New PlayStation Phone Details Compliments Of Chinese Website

Sony might not be ready to spill the official beans on its long rumored PlayStation Phone, but the Chinese website IT168 sure is. The site has posted a fully detailed preview that reveals loads about the device including its GPU, its battery and memory size, screen resolution, and more. In other words, sexy, sexy stuff.

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CES 2011: The Samsung Keynote

Samsung has always been a driving force at CES and the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show was no different. This year, the Zen-like company evolved its former outlook of “Digital Humanism” – defined by adding emotional value to digital technology – into “Human Digitalism,” an even greater integration of everyday devices such as phones, tablets and TVs into the emotional core of our lives. Heavy stuff for a company that’s essentially peddling internet-ready TVs. But the evening was not without its share of worthwhile announcements to those of you technophiles out there still wishing that your connectedness went beyond just your Xbox 360 or PS3. To prove the point, both Brian Roberts and Glenn Britt – CEO’s of Comcast and Time Warner, respectively – took the stage to demonstrate how their companys' individual delivery services will appear on Samsung Smart TV’s.

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Attack of the Show's coverage of CES 2011 continues with Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb as they  recap te Microsoft and Verizon keynotes. Microsoft revealed their plans to further incorporate the Kinect with Avatar Kinect and Kinect for Netflix, Zune and Hulu. Verizon announced their plans for their 4G service and their new tablet the Xoom.

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Today’s teleconferencing systems are great and everything, but they afford you very little freedom in the way of terrorizing your cubicle mates via a drivable robot that can be controlled remotely by computer. Until now, thanks to AnyBots’ QB Telepresence Robot. X-Play’s Morgan Webb has the skinny on this skinny wheeled wonder from CES 2011.

AnyBots QB Telepresence Robot Demo - CES '11 »

Chris Hardwick is on CES show floor for Attack of the Show's CES special. Chris shows off different cell phones from all over the world like the The Motorola Cliq 2 and the latest digital cameras like the GE PJ1. Plus Chris gets to look at a new Ford sync system to make your driving experience high-tech.

Motorola Cliq 2, Atrix 4G, GE PJ1 Camera & Ford Sync Preview - CES '11 »

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Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb are finding tech gadgets to love in all categories at CES 2011, and here they look at some of the standouts - the LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader that affordably turns your normal TV into Smart TV, the Magellan eXplorist 310 outdoor handheld GPS, and the Asus Eee Slate EP121 tablets.


LG ST-600 Smart TV Upgrader, Magellan GPS, Asus Tablet Preview - CES '11 »


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In keeping with the always enjoyable/terrifying topic of robot domination, we thought it would be a brilliant tactical move to send X-Play’s Morgan Webb to what will surely be among the first ground zeros in the unavoidable Machine World War, aka the Vstone Robot Center in Tokyo, Japan. I’m not saying we uncovered the precise date when the bots will turn against their masters and run amok in an orgy of blood and kicking and the biting with the metal teeth and the hurting and shoving, but I’m not saying we didn’t either (wink, wink).

Tokyo's Vstone Robot Center Inside Look - CES '11 »


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The ORIGIN Big O gaming PC is as impressive as it looks. Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb take a look at the gadget chock full of new features at CES 2011.

ORIGIN Big O Gaming PC Preview - CES '11 »


Read on to discover if the Toshiba No-Glasses 3D Laptop actually works.

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Move over, 3D because Morgan Webb and Dave Mathews check out the range of standard cameras unveiled at CES 2011, like the Canon HF G10 camcorder with the new HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor, the compact Olympus EPL2 DSLR and the rotating Casio Tryx.

Canon, Olympus & Casio Camera Tech Preview - CES '11 »


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Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb delivered over two hours of live coverage from CES 2011. They saw all the latest gadgets and gizmos at this largest of consumer technology trade shows. Now it's time for them to discuss their absolute favorites from this year's show. What was your favorite? 

Kevin & Morgan's CES '11 Picks »

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Attack of the Show's new host Candace Bailey is going for the full digital experience at CES 2011. In the video below she checks out Blackberry's new tablet, the Blackberry Playbook  and the Fujitsu Tablet as well as a cool new app that can control your reclining chair. Remote control LazyBoy? Surely the future is HERE!

BlackBerry Playbook & Fujitsu Tablet Demo - CES '11 »



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It wouldn’t be CES without some good old-fashioned robot demonstrations. Attack of the Show’s Kevin Pereira welcomes tech correspondent Dave Mathews to discuss and demo the new iRobot Scooba 230 and Orbotix’s Sphero…oh, and negotiate a peace deal for humanity’s surrender to our inevitable robot overlords. See bots? You aren't the only ones that can multitask!

iRobot Scooba 230 & Orbotix Sphero Demo - CES '11 »

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Morgan Webb is in Tokyo, which means a trip to the Panasonic showroom for a preview of their gadgets and tech, like an interactive wall, a 3D consumer camera and more.

Panasonic Showroom Sneak Peek - CES '11 »

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When science fiction writers of The Past looked ahead to The Future, they foresaw a lot of our current technology, but one thing they didn't envision is the octopus-nest of wires that make up the area under just about every tech-head's desk.

Wireless to the rescue! In the video below, Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb take a look at some of the coolest AirPlay wireless devices at CES 2011, including the Denon N7 system, the new iHome iW1 for wireless music streaming, PCD's Bigstream accessory for Apple and more.

New AirPlay Wireless Tech Preview - CES '11 »



Think your smartphone has cutting edge technology? Think again. Morgan Webb reports from Tokyo on the latest in cell phone tech available in Japan. The future of tech is here... if you live in Japan, that is.

Cool Smartphone Tech in Japan - CES '11 »


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