Feedback Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby, into your mind. Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full. This week your pilots into the video game danger zone are Adam Sessler, Blair Herter, Kevin Kelly and Nikole Zivalich. Those four really are cowboys.

You want to know about this week's news topics? It's classified. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Just kidding. Topics included Xbox 360 streaming TV, Call of Duty's Rank Up XP promotion and Bethesda's legal woes.

This week we're discussing Bethesda and id Software's latest FPS, Rage. Find out if Rage was worth the wait. That's right, we are dangerous.

Feedback -- Subway's Uncharted 3 Promotion & Rage Impressions »

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Rage: An In-Depth Look

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Posted October 5, 2011 - By Dan Fasulo

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If you need a shooter to tide you over until the Call of Duty/Battlefield war rages, id Software just released Rage - their first new franchise since Quake. If there's any company that knows how to push technical limits and still deliver a strong shooter, it's id. Join X-Play's Adam Sessler and Blair Herter as they take a more in-depth look at Rage.


RAGE In-Depth with Adam Sessler and Blair Herter »


Shooter fans have a lot to be happy about this fall with the release of two of possibly the biggest games ever: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. The big question is - which game will win the battle to be the biggest? X-Play's Blair Herter walks you through the battleground of MW 3 vs. Battlefield 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3 »


The Best Video Game Swag: Fall 2011

Video game swag is one of our favorite things. It's not enough for you to purchase the biggest AAA titles and see them through to completion? Need a little more? Something tangible? You're not alone. You've gotta show your love somehow, preferably through throwing money at the manufacturers handling the distribution of the games' almighty swag. Whether it's a trinket such as a keychain you lose between your sofa cushions or a limited edition statue, there are plenty of options out there to nerd out.

We've got you covered with some of the most droolworthy fan swag available for three of this year's biggest releases. No matter if you're a gamer with a “casual” budget and think a novelization is pushing it, or a “normal” fan who represents with jewelry and T-shirts, or a “hardcore” fan with nothing better to do than spend money, we've got you covered. No matter if you're just saving the lunch money Mom gave you or if you're hacking away at that college fund, there's something here for you. Get ready to support your favorite game in style!

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A Guide To the Next Generation of Consoles

The surest guide to tell that the next-generation of video game consoles are on their way, outside of official announcements and specs, is that flagship series’ hit their stride and trilogies are wrapping up. Case in point, we just battled through the last horde as Marcus Fenix in Gears of War 3 and, next month, we’ll assume the role of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 3. Whether or not Epic Games and Naughty Dog continue to develop these hugely successful IPs, the teams are likely to be experimenting with next-generation hardware long before we see the fruits of their labor.

In fact, Epic Games is experimenting with next-generation technology right now given the fact that president Mike Capps told Industry Gamers that “We’re very interested in the Wii U.” Nintendo’s 2012-bound console was unveiled at this year’s E3, and speculation has it that E3 2012 will be the trade show where Microsoft announces the successor to Xbox 360 and Sony reveals the tech specs for PS4. Until that time, precedence from the last two console generations tells us a lot about what to expect from the next-generation console launches.

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Tonight: X-Play and AOTS Bring The Epic to Epictober!

The magical train of wonderment that is Epictober throttles on down the track tonight on X-Play and Attack of the Show, as we continue to bring the awesome to you in a relentless spray that will leave you quivering and afraid to ask for more. Prove it, you ask? Gladly.

Firstly, X-Play's got a look at the winners of the Prototype 2 contest that literally puts those people in the game, showing us how it all works and how they look. Also, we're getting to know more about the characters of Batman: Arkham City each and every day, and today, we get a look at the likes of Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy.

Not to be outdone in the epic department is AOTS, which is going to bring you to Rio De Janiero with the lovely Sara Underwood, who will take to the skies in a hang-gliding affair for the ages. We also spend a little time with the lovely Natasha Leggero, co-star of NBC's Free Agents.

Tune in to X-Play @ 6:30PM ET

Tune in to Attack of the Show @ 7PM ET!

If you're looking for a serious open-world game, with a strong emphasis on character development - you might want to look elsewhere than Saints Row: The Third. The Saints Row series has always been all about over-the-top action and good-clean-fun, and the upcoming threequel doesn't look to be any different.

You'll see what I mean in this exclusive Saints Row: The Third moment.


Saints Row: The Third Exclusive Moment #1 »


Enter Our Marvel Comics Kotobukiya Epictober Giveaway!

The Epic Giveaway for Epictober continues and today we've got a Marvel Comics prize package! These Kotobukiya statues include the X-Men Danger Room Sessions Gambit Fine Art statue, the X-Men Danger Room Sessions Colossus Fine Art statue and the Marvel Comics Presents: The Kotobukiya Collection X-Force Warpath Fine Art Statue, all sculpted by artist Erick Sosa.

