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Watch Dogs Movie Planned?


Posted June 18, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Watch Dogs

According to recent domain name registrations, Ubisoft may be planning a Watch Dogs movie. They've at least registered the domain names for WatchDogsmovie.com and WatchDogsthemovie.com, as well as a couple other variations.

Of course, Watch Dogs is, in the eyes of the public, just a trailer and demo for a video game that isn't set to be released until 2013, so it might be a bit premature to be looking forward to a big budget Hollywood spectacle. It's more likely that the domain names represent the possibility of a movie, rather than one in the works--Ubisoft likely wants to keep anyone else from squatting on the domain names of their intellectual property.

While it's probably premature to imagine much progress on the film, on the other hand, nothing makes deals like "heat" in Hollywood, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if big film companies are already meeting with Ubisoft to see who gets the film rights. After all, the introduction of Watch Dogs was the story of E3 2012, and that's the kind of thing that show business takes pretty seriously. 

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E3 2012 E3 2012 Homepage Hero

We got our hands on the hottest tech, controllers, and headsets allowed by law at this year’s E3 2012. The booths this year flowed with some of the most amazing hardware that will surely be on your wish list just in time for the holidays. But you don’t have to wait for the weather to turn cold to start working on your list of needful things.

Here’s just a rundown of all of the wonderful tech we got our hands on this year at E3 2012.

Mad Catz Accessories Hands-On: Mad Catz brings some of the hottest products around to the show floor as well as a new game, Damage Inc.

Razer Accessories Hands-On: Razer gives you the tools you need to gain the edge in any competition with their new Taipan mouse, headsets, and experimental Mechwarrior controller.

Nyko Accessories Hands-On: Take your gaming on the go with new controllers just for your iPad, 3DS charger, and new fightstick.

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Official E3 Preview of Oculus Rift VR Headset »


I had the great fortune of kicking off my week at E3 2012 with a bucket list moment: a one-on-one chat with id Software's John Carmack followed by some head-on time with the Oculus Rift VR headset that he's been tinkering with.

Let's back up a bit. Carmack has long been a hobbyist in the realm of VR display technologies. The Oculus Rift is only his latest project. When we first sat down in a small room at Bethesda's show floor booth he handed me a Sony HMZ-T1 head-mounted display, referred to by many as the "Headman." The $800 piece of tech creates the sensation of being in a private movie theater, with built-in dual HD OLED displays creating what amounts to a floating 2D/3D screen in front of your eyes.

Unfortunately, the Headman turned out to be a less-than-adequate choice for Carmack's goal of immersing the player entirely within the game world. The display creates the illusion of a floating screen but it doesn't actually fill your entire field of vision. There were other issues too, but the biggest problem for Carmack with the Headman as a VR platform was the limitation placed on the user's field of view.

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Microsoft and Mad Catz Launching Wireless Branded Xbox 360 Headphones

Mad Catz came to E3 2012 with a lot of things to prove to a lot of people. Especially now, with game publishing joining peripheral development in the company's business plan. It's been a wild year for Mad Catz so far, with big wins on the hardware and software side both. That all amounts to a lot of stuff that gamers like us will be interested in.

In the realm of what's coming soon, Mad Catz will be supporting the Wii U with a range of officially licensed products. The literal centerpiece of this collection is the duo of a Wii U GamePad Charge Dock and a new Wii Remote Charge Dock. These two base stations are modular and can be linked together, back-to-back. They've also got a few unique and entirely welcome design quirks.

Mad Catz

On the Wii Remote dockside, you get two protective sheaths for your controllers and two batteries fitted with magnets. The magnets allow your charging Wii Remote to simply attach to the surface of the charger; there's technically no "dock" for your controllers to sit in, they just sort of hang there. As for the GamePad dock, it uses the same charging cable for the device that you'll get with your console. The GamePad itself will also sit on a pivoted hinge, allowing you to angle it for easier viewing while it's charging.

