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Skyrim: Dragonborn Launch Guide - Welcome to Solstheim!

Skyrim may be the largest game out there, but it got even bigger this week with the release of Dragonborn, the third DLC pack from Bethesda. While this summer's Dawnguard added a few new features and locations, Dragonborn really kicks it up a notch. Your journey will take you out of the land of Skyrim entirely, to the island of Solstheim off the coast of Morrowind. Long term Elder Scrolls fans who played Morrowind might recognize a few land marks and items, as well as some lore elements in Dragonborn.

The main storyline of Dragonborn involves your character being approached by followers of Miraak - the First Dragonborn. Once you've been approached by them, and found out where they came from, you'll book passage to Solstheim and begin your journey. Once there, you'll quickly discover something is a little off about Miraak, and that's really where the main quest line kicks off. Of course, in traditional Skyrim fashion, you can totally ignore that quest and explore the island first. In fact I recommend doing just that, at least for a few hours. You'll find a number of the new features added in with the Expansion right near Raven Rock.

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G4tv presents two Hitman: Absolution walkthrough videos showing off Agent 47's diverse skill set as well as a gameplay walkthrough of the Vixen Strip Club mission. Narrating these two walkthrough videos are IO Interactive's Tore Blystad and Sven Liebold. This is your chance to find even more about Hitman: Absolution before it comes out November 20, 2012.

Agent 47's mission in the Vixen Strip Club is to kill Dom Osmond, the owner of the place. Find out how we eliminate Mr. Osmond in our Hitman: Absolution "Vixen Strip Club" gameplay playthrough below.

Hitman: Absolution "Vixen Strip Club" Gameplay Preview »

Hit the jump for even more Absolution goodness.

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Black Ops 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is here. Unless you live beneath a rock sitting in the corner of a ruined basement in rural Arkansas, you are probably already aware of this fact. What you might not know is that Treyarch implemented some of the biggest changes that the series has seen since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to every facet of the game. Campaign features an odd sort of branching story, Zombies is set in a newly open world, and multiplayer introduces the new Pick 10 create-a-class framework.

It's the last of those that we're going to zero in on today. The class creation feature that fans have grown to love since the first Modern Warfare is a shadow of its former self, replaced by the arguably more robust and customization-friendly Pick 10. It's fun to play with once you get the hang of how it all works, but there's no clear tutorial within the game that explains it.

This is your tutorial. Read on for a rundown of Pick 10 and how to best take advantage of it!

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Endings Guide: How To Get The Best And Worst Ending

SPOILER ALERT! Did you know that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has three different endings base on the decisions and actions you took during the single player campaign? If you didn't know, now you know.

Getting the best ending in Black Ops 2, however, is a little tricky. That's why G4TV has created the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Ending Guide to teach you how you can get the best and worst ending in the game. In addition, you can also just view the three different endings and save yourself from countless hours of shooting enemies.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide: Finding All The Intel Items

Locating all the Intel in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 may be tough to accomplish, but luckily G4tv.com already went through the trouble to create the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide. There are a total of 33 Intel items in the single player campaign and each mission contains 3 pieces of hidden Intel for you to find. If you are an achievement hunter, which we know you are, then you will want to read on and learn how to complete this challenge.

Pyrrhic Victory

Intel 1 - Before you call in air support, look towards the right of the convoy and search for the vehicle on its side. The Intel is on the ground behind the burning vehicle.

Intel 2 - When you are on the barge, head up the ladder on the left side where the mounted machine gun is and look behind the vent that is putting out black smoke. The Intel will be on the floor.

Intel 3 - When you are defending the second location after falling back to the river, climb on top of the elevated sniper ledge farthest to the right.

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Halo 4

The Promethean forces of Halo 4 inject some much-needed new flavor into the franchise. Previous Halo games have largely depended on the Flood as a second enemy faction, alongside the religious zealots of the Covenant. The zombie-like beings served to alter the tactical flow of Halo battlefields, and the Prometheans that replace them serve the same basic purpose while also adding an assortment of new pea shooters to your arsenal.

The Prometheans bring much more tactical depth to the battlefield than the Flood of previous games ever did, with greater variety within their ranks and a different approach to the challenge of killing human interlopers. Their weapons also tweak what's familiar in some unexpected ways. That's why we've assembled this little Promethean primer. Read on for rundowns of what to expect from this new threat and their assorted toys.

