Comic-Con 2012

Bif Bang Pow! breaks out the good stuff yet again at Comic-Con 2012. Jason Lenzi, CEO and founder, walks us through some of the must have toys being shown at their booth.

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who looming in the distance, Bif Bang Pow! is working on a collection of pint glasses based on each of the doctors just in time for the celebration. Fans of Venture Bros. and The Twilight Zone won’t be disappointed with their new collection of figurines. Dexter returns in his bloody bobble-head form as well as the rest of the cast from the hit TV show in this year's collection.

Check out these collectibles and many more in the video below.

Doctor Who & Venture Bros Collectibles First Look Bif Bang Pow! At Comic-Con 2012 »


Official Show Floor Phots from Comic-Con 2012

Even if you can’t make it out to the big show this year, check out the next best thing with our show floor photos from Comic-Con 2012. From Lego Hobbits to giant Transformers, you don’t want to miss a single amazing sight.

You can answer the Bat-Signal or go toe-to-toe with a life-size Lego version of the Hulk this year on the floor. As you would expect, there is plenty of Bond and bounty hunters to go around. And if you don’t blink, you might just catch the massive Iron Man 3 sign with some of Tony Stark’s best suits on display.

G4 has everything you need to see in our Official Show Floor Photos from Comic-Con 2012.

Fortnite To Be PC Exclusive; First Title To Use Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games confirmed during Comic-Con 2012 that Fortnite will be a PC exclusive when it's released in 2013, and it will be the first title to be built using Epic's Unreal Engine 4.

Epic confirmed back in April that it was working on PC exclusive, and even though Fortnite was revealed at the end of last year, the two pieces were never officially put together, so this takes care of that whole business.

The announcement came during Epic's Fortnite panel at Comic-Con, which just started and is being hosted by none other than G4's own Jessica Chobot, so expect more details shortly.

Tomb Raider

Rhianna Pratchett, an award-winning games writer, has been announced as the lead writer of Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix's Tomb Raider. Pratchett has been writing for and about video games for over 14 years and will be able to help bring a unique perspective to Lara Croft and her adventures.

“I grew up playing Tomb Raider, uncovering the world’s secrets and unearthing its treasures; I have lived and died as Lara Croft, but nothing comes close to the challenge of re-writing her,” said Rhianna Pratchett.

She continued, “Seldom do we get the opportunity to reimagine and reinvent a legend, so getting my narrative hands on Miss Croft was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. It was going back to the genesis of videogame action heroines and exploring how to make such an iconic character meaningful and relatable for gamers today.”

Pratchett will be on hand at Comic-Con 2012, an event that G4TV is covering in full force. For more information on the Tomb Raider panels, check after the break.

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Portal 2 Collectibles First Look NECA At Comic-Con 2012 »

 New NECA Portal 2 collectibles are on their way with fans being able to currently pre-order an Aperture Science jumpsuit ($99.99, comes in six sizes), Chell's long fall boots as socks ($10, one size fits all), and the ultimate item, ATLAS' Portal device ($139.99, 1:1 replica, 30'' long, limited run of 5,000). There's also a new Cave Johnson-approved stand for both your Portal devices ($49.99). Pre-order them through NECA's Portal 2 site.

For your first look at the ATLAS Portal Device and Jumpsuit, check out our NECA Portal Collectibles photo gallery or go inside to see some commercial videos from NECA.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Roster Updated With Two More

NetherRealm Studios' bizarrely titled DC Comics fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us is now home to two more confirmed superhumans, with WBIE announcing the addition of Nightwing and Cyborg as part of its San Diego Comic-Con 2012 reveals (via Polygon). The duo join a previously announced roster of fighters that includes Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Solomon Grundy, and Flash.

The game's staff-wielding Nightwing appears to be modeled after Dick Grayson's post-Robin alter-ego rather than the Kryptonian crimefighter from the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths days. Cyborg's roots are with the Teen Titans, though DC's "New 52" re-alignment of its comics universe establishes him as one of the Justice League's founders.

