrate all the consumer-electronics awesomeness that's been happening at G4, I thought it would be cool to go with some retro consumer technology. You see, over holiday break, the fine janitorial staff unearthed a treasure trove of goodies from days gone by -- a batch of classic Sony Walkmans!

Straight out of the '80s, these Sony Walkman EX10s will transport you to days when anti-rolling mechanisms, automatic tape shut-off, and tape selectors were bleeding-edge technology. While some of you might be wondering, "What the hell are tapes?", others are sure to get a kick out of these old-school music-players.

Several lucky readers of TheFeed will be receiving a Sony Walkman EX10. For your shot at retro glory, all you have to do is leave a comment, listing what you thought was the biggest news from the show. Winners will be chosen at random; should you win, you'll receive an email, asking for a physical mailing address. If you don't know what went down during CES then be sure to watch G4's Best of the Best at CES 2009 awards. If you need some convincing on why you must have this Walkman EX10, check out these shots of X-Play's Abbie Heppe (not included) rocking out with it after the jump.

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Jimmy Fallon Attacks CES


Posted January 9, 2009 - By Eugene Morton

CES '09: Jimmy Fallon Interview »

Saturday Night Live alum, and the future host of Late Night, Jimmy Fallon stopped by CES to talk to AOTS's Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn about his new show and how it integrates web technology, like Twitter to make it the most interactive program on television.

Laughs were had, nether regions were punched (mostly by Olivia) and Mr. Fallon showed the world what an Attack of the Show fanboy he really is. Take a gander!

Our very own Chris Hardwick took a quick tour of the Samsung booth at this year's CES, and you get to follow him. Check out the sweet new HDTVs, point-and-shoot digital cameras, and a full HD solid state drive video camera. Do want.

 CES '09: Samsung Booth Tour with Chris Hardwick

CES '09: Samsung Booth Tour with Chris Hardwick »

Check out all the other cool gadgets, gizmos, and shiny things you'll want to buy in the CES Video Player

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Dave Mathews (Not the "Crash into me" guy) takes us through the Sony booth to give us the what's what of Sony's new TVs, cameras, and general gadgetry.

Sony has always been on the cutting edge since like forever, get a glimpse of what down the pipe from one of the most trusted names in tech. Ladies and Gents, here's the CES '09 Sony Booth Highlights.

CES '09: Sony Booth Highlights

CES '09: Sony Booth Highlights »

See how Sony's competitor's stacked up in the motherlode of CES '09 video coverage and much, much, more.

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