Whether you need a Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle, a PS3 Move Bundle, a Nintendo Wii or 3DS, our 2011 Holiday Buyers Guide will give you the best advice on what to buy this season.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011

If you couldn't find the top downloadable game for the person on your list in our Top Downloadable Games of 2011 part one, then keep reading to find out what we've got in store for you in part two of our Top Downloadable Games Holiday Buyers Guide. These types of games are perfect for anyone on a budget, as they're affordable yet still downright amazing.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Best Downloadable Games Part 2 »

For a breakdown of all the games you've seen here, check after the break!

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You know what they say about gifts, right? It's the thought that counts. If you really want to impress a gamer on your list with how thoughtful you are, you need to buy him/her a book, not a game. Chances are, a hardcore gamer already has whatever games he or she wants, but a book says, "You're smart. You read. And you like games."

Below, please find G4's picks for the best videogame books for holiday season 2011.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Collector's Edition »

SUPER Iam8bit: This coffee-table book features more than 80 artists remixing their retro gaming fantasies, employing paint, sculpture and more to create works of fine art inspired by the '80s arcade and console scene. This is a great book to have lying around. Girls will like you more if you own this book.

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Morgan Webb has some great, and more importantly, cheap, games for you to buy this Holiday season. If you need to get a AAA title at CCC price then look no further than this Holiday Buyers Guide for discount games. If you need to buy video games on budget, get excited!


Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Morgan Webb's Great Games at Discount Prices »


Check out a list of games below.

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Shooting and the holidays go together like peanut butter and bullets. If you need to get the shooter fan in your life a present we have some great, and violent, suggestions you have to consider. Warning, most of these games are rated M for Merry Christmas! Check out this Holiday Buyers Guide for all the goods.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Must Have Shooters »

Check out a list of games below.

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Immersing yourself in Nintendo games whether it's with a Wiimote or with 3D graphics have been strong selling points for our favorite family friendly video game company this year. We've picked some of the best Wii and Nintendo 3DS games that you may want to consider picking up either for the little guy in your life, or the super nostalgic one, in our Nintendo Wii and 3DS Holiday Buyers Guide

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Top Nintendo Games »

For a breakdown of each game, as well as a few more additions to the list, check after the break.

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While Microsoft's Kinect, PlayStation's Move and the WiiMotion plus are sometimes not taken seriously by "hardcore" gamers, the holidays aren't about being hardcore; they're about togetherness and fun. Everyone else digs the gimmick of motion control, so get with the program and buy your giftee one of the following awesome motion games. I promise you'll enjoy yourself too.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Best Motion Games »

Dance Central 2

Even if you have two left feet, you'll be able to pop, lock and have dance battles with your relatives until after New Years. This game is note-perfect and fun for everyone. You got served!

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You'll find lots of holiday gift guides on the internet for bargain gaming, with lists of cheapo games and last year's product for poor plebes who clip coupons and can't afford to crash private jets into locomotives like we do here at G4--because all G4 employees are amazingly wealthy. We've compiled the below guide for the haves, because the 1 percent like gaming too... they just do it differently from you.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Games For Rich Bastards »

Dream Arcade 2.0 Arcade System: $2,229

When wealthy gentlemen like myself want to play old school games, we don't download an emulator and 8 million ROMs for free; we pony up over $2,000 for a Dream Arcade. Leave it to Capitalism to find a way to charge a couple grand for games your parents used to play for a quarter!

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There's an embarassment of riches this holiday season when it comes to interactive entertainment, but the X-Play staff has no problem naming their top picks. Check it out as Morgan Webb, Casey Schreiner, and the rest of the X-Players let you know what their favorites were this year. There are also a few really bad awesome Batman impressions thrown in for good measure. You'll definitely be informed and entertained!

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011: X-Play Staff Picks Part 2 »

(Check out part one of our holiday 2011 staff picks, right here!)

If you're looking to spice up your Holiday season with some hot downloading action then look no further than our Holiday Gift Guide for Downloadable Games. We've gathered some of the best games for XBLA, PSN, and PC (Steam) so you can buy a killer gift on a budget. I think it might be hard to gift downloadable console games but you could always give the gift of points. Better yet, you could buy yourself some downloadable presents.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Best Downloadable Games Part 1 »

Keep reading for a list of must have DL games.

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The most successful year ever for the Xbox 360 is drawing to a close, but if you're having trouble finding out which games you should pick up this holiday season for your gamer then look no further than our Xbox Holiday Gift Guide. It's the perfect way to find the best Xbox exclusive games for everyone on your list.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Top Xbox 360 Games »

After the break you'll find a list of the must have Xbox 360 games.

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Buying a video game for a friend or family member can be daunting, but thanks to G4 you won't have to worry about what system they have. We put together a list of the best game for the holidays, no matter the console. That's right these games are all multiplatform titles. Check out this Holiday Guide for games you should get the gamer in your life, especially if that gamer is you.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Best Multiplatform Games »

Check out the best multiplatform games below. 

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Television specials would have you believe the Christmas season means holly and presents and pine-trees and whatever, but for many of us, the holidays really mean one thing: Traveling. Endless car-trips and plane journeys to visit relatives in far flung parts of the world. Boring, right? Wrong! With handheld gaming, even the most dull voyage can be fun!  With this in mind, we've compiled a list of the best Handheld Games for the holidays in 2011, perfect to give as gifts so the ride back home will be enjoyable.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Games on the Go »

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition

It seems strange that a 2D fighter works so well with the 3D of the Nintendo 3DS, but SSFIV 3D does, plus it's packed with all 35 playable characters from the console game, bonus stages, cinematic Ultra combos and online playability.

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G4 is spending the month helping you shop for holiday presents! Sadly, we can't go with you to the mall, but we can recommend that perfect present. We've got guides covering what to get your gamer girlfriend, what to get your gamer boyfriend, gifts for the Modern Warfare 3 fan in your life and much more.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Adam Sessler's Great Family Games »

The holidays are all about family togetherness, and nothing brings people together like video games. Many games, though, are just not appropriate for the younger or more impressionable members of your family. With this in mind, please find the below list of family friendly video games for the holidays.

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If your gamer already has every game they want, then this holiday season maybe you should consider buying them a nice controller to help them take their hobby to the next level. Our tech junkies Blair Herter and Morgan Webb have taken a look at some of the best controllers as part of our 2011 Holiday Buyers Guide.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Game Controllers »

For a link to each product as well as a few more controller suggestions, be sure to check after the break.

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All of our Holiday Buyers Guides are based off of numerical data, science, and paperwork filed by the FBI. I'm trying to say they're legit. All of these guides have to meet strict criteria before they get the G4 seal of approval. All of them except this one. The G4 Staff Picks Guide is based on nothing but pure fanboy on fanboy love and it's beautiful. Enjoy.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2011: X-Play Staff Picks Part 1 »

Check out our Part Two of our holiday staff picks!

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