NetherRealm is pretty well crushing it right now with its recent work on the Mortal Kombat franchise. Injustice: Gods Among Us will tone down the violence, but that seems like a worthwhile tradeoff for the opportunity to smack that smug look off of Superman's face. It realy is a weird title though.

Check out our full screenshot gallery of these Teen Titans in action.


At Comicon-2012's preview night, I was fortunate enough to see the pilot for the CW's upcoming Arrow, a show that aims to brings big budget, superhero action to the small screen in a way that's true enough to traditional comic book action to be beloved by hardcore geeks, but stylish and accessible enough to be appreciated by anyone.

Stephen Amell plays The Arrow, the super-heroic alter-ego of billionaire Oliver Queen. He's based on DC Comics' The Green Arrow, but seems to have dropped the "Green" part of his name. No great loss. The series begins with Queen being rescued from a barren island. He's spent the last five years as a castaway, presumed dead, and the experience has definitely changed Queen. He was once a feckless, monied playboy, but now he's a brooding and badass super-hero. Somehow, his experience on the island has taught him martial arts and almost supernatural marksmanship, unlike Tom Hanks, who only learned impromptu dentistry.

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Time for a Revolution at Comic-Con 2012! When J. J. Abrams brings you a new television series, you know it's going to raise and try to answer an interesting premise. What happens when a plane crashes on a mysterious island? What if prisoners from the 1960's mysterious vanish and reappear in 2012? Or, in this case, what happens when the power goes out completely in the 21st century?

That's exactly what happens in Revolution, an upcoming NBC show which screened at Comic-Con this year. It's been 15 years since the Blackout, the night when the world's advanced technology stops working, and while humanity has survived by reverting to the pioneer days, America is a very different place...that looks a lot like the screenshots from The Last Of Us. Anyway, people ride horses everywhere. They depend on archery to hunt and protect themselves. Running water is nonexistent. Oh, and the country is run (and terrorized) by General Monroe's militia, complete with horses and wagons. Really.

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Comic-Con 2011: The Official G4 Survival Guide

Comic-Con 2012 offers some of the best deals known to nerds around the world, but you want only the best and most exclusive items offered to the public. If this was a boss raid, think of these items as rare or even legendary in nature. Most of these products may never again see the light of day after they sell out.

Before you hit the floor, you’ll want to check out our list of the must have Comic-Con exclusives. Act now. Supplies are limited.

Comic-Con Survival Guide: All The Exclusives You Need To Buy

Neca (#3145):

Portal ASHPD “The Cave Johnson” Edition. (Price: $150.00) When life gives you lemons, pick up a Portal gun. With lights, sounds, and signed photos from the man himself, you would be crazy to miss out on this limited run.

Hasbro (#3329):

Avengers Super Helicarrier. (Price: $129.99) Before Loki and the Hulk had their way with this floating fortress, you can buy your own version with Captain America and S.H.E.I.L.D. Agent Maria Hill included. Nothing says “awe-inspiring” quite like this flying fortress.

Kidrobot (#4529):

Live screen printing by Ryan the wheelbarrow. (Price: TBD) Kidrobot is known for having a different special every day at Comic-Con, but they close out this year with something truly special. Stop by the Kidrobot booth on Sunday for a one of a kind t-shirt from Ryan.

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Disney Store, purveyors of all things Disney toy related, have unveiled its new lineup of Comic-Con 2012 exclusive vinyl and POP! Vinyl figures, and, as you’d expect, they’re almost offensively adorable.

Disney Store Reveals Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive Vinyl Figures

The big kahuna is the limited edition vinyl Frankenweenie figure ($40) based on Tim Burton’s upcoming stop-motion remake of his live-action short film from 1984 of the same name. If you want to snag one of these Sparky-Sauruses, you’d better make a beeline for the Funko booth (#4829), since only 1,000 figures will be available for purchase at Comic-Con 2012.

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Hit Monkey

Attendees at the Activision panel at Comic-Con 2012 this Saturday will get to learn about a new game based on a Marvel franchise, the publisher has announced.

