Attack of the Show's Jessica Chobot is tearing it up at the Consumer Electronics Show, roving the floor to find the most amazing products that CES 2012 has to offer.

In this video, she looks a very special collection of products. Sony's Tablet P is a new multi-use tablet that has an e-reader built in, while DishTV's Hopper DVR is gearing up to revolutionize your home, with it's multiroom recording abilities and hard drive that will hold up to 2,000 hours of content. Also, get a peek at two amazing HDTVs: Toshiba's glassesless 3D HDTV and Sharp's Ultra Light HDTV.

CES 2012: Sony's Tablet P, DishTV's DVR, and More! »


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 Taco Bell To Give Out A PS Vita Every 15 Minutes -- PlayStation Vita Supreme?

"I'll have the #4, a taco supreme and side of PS Vita, please."

Video games and fast food have been involved in a tumultuous love affair for decades. The two nurture each other, care for each other and compliment each other. Gaming's latest, and potentially cutest new couple, is the PS Vita and Taco Bell.

PlayStation and Taco Bell confirmed their love affair during CES 2012. To celebrate their undying love they are launching "the biggest hardware giveaway in the history of PlayStation." The promotion is called "Unlock the Box." Every 15 minutes a PS Vita will be given away from January 26 until March 11. Each Vita will comes with a copy of Little Deviants game card, 4GB memory card and a choice of the following: ModNation Racers, LittleBigPlanet (at launch), or MLB 12 The Show (at launch).

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CES 2012 Show Floor Photo Gallery -- Gadgets, Booth Babes And Clowns

CES 2012 is underway right now from beautiful, and probably freezing, Las Vegas. CES is the most exciting tech convention of the year. Attendees get the chance to check out the latest products, gadgets and services before anyone else. If you didn't make it to this year's show then you're missing out on the madness. To make up for it, we made this sweet photo gallery from the CES show floor.

Hands-On Impressions Of The ROCCAT Kone Mouse And Isku Keyboard From CES 2012

As someone who can hardly tell the difference between a keyboard and a typewriter, German peripheral developer ROCCAT’s newest keyboard and mouse are more hardware than I can handle. But if you want—no, need—an unbelievable amount of customization in your PC gaming experience, it’s a dream come true. We got to check out the ROCCAT Kone[+] mouse and the Isku keyboard at CES 2012 and walked away very impressed.

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CES 2012 is moving right along this year and luckily Kevin Pereira is on hand to give us a look at some of the sleekest looking devices coming out of the show. In the video below, Kevin gets to check out the Sony Experia Ion, Sony's first 4G LTE Android smartphone, and the Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock that brings analog and digital sound together in a way like never before.


CES 2012: Sony Experia Ion and Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock »

Stay tuned to G4TV.com for everything from CES 2012 that you need to know about.



Kevin Pereira and the Attack of the Show! crew got to check out the CES 2012 keynote from Microsoft, and according to them, it was a pretty awesome address to tech lovers everywhere. While there wasn't much gaming news out of Microsoft at CES, the company did unveil a bunch of new things like the Nokia Lumia 900 phone, Windows 8, and the introduction of Kinect for PCs and portable devices.

Microsoft Keynote Revelations from CES 2012 »

Be sure to check out all of our CES 2012 content to find out about the latest and greatest tech products being introduced this year.

Jessica Chobot got to head up to Las Vegas for CES 2012 to check out some of the amazing new tech that's available to consumers right now. Among the mobile phones, robots, and more that's being shown off, the lucky girl got her hands on the Sony Bloggie Live, the Roku LT, and Toshiba's Qosmio F755 Laptop. She was even nice enough to break down each one for you so you know what to start saving all your money for.

Jessica Chobot at the CES 2012 Digital Experience »

Out of these products, which one are you the most interested in?

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In this Project Fiona preview, I was among the first people ever to get their hands on a new gaming form factor. At CES 2012, I got to play around with a working prototype for a new kind of gaming computer. Razer is calling it "Project Fiona," and it's a hybrid tablet and gaming PC.

Razer's Project Fiona CES 2012 Trailer »

As you can see from the video, Fiona looks like the unholy offspring of an iPad and a console. It has your by-now-standard touch screen, and all the tablet-y goodness that that implies, but also offers game controllers attached to the sides. You grip the handles of the device and employ the dual analog sticks and buttons, but the whole thing is portable, so you can play games on the bus. When I say "games," I don't mean Cut the Rope and Angry Birds. Unlike most existing tablets, Fiona is meant to play AAA PC games, right out of the box, that usually only show up on desktops or laptops. But there's oh so much more...including a Project Fiona photo gallery that you must see.

