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Okay, a lot of positive buzz has hit the internet about Grand Theft Auto IV... but what does X-Play think?

Check it out here:

Grand Theft Auto IV Review »

Check out this web exclusive for X-Play, as Newsweek's N'Gai Croal and Kotaku's Brian Crecente debate who will come out ahead in the GTA IV battle: The Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. Who do you think will win?

X-Play Web Exclusive Head to Head: GTA IV Console Battle »

See more of N'Gai and Brian tonight, as X-Play kicks off their Summer Games Preview with X-Play's One-Hour Grand Theft Auto IV Special. It all starts Tonight at 8PM ET, only on G4!

Analysts feel that Grand Theft Auto IV is poised to kick Halo 3's ass as far as making money out of the box goes. They go so far as to predict that the game will shatter the $300 million that Halo 3 pulled down in the first week of its life. The sales estimates are somewhere on the order of 9 million copies, which would bring in just about $400 million.

For those of you who don't know, that's a lot of money.

And it's a good thing, because the game apparently cost a bundle to make, and it's been in development for a couple of years now. Still, this has to be good news for Take-Two and Rockstar, who are likely to be expecting their bonus checks in the mail any day now.

GamePolitics.com: Big Business: GTA IV Launch Will Top Halo 3

The summer season at the box office is the time that movie studios make all of their money, and, this summer, they are primed to kick it off with a bang, as the hotly anticipated Iron Man will open this Friday. However, they are more than a little worried about the 300 million-pound gorilla called Grand Theft Auto IV, and it's expected $400 million in sales in the first week of its release.

See, Hollywood noted a 30% drop-off when Halo 3 was released in November, and they are worried that the same kind of drop would hurt not only Tony Stark and Marvel Studios, but all of the films that are coming out this summer. However, what they aren't taking into consideration is that the Halo 3 reaction came when Ben Stiller's abysmal The Heartbreak Kid was coming out, which is not, in any way, as anticipated as Iron Man, which is a movie that people actually want to see.

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We can feel the heat from the flame-war already, folks: Apparently, the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV is region locked, where the PS3 version is not.

That means you won't be able to take your copy of GTA from your Detroit trailer park to your vacation home in the South of France. 

The PlayStation 3 version, though, will work fine anywhere in the world.

Computerandvideogames.com: GTA IV: Region locked


Leslie Benzies, the president of Rockstar games, recently compared critics of Grand Theft Auto IV to the people who hated Elvis Presely back in the 1950s.

"There is a big fear factor here. It's (like) the coming of the railways, it's Elvis shaking his hip," Benzies told The Scotsman. "It's cars going over 25 miles per hour and making people explode. We've had such a beating over the past three years, by the US government, the British government, the Daily Mail. 'You kill prostitutes' – that's usually the objection. I ask if they've ever played the game. Invariably they haven't."

Sensible, eh?

For a more in depth look at the effects of games on kids, check out this X-Play interview with the authors of Grand Theft Childhood!

Face Time: Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson »

The first reviews are in for Grand Theft Auto IV, and guess what? Everyone really likes it.

According to Gamerankings.com, GTA IV has an average ranking of 99.3%, making it the highest ranked game on their site.

Almost all reviewers surveyed gave the game a "perfect" score, including 1up, gamespy, IGN and gamepro.

Of course, the real test is X-Play's score, so tune in tonight at 8PM for X-Play's one-hour GTA IV special, an entire hour packed with exclusives, cheats, videos and, of course, the all important review.


We brought you a little of what Grand Theft Auto IV has to offer on our Exclusive Sneak Peek. Hungry for more?

Today was just a taste of what’s to come Tomorrow as X-Play's Summer Games Preview gets started with a one-hour Grand Theft Auto IV Special.

Get a first look at the all-new multiplayer mode, the ability to choose your own missions and the differences between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 versions of the game. We’ll also take you through the rap sheet of the most controversial franchise in the history of videogames with our Grand Theft Auto Retrospective. Don’t miss a minute of the GTA4 action as X-Play kicks off their Summer Games Preview tomorrow night at 8pm.

X-Play's Summer Games Preview starts with a Grand Theft Auto IV Special, Tomorrow Night, April 28th at 8PM ET!

Missed the special this morning? Want to see it again? Now you can through the magic of the Internet.

Adam and Morgan are going to walk you through over 10 minutes of gameplay footage from Grand Theft Auto IV. You've still got over 24 hours before you can get the game so you should probably watch this video 144 times to cope.

Adam and Morgan are revving up 5 days of in-depth coverage starting off with a 1 hour Grand Theft Auto IV special tomorrow night, Monday 4/28/08, at 8pm EST.


X-Play Exclusive: GTA IV Hands-On »


The most offensive crime you can commit in this game is not paying a bridge toll. We're not joking. Good thing it's easy to slip the cops at 1 star.

That red and blue area on the minimap is where the cops are searching. Stay out of it long enough and you'll lose your wanted level.

GTA IV: Slip The Cops »


Sniping is just brutal in this game. Grenades are also incredibly fun. Check out the chain reaction of exploding cop cars as Niko ducks behind a wall.

The new cover system is glorious.

GTA IV: Shootout »



Nothing pisses off the cops more than gunning down some civilians directly in front of them. The chase is on!

Pay extra special attention to the detail in the animation when a pedestrian gets hit by your car. That's the beauty of Euphoria.

GTA IV: Police Chase »


Liberty City looks spectacular, especially from the air. Catch a ride in our helicopter and get a bird's-eye-view of LC during the day and night. 

GTA IV: Helicopter »


The game isn't even out yet, but we're giving you a sneak peak at the second island, which is around 8 hours into the game. That is, if you don't spend all your time aimlessly killing cops and going on dates.


GTA IV: Second Island »


It's so easy to cause chaos on the streets of Liberty City. All it takes is a baseball bat, 9mm, and a pocket full of dreams.

Check out Niko getting into trouble with the law right here!


GTA IV: Causing Chaos »


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