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Sony has confirmed that there are some problems with Grand Theft Auto IV on the PlayStation 3. They say they're working with Rockstar to fix the issue, although no time frame was mentioned.

Yes, we are aware of what the message boards and a few of the industry blogs are saying about a 'freezing' issue with GTA IV on a limited number of PS3s. Although we have seen an extremely low volume of contacts to our customer service department regarding such an issue, we want to ensure that every consumer has a great experience on our console and with GTA IV. All parties involved are working to isolate the problem for those few units and identify a solution.

Here's hoping a fix is found soon!

Kotaku: SCEA Responds to PS3 GTA IV Issues

Grand Theft Auto IV managed to sell 609,000 copies in the UK on day 1.

Rockstar managed to knock the #2 game off, which was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at 501,000 copies.

As for the split across the consoles, the Xbox 360 version edged ahead with 335,000 to the PS3's 274,000. This is interesting because all predictions were looking like the PS3 would outsell the 360 version in the UK.

The 360 version also beat out Halo 3 for the fastest selling game on Microsoft's console. Halo 3 managed to move 266,000.

Shacknews: GTA 4 Sets One-day Sales Record in UK

Yesterday, we brought you word of a guy in San Diego who apparently robbed a GameStop store for Grand Theft Auto, today we have video with glorious spitting, cursing and kicking action!


He's a very angry young man.

(via kotaku)

Like every gamer in the country, I've been spending a lot of time over the last few days playing Grand Theft Auto IV. But I've also been paying attention to the negative response the game has been getting. Whether it's MADD calling for the game to be re-rated "Adults Only," or crimes committed to get the game, or a NYPD widow and the mayor mentioning violent videogames as causes of real life violence, a lot of people have issues with the game's violence.

But, having spent some time in Liberty City, we've been finding it a much less violent place than the fake metropolises of earlier Grand Theft Autos. Sure, spreading mayhem randomly is still pretty fun (maybe even more fun than in past games because of the better physics), but after racking up stars during police chases a few times, I've become a relatively law-abiding citizen.

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Even presidential candidate Barack Obama has taken notice of the Grand Theft Auto IV mania that is sweeping the nation. At a recent campaign stop in Indiana, Obama said:

I was just catching the news this morning about Grand Theft Auto, this video game, which is gonna break all records and make goo-gobs of money for whoever designed it. Now, this isn’t intended for kids, although I promise you there are kids who are playing it, but these video games are raising our kids…

Across the board, middle-class, upper-class, working-class kids, they’re spending a huge amount of their time not on their studies, but on entertainment.

And so part of our job is going to have to be to inspire the entire country to say, ‘How are we giving our kids a thirst for knowledge?’ And turning off the TV set, and getting them to be engaged and interested, like their future really does matter on how well they do in school.”

We're not sure what goo-gobs are, but we're happy that Obama is continuing his sensible tact on videogames--note there's no condemnation of the game or games in general. Obama is right: GTA IV is for adults, although we don't feel gaming and a "thirst for knowledge" are mutually exclusive.

GamePolitics: Barack Obama Mentions GTA IV During Campaign Appearance


So, Grand Theft Auto IV is finally here. Is it all you thought it would be?

In this week's Sessler's Soapbox, Adam makes the case for GTA IV having the potential to be as influential to next-gen gaming as Grand Theft Auto III was for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. What do you guys think? Is GTA IV revolutionary? Or is it just another sandbox game with poor gun controls? Check out the video and let us know what you think below, or you can share your thoughts on our forums.


Sessler's Soapbox: I Heart GTA IV »

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Jim Patton, a producer at Bushleague.tv, is breaking the world's record for videogame playing right at this moment, live on the internet.  He's been playing Grand Theft Auto IV since yesterday at 5 PM.  Click the pic to see their live stream:

We caught up with Jim on hour 22 of his incredible odyssey.

