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Microsoft's Communications Manager Scott Armstrong, walks us through the latest iteration of the long-running web browser Internet Explorer 8.

Find out what's new, what's familiar and what to expect.

Internet Explorer 8 Walkthrough

CES 09 Internet Explorer 8 Walkthrough »

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Looking for something the youngins/siblings can play?

Sony Online Entertainment Creative Director Laura Lynn McWilliams sat down with us to rundown the full details on the kid-friendly, highly accessible MMO Free Realms. Coming for the PS3 and PC you can decide for yourself with the walkthrough (and interview after the cut) if this could be the kiddie version of Warcrack.

Free Realms SOE Walkthrough

CES 09 Free Realms Walkthrough »

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Come on now, a new year, a new President... and you've seen how Barack rolls. Get with the "next-gen" of gears & gadgets and deck out your ol' reliable set of wheels with the latest in car gear. We scour the automotive tech floor at CES 2009 for the best in car tech including:

  • a rear-mounted camera,
  • a heat-vision camera,
  • PS2 mobile entertainment system,
  • FLOW TV system
  • and the sickest-looking Rock Band 2-mobile.

Latest in Geek Car Technology 

CES 09: Best Car Technology »


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Tim Ng, Associate PR Manager at Capcom, spoke with us while we were in Las Vegas for CES 2009 about the move to the next generation for the old favorite, Bionic Commando. We get to see a little of the game, as well, which is nice, because it reminds you of just how cool it is.

Check out the video, and discuss.


CES 09: 'Bionic Commando' Interview »


Remember when we were in Las Vegas, at CES? Well, we got the skinny on DC Universe Online from Creative Director Jens Anderson while we were there, and he told us all about the game, how to create characters that remind you of others in the universe, and why it might not be the best idea to start by punching Superman in the face.

Check it out and let us know if you're excited.


CES 09: 'DC Universe Online' Interview »

More roll-over material from our CES 09 coverage, we've got Capcom setting up a Street Fighter IV tournament as Sony takes on Microsoft which takes on Capcom... and so on and so forth. Things (unfortunately) stay civil yet the community members involved share their thoughts on Capcom's next-gen remake.

The real-world site of the brawl took place at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Street Fighter IV CES 09 Tournament


CES 09: Street Fighter IV Tournament »


At this year's CES, we found a whole lot of gaming peripherals we hadn't had the chance to put our hands on before, but got to see and use while we were in Las Vegas. With the help of our old friend John Walsh, we put together this package on what we thought were the best ones out there, and now you can check them out as well.

Let us know what you think of these. We know some of them are a little pricey, but if you had the money, you'd be all over them. Admit it.


CES 09: Best of Gaming Peripherals »

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We were able to catch up with a Mark Noseworthy, President of Relic Entertainment, who was bursting at the seams with Dawn of War II info at last week's CES 09. In part 1 of the walkthrough:

  • Faction and Hero details
  • Initial multiplayer gameplay mechanics

In part 2 after the cut, Mr. Noseworthy gets into the thick of multiplayer combat and is so distracted by Leahy's relentless questioning that he loses the match.  Serious RTS fans already know the gameplay mechanics evolution that Dawn II will be the beneficiary of. For the uninitiated or perhaps just uninterested, what is it about the game that doesn't appeal to you?

Dawn of War II CES 09 Walkthrough Part 1

Dawn of War II CES 09 Walkthrough Part 1 »

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Our latest offering from our CES 09 Golden Goose, is a large helping of off-screen cam footage of Ensemble Studios' Xbox 360 RTS, Halo Wars. Relax, enjoy.

Halo Wars hits the 360 March 3rd.

Halo Wars CES 09 Cam Footage

Halo Wars CES 09 Cam Footage »

CES '09 is the gift that keeps on giving. Now a full week behind us we're still grabbing goodies from the first major geek convention of the year. Join us this time as we grab an interview with Free Radical President Kelly Zmak,  who shines a big ol' spotlight on their genetically-mutated action game Prototype.

Mr. Zmak details:

  • The backstory & game lead Alex Mercer
  • More details on why Free Radical wants you to be O.P.-ed
  • How story progression will be handled
  • Three different types of gamers (Collectors, Actioners, Explorers) and how the game will cater to each
  • and more...

Get your "morph on" this Summer on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

CES '09: Prototype Interview


CES 09 Prototype Interview »



Soulja Boy is my favorite person. He's a gamer. He's maybe the biggest Internet celebrity in the world. And he will almost certainly "Superman that hoe." What's not to like?

G4 caught up with Soulja at this year's CES and brought back this exclusive interview where Soulja describes how he became famous, as well as when his cartoon series airs. He even gives some hints about the upcoming Soulja Boy video game. (Spoiler Alert: It's coming out in 2009.)

Check it out below. 

Soulja Boy: Exclusive CES 2009 Interview »

Are you planning on playing the Soulja Boy video game?

For more, drop in on Soulja Boy's internet kingdom.

VP of Toshiba Marketing Scott Ramirez, gets us acquainted with the cutting edge of TV technology heralded by the Cell processor-powered Toshiba Cell TV at CES 2009.

Yes, the same technology that powers your PlayStation 3 will now power an incredible TV. Perhaps, when you plug your PS3 into it... maybe... just maybe you can catch a glimpse of heaven.


CES 09 Toshiba Cell TV Interview

Exclusive Toshiba Cell TV Interview »

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Looking for more on Sony Online Entertainment's superhero MMO DC Universe Online? Look in the sky. It' an exclusive walkthrough spawned from our CES 09 coverage.

SOE-Austin gives us a detailed walkthrough of the game depicting:

  • Casework (Quests) and story progression
  • Multiple superpowers and how they are engaged
  • Tactical NPCs
  • Player instance -- Superman vs. Doomsday
  • ... and general villain-butt-kicking gameplay

DC Universe Online has still yet to get a release date from SOE but will be heading for a PlayStation 3 and PC release.

DC Universe Online CES 09 Walkthrough Exclusive

Exclusive CES 09 DC Universe Online Walkthrough »

A holdover from our extensive CES 09 coverage, we were able to catch an interview with Chris Kramer, Capcom's Senior Director of Communications and Community and all things Resident Evil 5-related. Mr. Kramer details:

  • The reasoning behind the inclusion of the classic "tank" control scheme
  • Action game influences which have offered up an alternative control scheme
  • Computer A.I. and how it stacks up against a human ally
  • Jill Valentine's "death"
  • and the precursor info to the recently announced U.S. demo release date

Resident Evil 5 is on mark for a March 13th release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

CES 09 Resident Evil 5 Interview

CES 09 Resident Evil 5 Interview »

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