The gents over at Game Informer are speculating that the game will be based on Hit-Monkey. Those not familiar with the comic, it follows the exploits of a Japanese Macaque that learns the assassin trade by watching humans. Other than a single graphic, we know very little of the title, other than it is being developed by Transformers: Fall of Cybertron creators High Moon Studios.

Activision teased that the reveal is "sure to be a hit," so we'd be shocked, shocked I say, if it's not for Hit-Monkey, but crazier things have happened. Like a monkey becoming an assassin for instance.

Make sure you check back in Saturday for all the official details, and stay tuned all week long for plenty of other announcements coming out Comic-Con 2012.


Comic-Con 2011: The Official G4 Survival Guide

Even outside the halls of the San Diego convention center, you can take part in all the fun and festivities with only half the waiting. Comic-Con 2012 is turning out to be one of the biggest events around, and all the nerdry and swag can still be yours even without a ticket to the big show.

With this in mind, here’s a list of some of the bigger event happening in and around Comic-Con 2012.

The Walking Dead Escape: Live The Apocalypse

Time: July 12. 6pm-9pm, Fri. 1pm-9pm, Sat. 11am-6pm (every 20 minutes)

Place: Petco Park

You’ve been training for this moment all your life. It’s about time to see what will happen when you’re facing down a horde of zombies in front of a conveniently placed obstacle course. From the Herd Highway to the EVAC Zone, a group of brain-hungry zombies will chase you down in this event inspired by The Walking Dead.

DC Comics’ Darkness & Light Exhibition

Time: July 9-15

Location: Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts 363 5th Ave.

There are few places were you can check out artwork from some of the biggest names in the industry while doing a little good for others. DC comics combines the two in one location with their Darkness & Light Exhibit.Check out some of the best art inspired by heroes and villains while donating a couple of bucks to their charity, the We Can Be Heroes campaign.

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New Game-Inspired Collectibles Incoming from NCEA at Comic-Con 2012

Are you a rabid devourer of all things relating to gaming collectibles? Then you’ve no doubt seen the incredible work the folks over at the National Entertainment Collectibles Association have produced over the years. Well, it just so happens that the NECA will be unveiling some choice new game-inspired collectibles tonight at an event at Comic-Con 2012, and G4tv.com is set to bring you all of the details.

Now, we can’t tell you what game the new items are based on, but I can tell you that it was conceived of and made in the last 248 years or so. Hopefully, that doesn’t make it too obvious. Be sure to check back later tonight to see the new collectibles in all their expertly crafted glory!

In the meantime, feel free to drool over NECA's stunning collectibles at their official site. And stay tuned to G4tv.com's Comic-Con 2012 page for all of the latest news from the show.

Marvel Assembles The Earth's Mightiest Blu-ray Collection

Fans of Marvel’s The Avengers will be able to watch the group as never before with the new “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One” Blue-ray collection. All of your favorite Avengers from the first Iron Man to the newest Avengers flick will hit the shelves in one of the most unique packages around.

As reported by MTV News, the package comes in a metal case housing the Tesseract, the glowing blue cube of ultimate power and destruction. Along with your own piece of the movie, you get The Avengers, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and both Iron Man movies in Blue-ray. Not to stop there, the case also includes secret files on the characters, never-before seen material, and art from the motion picture.

Phase One hits the shelves on September 25, 2012.

But for fans of the movies heading out to Comic-Con 2012, there’s an important mission that you need to jump on right now.

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Feedback's Question Of The Week

As I'm sure you're well aware, Feedback is taking the show on the road to Comic-Con 2012. On Friday, Blair Herter will be speaking with a handful of celebrity guests like Joe Lynch, Tricia Helfer, Scott Aukerman and Cliff Bleszinski. Saturday's show will feature DC Comic's Jim Lee, the cast of The Last of Us: Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, and G4 alumni, Kevin Pereira.

We'll be streaming two episodes live via the magic of the internet. If you want to tune in, mark your calendars for Friday and Saturday at 10am PST.

If you want to watch and participate, head over to G4tv.com/feedback at 10am on Friday and Saturday. To send in your questions via Twitter use the hashtag #FeedbackLIVE.

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