G4: How many hours have you been playing and how close are you to completing?
Jim Patton: We’re on hour 22 and we’re at 25.27 complete.

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Posted April 30, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Mothers Against Drunk Driving are also against Grand Theft Auto IV. MADD takes issue with "a game module where players have to drive drunk" because "drunk driving is a choice, a violent crime...not a game."

We're not sure what a game "module" is, but we've played the first few hours of GTA IV, and there's no missions that depends on drunk driving. The times when we have driven drunk (in-game, of course) have resulted in car crashes, police involvement and our date being really angry at us. Just like real life! It's not fair to say that the game glamorizes driving intoxicated, although it is pretty funny...

ShackNews: MADD Protests GTA 4 Over Drunk Driving

The above pictured dude, Richard Fiel, 27, is in hot water. He was arrested in San Diego yesterday. The po-po says he had a purloined copy of Grand Theft Auto IV in his truck that he'd swiped from a GameStop after spraying a couple employees with pepper spray.

Cops also found a PlayStation 3 dual-shock controller, and "Grand Theft Auto,"and "Grand Theft Auto III"  video games in his vehicle, also presumably stolen from GameStop.

"The call came out as a robbery of a commercial business ... and the suspect was described, and the vehicle that he got into was described as a white Toyota pickup truck, lifted with the tailgate down, and our helicopter ABLE spotted the vehicle southbound," San Diego Police Lt. Karen Tenney. "The officers followed it. The suspect parked here and then ran into the business located behind me and locked the door behind him."

How many stars Fiel had at the time of his capture remains unknown, but we're thinking one, tops.

NBCSanDiego: Cops: 'Grand Theft Auto' Thief Arrested

While wuss-i-fied cities like Miami and Chicago have pulled their Grand Theft Auto IV bus advertisements, the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA, is standing strong, and vows to keep the controversial promotions on their public transportation vehicles. SEPTA (the city's public transportation arm) will not be pushed around:

SEPTA officials would not be interviewed, but they issued a statement saying while some might consider the game offensive, “the advertisement is not.”

The ad campaign is slated to run for six weeks, with 350 posters on buses and other locations, generating $83,000 in revenue for SEPTA.

GamePolitics: Philly Transit Authority Says GTA IV Ads Will Stay

Today, Adam brings you all the latest gaming news, including yesterday's Grand Theft Auto IV launch.

X-Play Gaming Update 04.29.08 »


Do you like videos about waiting in line?

You do if the line is for Grand Theft Auto IV!

Waiting on "GTA IV" »

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G4's 'GTA IV' Party


Posted April 29, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Very, very rarely do we post on our website just to brag, but the lunchtime GTA IV party that broke out at lunch changed our mind.

First, the swag. Rockstar sent over some impressive bits of awesome to hype their game (like it needs it.) Check it out:

Pool Cue:

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First GTA 4 Stabbing!


Posted April 29, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

A British chap was knifed in front of a line of up to a hundred people waiting to buy Grand Theft Auto IV  last night.

The stabbing took place outside the Gamestation store in Croydon. Police said the 23-year-old victim was walking past the crowd when he was stabbed several times by a hooded gent who appeared to be waiting in line.

The suspect is described as being a light skinned black man aged about 21, 6ft 5ins tall, of medium build wearing a light grey hooded top.

"[We] believe there were in the region of 50 to 100 people in the queue,” says a copper. "We are sure many of them will have seen what happened." 

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The GTA Leaderboard of sorts opened up in conjunction with the game's midnight release. It's a place that keeps track of your stats, competitions, and Liberty City wide events. For instance, there's a graphic for The Liberty City Marathon. Upon further research, it appears as though the Marathon portion is just a race against fellow socialites to attain specific milestones.

You can also track crime rates with the LCPD Blotter, see how you size up with everyone else once you've completed the game, join the 100% club, join or monitor the Hall of Fame, and track your stats in multiplayer.

Wow! Have you played it yet? What a country! I can't believe I'm at stupid work.

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