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Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirit Details Revealed: Comic-Con 2012 Panel

I'll admit: The Legend of Korra panel at Comic-Con 2012 took me by surprise. I was aware of it, but I've never actually seen the Nickelodeon cartoon Legend of Korra, but after checking out the panel, I'm gonna set the TiVo to catch this unique cartoon.

The mood was pretty jubilant among the Korra fans at Comic-Con; Nick had just announced that it had picked up the show for three seasons, so there will be years of enjoying the mature, striking animated show in the future. 

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Fans of Sons Of Anarchy, you're in for a treat. At Comic-Con 2012 we caught up with the cast and creators of the show. We spoke with Katey Sagal, Kurt Sutter, Charlie Hunnam, Maggie Siff and more. Find out what's next for season for of Sons Of Anarchy in the video below.

The Cast of Sons of Anarchy Comic-Con 2012 Interview »

343 rebuilt Halo 4's multiplayer from the ground up. While at Comic-Con 2012 we were lucky enough to check out two of the multiplayer modes: Spartan Ops and War Games. We spoke with the lead designer at 343, Kevin Franklin, to find out how Halo 4 will make a multiplayer they feels unique to Halo 4.

Spartan Ops takes place 6 months after the events of Halo 4. Missions will be released weekly. War Games is a competitive, spartan versus spartan, match. It takes place aboard the infinity.

Official Comic-Con 2012 Preview of Halo 4 Multiplayer »

Halo 4 will be released on the Xbox 360 on November 6, 2012.

A Sneak Peek of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 3 At Comic-Con 2012: Welcome To Woodbury

The cast and crew of AMC's zombie thriller The Walking Dead took Comic-Con 2012 by storm, culminating in an impressive panel in Hall H. The 7,000 seat venue was packed Friday afternoon as fans from around the world flocked to hear what the plans were for Season 3.

"We open on a scene of I can't tell you, and then transition into a scene of you'll just have to wait and see," teased series creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman.

Moderated by Chris Hardwick, the panel included Kirkman, Executive Producers Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert, and Greg Nicotero, as well as most of the cast. Fans were treated to a conversation with the crew, as well as a sneak peek look at Season 3, which will premiere Sunday October 14, 2012.

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The Dexter panel at Comic-Con 2012 featured Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, guest star Yvonne Strahovski, executive producer Scott Buck, and producer Wendy West. Although much was discussed in terms of upcoming Dexter content (We got a brief look at mobile game Dexter 2, and some clips of the first episode of web show "Dexter Early Cuts: All in the Family") the real reason the faithful waited for hours was for a glimpse of Season 7 of the Showtime show.  

When the clip came, it was brief, but very interesting. SPOILERS: Now that Deb knows that Dexter is not the nice guy he seems, what will her reaction be? Are we going to see her turning the killer in to authorities, or can the wily, nice-guy serial killer talk his way out of this situation? It remains to be seen.

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The Cast of Game of Thrones Talks About Life, Love and Fake Direwolves At Comic-Con 2012

The hit HBO show Game of Thrones returned in full force to Comic-Con 2012. Panel moderator and Song of Fire and Ice author George RR Martin appeared on stage to thunderous applause and quipped, "There are even more of you than last year!" He was right. The darling of last year's Comic-Con, the Game of Thrones panel moved from the smaller Ballroom 20 to Hall H, the vast 7,000 seat marquee venue.

While there was no new footage shown at the panel, Martin announced that Season 3 of Game of Thrones would premiere March 31, 2012 on HBO, and revealed several new cast members.

With every seat filled and the lights dimmed low, Martin introduced a sizzle reel of highlights from Season 2. It was as awesome as I remembered it being when it first aired. The crowd cheered scenes featuring fan favorites Arya Stark and Faceless Man Jaqen H'ghar, and booed those starring Theon Greyjoy.

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Resident Evil: Retribution: Live Webchat With Milla Jovovich

Resident Evil is one of the only video game properties to spawn a truly successful series of major motion pictures, and  director Paul W.S. Anderson, Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez were on-hand at Comic-Con 2012 to show off the attest flick from the franchise: Resident Evil: Retribution.

This is the series’ fifth installment, and in it, we see a new side of protagonist Alice, a softer side. The trailer shown puts Alice in a pre-apocalypse setting, with a husband, a child and a normal life. Presumably, we'll get to see the breakdown of society, and how a (seeming) suburban mom becomes a cold-blooded, zombie-slaying machine.

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When Assassin's Creed 3 launches this fall, I promise that you and your friends are going to be playing Wolf Pack multiplayer. The new game mode is stylish, subtle and ridiculously violent. It's how discriminating gamers will play Horde Mode. In the video below, we get all the details of Assassin's Creed 3's new mode from game director Damien Kieken.