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Kinect Underground: The Secret World of Microsoft's Motion Controller

Games are only a small thread in the geek tapestry that makes up the Consumer Electronics Show, so I didn't go into Steve Ballmer's keynote speech expecting revelations and bomb-drops of the video game variety. Still, there were rumors floating around of a possible CES reveal of the next generation of Xbox, so some part of me was hoping for something amazing. That part of me ended up sad -- it didn't happen. The Xbox 720 or 360 2 may well be in development, but if it is, Ballmer didn't mention anything at CES 2012.

Microsoft has been delivering the CES keynote since Bill Gates first dropped Gatesian wisdom back in 1995, but the company recently revealed that it is taking a little break from the keynote -- 2013, and perhaps many years to follow, will come without Microsoft's speech. Rather than going out with a bang, though, Ballmer and Microsoft went out with a whimper, at least when it comes to Xbox and their gaming division.

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Run Roo Run, An iOS Game From Scribblenauts Developer

Run Roo Run is the next game from Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell. The game takes place in Australia and stars a kangaroo on the hunt for its baby. You're basically never going to get bored of this title because 5th Cell is going to release weekly content updates. On top of that, it will ship with 420 levels (Heh heh 420). I'm not the biggest fan of mobile games but this one looks challenging and adorable.

Run Roo Run wil be released this Thursday, January 12, for the iPhone and iPad.

Source: Joystiq

At CES 2012, gaming peripheral company Razer unveiled their PC gaming tablet prototype, currently titled Project Fiona. Project Fiona isn't a full on console, nor is it a device that's just for simple mobile games. Fiona is a tablet that comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, a highly sensitive multi-touch screen, ultra-precise accelerometers, and it's capable of running "current-generation PC games". Currently the device doesn't have a price tag but Razer said it will cost under $1,000 when it launches in Q4 2012.

Razer's Project Fiona CES 2012 Trailer »

Be sure to read our hands-on impressions of Project Fiona from CES 2012 if you want more info on the device.Would you be interested in shelling out some cash for this PC gaming tablet?


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Razer Announces The Naga Hex Gaming Mouse Designed For MOBA Gamers

Gaming peripheral company Razer have announced their new gaming mouse, The Razer Naga Hex. The Naga Hex is designed to bring your MOBA, action-RPG and hack and slash gaming skills to the next level. Inspired by the Razer Naga MMO gaming mouse which sports a 12-button thumb grid on the side, the Hex features six large thumb buttons, "optimized for the user interfaces found in action-RPG and MOBA games."

“I love RPG and MOBA games.  And I believe that having the right abilities available is the difference between slaying enemies and winning, or dying a miserable death and having your character wiped in hardcore mode,” said Robert ‘RazerGuy’ Krakoff, President, Razer USA. “That’s why we designed the Razer Naga Hex – we believe that the six mechanical thumb buttons are going to help gamers stay ahead of the competition with the best ergonomic control.”

If you're not familiar with what a MOBA game is, think League of Legends or Dota 2. With the Hex, you'll be able to perfect your champion's moves on the fly and become a force to be reckoned with.

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LG And Gaikai Partner Up To Bring Cloud Gaming To Smart TVs In 2012

LG Electronics and Gaikai Inc. have announced a strategic partnership that will help bring cloud gaming to LG Cinema 3D TVs starting with the 2012 LG products. If you're not familiar with Gaikai, they're an awesome technology company that lets gamers play new games instantly on any web browser, mobile or internet-connected device. There are no games to download or install and you can just click and play their offerings instantly.

“Thanks to the Internet, you can watch the latest movies and listen to the latest music practically anywhere,” said David Perry the CEO of Gaikai, “but until today, to play the biggest blockbuster video games, every household has had to buy and set up expensive video game console hardware. That’s all about to change and pioneers in the space can build direct digital relationships with their end consumers.”

This means that consumers will be able to use their Smart TV sign-in and instantly and seamlessly play a broad range of games. According to Gaikai, when video games can be accessed as easily as movies and music are currently, gaming will become the #1 form of entertainment in the world.

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Netflix CEO Says Likelihood Of Nintendo Support Is

Sony have announced that a Netflix app will be coming to the PlayStation Vita handheld console. The announcement didn't come with too many details, but according to the company they're trying to get the Netflix app ready for when the Vita launches on February 22.  It's a pretty smart decision, as the PlayStation Vita is equipped with a gorgeous 5-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 960×544, at around 220ppi, and movies will probably look great on it. What's still up in the air is though whether or not the Netflix app will be limited to WiFi or if it will be supported over 3G, but considering the high price of the Vita data plans it will be interesting to see which route they take.

Steelseries 2012 CES Lineup

SteelSeries, ones of the leading competitive gaming peripheral manufacturers have revealed their 2012 CES lineup. The list includes the two headsets, the SteelSeries Flux and the Siberia v2 Frost Blue, as well as a wireless gaming controller, the SteelSeries Ion, and three mice, the Kana, the Kinzu V2 Pro Edition, and the Kinzu V2. Let's take a look at each one after the break.

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