Enter now at our Epictober page and check out photos of the individual statues after the jump!

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Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 Guide; The Best Ways To Survive All 50 Waves

The Gears of War 3  DLC, Horde Command Pack, will be released on November 1, 2011. The first pack of DLC for Gears 3 will expand the experience for my favorite mode, Horde. It will add new fortification levels, commands posts, and three multiplayer maps. If that doesn't impress you, you'll also be getting three new characters, including my personal favorite, Bernie.

The three maps new to Gears 3 will be Blood Drive, Rustlung and Azura. Classic Gears maps already in Gears 3 have undergone major upgrades. Based on this I think it's safe to say maps like Blood Drive will look and feel different.

Keep reading for more details on the maps, characters and more.

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The 10 Greatest Canceled Video Games

You might be surprised how many great video games get canceled far into their development cycles. Plenty of titles go all the way to having fully playable build, only to have the plug pulled at the last minute. Millions of manpower hours has been put into games that never saw the light of day, even though they look like they might have done respectably well if they'd seen the light of day.

But, thanks to the internet, games that never had a chance can still be seen and appreciated on the web. Even if they might not look good, you can appreciate what the developers were going for. You just might not ever understand why they got canceled in the first place. Read on for our list of the greatest canceled video games, and ponder about what might have been.

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Ever find yourself in a situation where all of your friends are talking about the latest and greatest game, and you can't contribute to the conversation because you haven't been paying attention? Solve that problem with our Launch Primers: everything you need to know (except the spoilers) about a game that's about to be released.


Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC
MSRP: $59.99

ESRB Rating: M

All Rage Content

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What kind of Game is it?

A new franchise for id Software, the developers of Doom and Quake, Rage is a semi-open world first person shooter. Rage is set in a post-apocalyptic future in a desolate wasteland. Expect lots of action, along with a bunch of driving in the free roam segments of the game.

Who Developed it?

Texas developer id Software has a strong track record with first person shooters,  as the developers of such acclaimed games as the Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein franchises. Rage represents a new graphics engine for id, using new technology termed "MegaTextures."

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Uncharted: Your Guide To Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Need a guide to the world of Uncharted? Nathan Drake is a bit of a Renaissance man. He's been there, done that, and has the long-sleeved henley to prove it. Always traveling with lovely ladies and the shadiest of company, unearthing the world's greatest treasures, this adventurer is about to set off on his biggest yet. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is set to be an epic entry into the Uncharted saga, and if you haven't been around from the start, you'll have missed out on one of the most explosive series the PlayStation 3 library has to offer.

With the third game's release just around the corner, we thought it'd be a great time to give all of you Uncharted neophytes a relatively spoiler-free breakdown (though you've been warned, I've gotta let some details slip) of the previous two games and a peek at the third. By the end you'll be itching like the rest of us to uncover the secrets of Drake's past, as Uncharted 3's luscious trailer teases. Suit up, and let's get moving!

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G4's Epictober means a lot of things to us here at G4, but one of the most important is the chance to show off exclusive videos of AAA games. Today, X-Play showed off some of the biggest ballplayers in the history of the game in NBA 2K12, and answered that age-old question: What was the best team in basketball history?

Check it out in the video below... and keep your browser tuned to G4 all month for more Epictober madness than you can believe!

NBA 2K12 X-Play Trailer Exclusive »


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G4 Extra Life Charity Drive - We Need You!

G4 is supporting a great cause this year, Extra Life, an annual 24-hour video game marathon that raises money to help kids at Children's Miracle Network hospitals around the nation and we need your help. On October 15, the G4TV team will be playing around the clock to raise awareness of this great charity and there's 2 easy ways to make the magic happen:

#1- Join the G4TV Team - By signing up and affiliating yourself with our team, you can help raise money for your specific charity outlet. You can play at home and encourage your friends and family to sponsor you as part of the G4TV team, and everyone is welcome to join! You can sign up at: http://www.g4tv.com/extralife

#2- Donate To A Fellow G4TV Member - If you can't participate yourself as a Team Member, that's totally cool. But we'd still love if you could make a donation, even if it's just a few bucks, to any of the other G4TV Team Members. Find your favorite and let them know you care!

And if you still need another incentive, what about this: the first 50 G4 fans that join the G4 team and raise $500, will receive a G4 Ltd. Edition Hoodie and T-shirt (ERV of $80)! But it doesn’t matter how much you raise because as long as you join the G4 team and raise any amount of money by Oct 15th, you’ll be sent a special G4 Extra-Life promotion code for a 15% discount on G4 Ltd. Edition gear at G4TV.com/G4Store.

If you want more information on our G4 Extra Life charity drive now, please check out the Extra Life website.

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