Check out the video, then read my Assassin's Creed 3  "Wolf Pack" preview.

Official Comic-Con 2012 Preview of Assassin's Creed 3 "Wolf Pack" Multiplayer »

In the video below, G4 interviews Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director at Ubisoft, at Comic-Con 2012 to get the latest info  on Assassin's Creed 3. Learn about the details behind the Boston level demoed at Comic-Con 2012 as well as Connor's new line of weapons.

Ubi's focus on realism in the creation of the settings for Assassin's Creed 3 is amazing. Ultimately, we're sure that gamers will be rewarded with an amazingly immersive experience when AC 3 hits shelves on October 30.

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Feedback's Comic-Con 2012 show was the perfect opportunity to catch up with former G4 star Kevin Pereira. Since leaving G4 he's been busy bringing leetUp to a city near you. Blair Herter and Kevin Pereira answered your questions during our live Comic-Con show. Did you miss the magic? (A pox on you!) Don't fret, we've got the video below.

(Warning: Grown up language.)

Kevin Pereira Talks leetUP at Comic-Con 2012 »

Feedback welcomed comic book icon and DC Comics Co-Publisher, Jim Lee, to the show during Day 2 of our Comic-Con coverage. Blair Herter and Jim Lee geeked out about their favorite comics, talked Comic-Con and, as always, answered your questions. If you missed Jim Lee on Feedback you're in luck. Feast your eyes and ears on Feedback From Comic-Con 2012 Day 2 with DC Comics Jim Lee.

Jim Lee from DC Comics at Comic-Con 2012 »


Firefly Comic-Con 2012 Panel: Joss Whedon Gets The Band Back Together

Not many one-season TV shows from 10 years ago could cause the kind of reaction Firefly does at Comic-Con, I mean it's not like 5000 people were lined up to see a reunion of the cast of Life with Bonnie. But then, that show wasn't created by the great Joss Whedon, and wasn't put together with the kind of care that Firefly was known for.

The panel hall for the Firefly reunion was packed to the gills with fans, and the stage was packed with stars. Whedon, Jose Melina, Tim Minear, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, and Summer Glau  were all on hand to reminsice about everyone's favorite sci-fi show.

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PlanetSide 2 is a rare breed, it's an MMO and a FPS. During Comic-Con 2012, Kevin Kelly got his hands on the shooter. While we were busy playing Planetside 2 and taking over your base, Sony decided to release this rad cinematic teaser trailer for the game called "Death Is No Excuse."

PlanetSide 2 "Death Is No Excuse" Cinematic Teaser Trailer »

After you watch the video, check out the rest of our hands-on Planetside 2 preview. Here's a snippet:

"Planetside 2 is all about controlling the map, which means capturing and defending. Some locations are small and only have one capture point, but others are large and require you to control several different spots on the map, at which point the location as a whole will slowly come under your control, and is represented by a bar on your HUD. If you're trying to take a location deep inside enemy territory, it will take a long time, but if you're taking somewhere that is bordered by your faction, you'll have an easier time."

We got the low down on Gears of War Judgment's 'OverRun' multiplayer mode at Comic-Con 2012 straight from Epic Games' own Rod Fergusson. In the video below, he goes over the changes that the team's made to the game in order to bring you and your friends the best  "sweaty palm experience" possible. 

Official Comic-Con 2012 Preview of Gears of War Judgment »

For more on Gears of War Judgment's Overrun mode, check out our  Gears of War: Judgment Hands-on Impressions
from E3 2012.

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Disney Epic Mickey 2 -- What Warren Spector Has Changed Since Epic Mickey -- Comic-Con 2012

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two may star the same familiar faces, Mickey the Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but the sequel will be quite different from the first game. Thanks to the Disney Epic Mickey 2 panel at Comic-Con 2012, moderated by G4 alumni Adam Sessler, we now know six ways Epic Mickey 2 will be different. Judging by the line to get into the panel, I'd say plenty of gamers enjoyed Disney Epic Mickey for the Wii exactly as it was, but Warren Spector and the rest of his team both at Junction Point, and at Disney, wanted to continue pushing the boundaries of the ways gamers think. Keep reading to find out how they plan on doing that.

[Pictured from left: Adam Sessler, Marv Wolfman, Warren Spector, Becky Cline and Peter David.]

Choice and Paths

Persistence will be a major theme in Disney Epic Mickey 2. If you make a change to a map it will remain there when you come back. Warren Spector added, "Everything you do really, really, really, really makes a difference." Enemies can become friends, quests can be ignored, you can paint or paint-thin: choices are everywhere and each choice affects the next one.  One play through is expected to take 10-15 hours, but since the path you choose relies on an accumulation of choices, Warren thinks it will take three play-throughs, six with co-op, to see it all.

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