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Razer Accessories

Razer's mouse offering this year at E3 2012 was the ambidextrous Razer Taipan. The mouse is designed to, "enhance gaming prowess and take out the competition mercilessly." On top of its svelte shape, perfect for any gamer's grip, it's equipped with an 8200dpi 4G dual sensor system so that it can accurately calibrate on any surface and sustain excellent z-axis tracking.

The most impressive thing about the mouse is its z-axis functionality. If you happen to be a gamer that plays with low sensitivity and you pick your mouse up a lot to drag it, you'll love this mouse. It keeps your pointer in the exact location you want it to be in, without jerking your cursor around too much. I can see first-person shooter fans adoring the Taipan.

Additionally, the Taipan's got nine buttons and they're all totally programmable. Plus, the mouse support Razer Synapse 2.0, Razer's cloud software so that you can save your mouse settings and load them up on the go on any computer. This is great for anyone participating in tournaments.

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Project Gaems G155 Sentry

You may not have heard of Project Gaems…if you haven’t, feel free to get the chuckles out of your system…and if they aren’t quite on the radar, it’s because they have a stealth bomber. The company claims to have sold over 50,000 units just last year, and their newest offering manages to impress still further.

The company’s baseline product, the G155 Sentry, is essentially an “all-in-one” package for mobile Xbox 360 gaming: a 15.5 inch 720p screen, speakers, and powered case that connect up to an Xbox 360. The screen boasts an extremely low lag-time (approximately 5 ms), and retails for $249.99 over on Gamestop.com. The screen’s viewing angle was a bit on the weak side, and the 3.5-watt speakers relatively unpowered, but both weren’t major complaints. The average player, after all, is playing alone on his or her machine, and uses headphones to amplify the sound.

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Official E3 Preview of Nyko's PlayPad Controllers »


Nyko, champion of useful accessories-we-wanted and useful accessories-we-didn't-know-we-wanted alike, had some new hardware to show on the E3 floor. Let's take a look at their three major pieces:

Nyko Free Fighter

- The Nyko Free Fighter was a professional-grade arcade stick, boasting the added quality of ambidexterity via a compact modular design. The joystick component and button components could be detached and then switched, and could even remain in a separated position via use of an included cable. Extra features included four programming macro buttons, as well as speed-programmable turbo operations. The components were as high-quality as one would expect given the significant asking price, a solid $179.99. You'll be able to get your hands on the Free Fighter in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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  • Videos
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E3 2012 is over, but that doesn’t mean there’s an end to all the news and information that came out of it. On this post-E3 MMO Report entertainment extravaganza, Casey gets treated to a deeper look at some of the awesome upcoming MMO’s that were represented on the show floor. So join us as we take a look at the environments and combat of The Elder Scrolls Online, the classes and vehicles of PlanetSide 2, the enormous universe of Dust 514 and so much more! Sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s super-size episode of The MMO Report.

The MMO Report: Thursday, June 14th »


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Watch Dogs

You might have read in our Watch Dogs gameplay preview from E3 2012 that the game will support a complementary mobile app that taps into some of the included multiplayer and online features. It's basically the sort of SmartGlass functionality that Microsoft crowed about during its pre-E3 press briefing, but for all versions of the game.

The E3 demo for Watch Dogs included a brief look at the app, which renders the game's open-world Chicago as a VR-style construct. You can tap on different locations throughout the city to gather information about them and put your various hacker tools to work; it's not clear exactly how this will link into your game -- Ubi isn't confirming support for SmartGlass -- but it seems that at least some of the tools you'll have access to are specific to certain neighborhoods.

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Beyond: Two Souls Cinematic Video »

You totally want to see more of Beyond: Two Souls, right? David Cage revealed the next project for Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dreams during Sony's E3 2012 press conference on June 4. You've probably seen that reveal by now, and the E3 trailer that accompanied it. You've also probably seen Blair and Morgan chatting with Cage about Beyond on the G4 stage at the show. It's not enough though. You want more pretty.

Well now you've got it. All Games Beta has roughly two minutes of direct feed footage from Beyond: Two Souls, a collection of snippets that looks like it was probably intended for use as B-roll. Not that anyone is going to complain about seeing more of this gorgeous game. Once you've had your fill of footage, you should go ahead and check out Nikole's Beyond: Two Souls preview from Sony's behind closed doors demo at E3.