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Halo 4

A new era begins for Master Chief and the Halo franchise starting today with the release of the 343 Industries' Halo 4. It's been two years since the last proper Halo game and five since the story that continues in the new release was last explored. Unless you're a super-fan, you probably haven't played a lot of Halo in recent months, and there's a slightly different flavor to 343 Industries' take even if you have.

All of which means you're looking at a little bit of a learning curve when you fire up Halo 4 for the first time. That's why we've assembled this little starter guide. Learn what's new and get ahead with a few useful tips before you dive in to witness Master Chief's latest adventure firsthand.

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Assassin's Creed 3 Available Now


Posted October 30, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

Assassin's Creed 3

Assassin's Creed 3 is out now in the U.S. for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. One of the biggest blockbuster titles of the year, Assassin's Creed 3 is the historical action-adventure game that puts players in the shoes of a new assassin, Connor Kenway, during the American Revolution from 1753 through 1783.

Throughout the game, which also wraps up Desmond Miles' story in the present day setting, Connor will interact with many historical figures. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, to name a few. Places like colonial New York and Boston will also be fully explorable, as well as the entire American Frontier.

“Assassin’s Creed III is Ubisoft’s biggest launch ever and the most ambitious game in our history. Today, we delivered on the vision the team had three years ago thanks to the tremendous talent and hard work of the many Ubisoft studios involved,” said Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer, Ubisoft.  “They have refined the core tenets of the franchise while also implementing brand new experiences, such as naval combat, that will captivate returning fans and newcomers to the Assassin’s Creed universe.” 

Here are a few links that will help you decide whether or not you should pick up Assassin's Creed 3 this week. 

  • Assassin's Creed 3 Review: Excellent and extensive single player combines with engaging multiplayer to make this game not only a great time but an excellent value.
  • Assassin's Creed 3 Video Review: The tale of Desmond Miles takes a big leap forward in Assassin's Creed 3, flash-forwarding to the American Revolution and introducing Connor, the series' new half-British, half-Native American protagonist. Here Morgan Webb delivers our review.

We've also got tons of Assassin's Creed 3 videos, previews, and screenshot galleries for you to devour as well. And remember, keep checking back for more awesome AC3 content.

Assassin's Creed 3

Assassin's Creed 3 is freshly in stores, introducing a new American Revolutionary War time period for the series and a whole new set of features and content tweaks to go along with it. New period protagonist Connor Kenway is a half-British, half-Native American nimble, Templar-silencing badass. His fight against the ancient order is a personal one, and it's what drives him to rebuild the assassin's brotherhood in colonial America.

For all of Connor's skills, Assassin's Creed 3 is still a huge game with lots to explore and any number of things vying for your attention. This feature is meant to help you get accustomed to the new face of the series, running through some of the more noteworthy system changes and improvements that you'll be adjusting to. You won't find any spoilers below, so read on for some tips for getting the most out of your Assassin's Creed 3 experience.

A Note About the Introduction

I'm sticking to the no-spoiler policy, but you should know that the first 5-6 hours of the game follow a very specific path. My recommendation is that you stick to the path as closely as possible, ignoring the lure of exploration and resource gathering until the main story arc really kicks into gear. Just hit your mission checkpoints, get your valuable story exposition, and move on to the next bit. If you are still curious, you can check out the first 15 minutes of the game right here. You've been warned.

It's hard to go into any more detail without offering up story spoilers, but suffice to say that it's clear enough why you should stick to the script in the early hours and when it's okay to start veering off. There's just no value in looting every corpse for cash and hunting down all of the synchronization points. When you see it, you'll understand why.

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Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC Review Verdict: Fight Pirates, Sandworms and Junk Robots

Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty adds a whole new layer to the endgame in Borderlands 2. The level cap continues to stand at 50, but Seraph Crystals that you collect from the DLC's two new uber-bosses can be used to purchase all-powerful pink-class gear from an Oasis vendor. Farming the Warrior and Terramorphous in the main campaign is fun, but there's a two-attempt limit on Scarlett's Leviathan. The true long-term play value of the new DLC lies with Hyperius the Invincible and Master Gee the Invincible.

These so-called "Seraphs" take massive amounts of punishment and present a steep challenge even to three- and four-player parties. The rewards are randomized, but you can always count on at least a handful of Seraph Crystals, possibly a pink-class item or, as Gearbox senior producer Mike Wardwell told us, a "mega drop" of crystals. Wardwell also confirmed that there's no hidden boss in Scarlett (a la Vermivorous the Invincible), but you might see unique item drops from some enemies (such as Mr. Bubbles....).

