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Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's release date has been announced. Valve's stated that the updated version of one of the most successful shooters of all time will be out August 21, 2012 on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 for approximately $15.

CS: GO has been in beta since November 30 and since then, Valve have reached out to many professional gamers in order to make the competitive FPS the best it can be. We'll have to see if all their hard work paid off in August. Until then, you can opt in for the CS: GO beta over at the Counter-Strike: GO website by taking a survey.

Spec Ops The Line

Today, 2K Games announced that cooperative multiplayer for Spec Ops: The Line will be available for download shortly after the game is released on June 26, 2012.

Co-op for Spec-Ops will be free for PC, PS3 and 360, and features a series of objective-based cooperative multiplayer scenarios set in Dubai after a series of cataclysmic sandstorms have wrecked the city. It includes four missions, each with its own objectives, environments and playable characters.

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Official Halo 4 Trailer E3 2012


Posted June 4, 2012 - By Rob Manuel


Halo 4 E3 Gameplay Video »


In this live action trailer and gameplay hybrid, Halo 4 gives us a taste of what we can expect when we step into the worn boots of Master Chief yet again. There's a new plet to explore and a new enemy to take on. Check out our article on some of the new weapons and what we know about the Forerunners so far. Get ready to finish the fight, yet again.

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South Park: The Stick Of Truth Release Date Announced

South Park: The Stick of Truth has a release date, March 5, 2013. We knew Obsidian was working on the RPG but after layoffs hit the studio, the future of the game was uncertain. Thanks to a trailer, and an appearance by Matt Parker and Trey Stone at Microsoft's E3 2012 press confrere, we know South Park: The Stick of Truth is well on its way.

For more, check out the  official South Park: The Stick of Truth E3 2012 trailer now. 

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Ascend: New Gods Announced - Official E3 2012

Signal Studios announces Ascend: New Gods, a third-person action RPG developed exclusively for the Xbox 360.

From the developers of Toy Soliders comes of story of Gods at war and you at the helm. For the first time, you'll be able to play over Xbox Live and your mobile device in Ascend: New Gods. As you wage war in your own world, you'll be able to see other playing in their own game. Will you choose to send them a blessing or will you send them hell? When the power over the Titans is on the line, you'll need to choose your moves carefully.

Are you ready to be their champion?

For more, check out the Ascend: New Gods cinematic trailer.

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Video Kinect's Body Tracking & Video Shared Viewing

Microsoft announced it will publish Matter, a new Xbox Live Arcade game from director Gore Verbinski.

Matter was just teased during the Microsoft E3 2012 press conference via a slick trailer involving a shiny orb flying around an equally shiny game world and seemingly influencing materials such as water with its very presence.

Expect more details soon. Check out the trailer here.

Dance Central 3 Announced for Xbox 360

Dance Central 3 has been announced for the Xbox 360. Harmonix will be bringing the kinect-enabled franchise back to consoles this fall.

Pop superstar Usher announced the game and his involvement in the development process, including choreographing the dances for two of his own songs. You'll be able to learn the exact moves they use in the video, so not only will you get to shake your booty, but you'll be able to impress your friends with actual Usher dance moves. If that's the kind of thing that impresses your friends, that is.

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Tomb Raider

Gamers with a Xbox 360 will get their hands on the new Tomb Raider DLC before anyone else.

String up your bow and get ready to take on the wilderness yet again before anyone else when the new Tomb Raider content hits the 360. While the content still remains under wraps for now, this relaunch of the Lara Coft story has a much younger version of the classic hero taking on dogs, guys with guns, and the bare elements with little more than her wits to save her.

To find out what turns a person into a hero, you'll need an Xbox to get the DLC first. Make sure that you check out the gameplay trailer right now.

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LocoCycle from Twisted Pixel Coming to Xbox Live Arcade in 2013

Twisted Pixel’s new game, LocoCycle, will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade in 2013.

Judging from the teaser trailer shown during the Microsoft E3 2012 press conference, LocoCycle will be motorcycle-based and as quirky as you'd expect from the folks behind Ms. Splosion Man and Comic Jumper.


Smart Glass Announced - Official E3 2012 News

Xbox SmartGlass now transforms the way you watch and experience movies and TV by transferring and sharing all the information between devices.

You'll now be able to move movies between your TV to the Xbox SmartGlass device with a touch of the screen. From once device to the next, the information moves seamlessly, allowing you to watch from your mobile device to your big screen TV without missing a beat. Your second device gives you additional information on what you're watching or playing on your big screen TV. We got a small taste of being able to pick your plays in a game or just gaining a little more info on what you're watching.

Xbox also announced the ability to now surf the web from your couch thanks to the SmartGlass technology and Internet Explorer. You can take your favorites sites as well as the latest trailers right to your HD TV. The new technology will work along side Windows 8 tablets and PCs.

Get ready to take your entertainment now anywhere you travel this Fall 2012.


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Microsoft Music Has Been Revealed

Microsoft's music service has been announced. It's called Microsoft Music. That's easy enough to remember, right? We first heard about this service back in April when it was codenamed Woodstock. Microsoft Music is the final step in moving away from Zune.


NBA, NHL, ESPN 24 Hours Coming Xbox 360

Microsoft today announced partnerships with NBA, NHL and ESPN, to bring a ton of sports coverage, 24 hours a day, to your console.

NBA GameTime Plus and League Pass will give access to hundreds of pro basketball games, and NHL Game Center Live will do likewise with hockey. 

ESPN on Xbox is being vastly improved. ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNU are all coming to the 360. You'll be able to watch favorite ESPN shows like SportsCenter, Mike & Mike, and more, live and in HD, through your Xbox 360.

Forza Horizon embargoed until march 5 2012 at 6am

Forza Horizon now has a release date: October 23, 2012.

Microsoft made the announcement during its E3 2012 press conference. Expect more details on Forza Horizon soon.

Gears Of War: Judgement To Be Released In 2013

Gears of War: Judgment will be released next year, 2013. Epic revealed the game last week. GoW: Judgment will be a prequel to the Gears trilogy, taking place before the events of Gears 1. It is being developed by People Can Fly, the developers behind Bulletstorm. Gamers who enjoyed Bulletstorm can expect Peopel Can Fly to add their own stamp onto the Gears of War: Judgment. Don't expect any major changes. It's still going to be a cover-based third-person shooter, but it will be more action packed, and less cinematic.

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Madden NFL 13

Madden 13 and FIFA 13 are getting voice commands in an EA Sports facelift, according to Electronic Arts at the Microsoft Press Conference this morning. 

FIFA 13 will allow you to call subs, formations, and give you AI players commands, all by talking to your Kinect. For those of you who love yelling at the TV, FIFA 13 will also feature a ref feedback feature. If you don't like a call and shout something obscene at your television, the ref in the game will give you a yellow card. You are no longer shouting into a canyon soccer fans! Someone is listening, and that guy has the power to eject you from the game. 

Madden 13, demoed at the press conference by the great Joe Montana, will let you call plays, highlight individual players, and of course, hike the ball. Plus, you'll actually be able ot execute audibles like god intended: with your voice. Looks like you'll finally get the chance to really feel like an elite NFL quarterback by talking very aggresively at your television. The voice commands in Madden 13 will work on both offense and defense. 

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