E3 2012 E3 2012 Homepage Hero

E3 2012 is all over now, but the memories will live on for at least a few months. We'll be bringing you previews, interviews and more from the show, but I wanted to share some funny fan reactions to the Entertainment Expo. Below, you'll find three of the funniest, most clever E3 GIFs I've seen. Feel free to point us to more of them in our comment section.

I've posted the sources where I saw these, but like many internet things, I'm not sure if these are the original sources.

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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch's gameplay demo spirits away Morgan Webb and Namco Bandai's Dennis Lee with its beauty at the E3 2012 floor.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch follows the heart-warming story of a boy named Oliver who finds his way into a magical parallel world bound on an epic quest to save it. The classic animated style mirrors the beautiful narrative and gorgeous artwork that all Studio Ghibli films share in this, their first foray into the world of interactive entertainment. Real-time battles, along with the ability to pause and strategize during battles suggests an intuitive level of gameplay that should appeal to a range of different gamer types. The game includes both an English voice track and an original Japanese voice track for those Japanese role-playing purists out there.

Look forward to start your own personal Studio Ghibli movie in early 2013.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch E3 Gameplay Demo »

The PlanetSide 2 preview from E3 2012 with Kristin Adams and executive producer of the game, Josh Hackney talks about how this game redefines online gaming.

This MMOFPS took nine years in the making since the original PlanetSide game released in 2003 giving Sony Online Entertainment all the time needed to make this game really stand apart.   One drastic improvement is a massive new map that spans several continents.  The huge scale boasts a playable area of 8km x 8km with a persistent world that allows you to keep what you have conquered until it is taken from you.  With three factions offering 3 different play-styles, unique faction based weapons and six classes per faction, there ought to be something for everybody looking to find their niche in this new online world.  This game also offers zero load time, customizable outfits, air combat, ground vehicles and massive scale infantry combat.

If you've never played this kind of genre before start with this game, but first watch this video from the floor of E3.  Get ready to play PlanetSide 2 sometime later this year.

PlanetSide 2 Floor Report E3 2012 Live »

NBA Live 13

Just as videogame football is dominated by the Madden franchise, videogame basketball is similarly controlled by the NBA 2K series; however, Electronic Arts is trying to change that by reviving its much-maligned NBA Live franchise. Things aren't going too well, it seems, as the demo we saw at E3 2012 for NBA Live 13 was, well, concerning. 

From our NBA Live 13 Preview:

"Unfortunately the story has continued into this year’s E3, as EA dedicated a small room and a paltry build to what may turn out to be another project that never quite gets off the ground: NBA Live 13. Full disclosure; during my hands-off first-look preview, I was only shown the opening animation of a game, followed by the first two plays. My intention isn’t to sound snarky, but to express concern about whether or not the title will actually be ready in four months.

To their credit, the team at EA Tiburon has taken on the less-than-desirable project with excitement. The studio members I spoke with mentioned that one of their goals is to create responsive gameplay with smooth animations to match. They also hope to improve the basketball IQ of AI players. One interesting feature I saw in a skeleton build of the game is the ability to change your mind at the top of a shot and pass it to another player."

To get the whole story, read our whole NBA Live 13 Preview.

G4 Announces Best of E3 2012 Winners!

X-Play's Best of E3 2012 winners have been announced! Our editors painstakingly scoured the floor for the best games that E3 2012 had to offer and compiled an impressive list of nominees. From those games, we picked the best of the best for our winners list.


Best of E3 2012 Award Winners »


Did you guess correctly? Check out the list below to find out who took home the gold in X-Play's Best of E3 2012!

Game of Show

Winner: Assassin's Creed 3

  • The Last Of Us
  • Dishonored
  • Watch Dogs
  • Halo 4
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  • Far Cry 3

Best 360 Game

Halo 4

  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  • Gears of War: Judgment
  • Forza Horizon
  • South Park and the Stick of Truth

Click the Read More tag to see the rest of the winners!

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