While each Seraph presents its own unique challenges, there are a few general elements that apply to both. Most importantly: everyone needs to be at level 50. The reduction in damage potential that you'll see even at level 49 is significant enough to be a problem both of these fights, since your odds of survival decrease with every second you're locked in the arena. Neither boss will attack until after you strike, so take advantage of the opportunity to get everyone into position.

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When it comes to unlocking achievements in Dishonored, there is really no right or wrong way to go about it. Experimentation and creative thinking define the Dishonored gameplay experience, and the same goes for snagging those precious cheevos. Outside of the achievements that you’ll unlock simply by progressing through the story, and pulling off standard actions like “Assassinate 10 unaware enemies,” there are some that require certain powers and even certain environments to pull off.

So without further ado, here are some tips to help you pick up these rewarding accolades as you journey across Dunwall on the hunt for your revenge.

Dishonored Achievement Tips -- Corvo, Cheevos, and You...vo

1. King of the World (Reach the top of Kaldwin's Bridge): This is a location based achievement that you get for climbing to the top of drawbridge portion of Kaldwin’s Bridge. There’s no real trick to this one (other than just realizing it’s possible), and there’s only one way up, so just keep looking up and blinking between beams, climbing a chain or two as you find them, and eventually you’ll pop out on top of the bridge, and be able to cross it without any interference from any pesky guards patrolling below.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Building Facilities Strategy Guide--How To Make The Perfect HQ

The first part of winning the battle against the aliens in XCOM: Enemy Unknown is having the best technology. However, in order for you to get the best weapons, armor, and security, you need your research and engineering team in top shape. Success doesn’t come cheap. They will need lots of money and alien materials. Don't worry; I'll show you where you should invest your hard-earn money to get more bang for your buck in while designing your bases.

Get your wrench and hammer ready because you're about to learn how to build a killer HQ.

Building The Perfect Satellite System

The most important items in XCOM: Enemy Unknown  are your satellites. These eyes-in-the-sky are able to identify UFOs, which Interceptors can shoot down. Afterwards, you can send your squad to collect the alien's materials. Satellites also calm the nations' panic levels. By covering a nation with satellites, you’ll ease their worried brow as well as gain a bonus such as having your research team instantly complete an interrogation.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Beginner's Guide - Be Prepared For The Alien Invasion

Welcome, new recruits! Earth has been invaded by an unknown alien race, and the planet's governments have banded together to create the secret organization known as XCOM, to counter attack the extraterrestrial invasion. You play as the commander of XCOM and have full control of the world defense team. You must lead them into battle against the intruders and create a fully functional HQ

Our beginner's guide will get you started in the world of alien elimination by going through the basics in this tactical turn-based game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Once you are done reading this guide, you'll be ready to take on the alien invasion and save Earth once and for all.

Building A Better HQ

Before we send you out to battle, you’ll need to build up your team, put together your alien-blasting arsenal, and make some of the tough choices that make XCOM a game that’s nearly impossible to put down. In the base-building section of the game, you'll have a complete overview of your HQ and be managing five rooms. Your main goal is to grow and enhance your base in order to improve your overall readiness when you take the fight to the aliens. Let me break down the five different rooms before we head into battle.

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Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Guide -- Gaige Finds A Best Friend In Anarchy

Gaige the Mechromancer is unlike any other character that we've seen so far in the Borderlands universe. The playable foursome that shipped with the sequel all have common ties with the original game's Vault Hunters, but Gaige and her pal Deathtrap strike out in an unusual direction.

I got to witness this for myself firsthand in a recent two-hour hands-on demo, and I'm here now to share some of what I learned so the pros among you can get a sense of what to expect as you introduce Gaige to Pandora. Consider the following a primer. I didn't get to advance all the way through any one tree, though I did flip through the higher-level options and form some ideas about how I might want to proceed.

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Charms On Twitter

Gaige’s Action Skill - Summon Deathtrap. Think of the robot as a mobile, smart-mouthed, melee-focused version of Axton's turret. Call Deathtrap to the battlefield and he'll zip around, putting the smackdown on your enemies with his claws. An onscreen timer -- again, similar to Axton's turret -- indicates how long your robot pal will stick around, though unlike the turret there's no option for calling him back early.

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Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblem Location Guide

Can't find all of the secret Serpent Emblems in Resident Evil 6? No need to worry! Below is our Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblem location guide, where you can find all those tough shiny blue emblems scattered throughout each of the four story campaigns. Just scroll down on the particular campaign or chapter you are missing those "hard-to-find" emblems and in no time you'll unlock all of the Resident Evil 6 figures and files. Have fun!

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