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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Supports 32-Player Console Games?

Kill Confirmed, a new multiplayer mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was just announced during the CoD XP live stream. When you kill an enemy he drops his dog tags, and in Kill Confirmed the only way to increase your score is to collect them. If you see your teammate get shot, you'll have the chance to grab his dog tags preventing the other team of getting points.

If you see floating dog tags you can bet there will be players near by to claim it. This adds another level of strategy absent from previous multiplayer modes. Getting the kill isn't the most important part of the game anymore, now you have to confirm it too.

CoD: MW3 will be released on November 8, 2011.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Preview

Robert Bowling announced during the Call of Duty XP live stream that the developers on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have completely overhauled their kill streak philosophy to create what they're calling Strike Packages. Say goodbye to one man army,  game ending nukes, shotguns as secondaries, the commando perk, and last stand. Modern Warfare 3 has been completely rebalanced to allow more choices and to support a variety of playstyles for all types of gamers.

For example, the team looked at how kill streaks were being used across a variety of game types and found that it was only really optimized for team deathmatch. So in Modern Warfare 3, the team has expanded the concept of kill streaks into what they're calling point streaks. It's not just about kills anymore. Now you'll get points for objectives and assists, all leading to your next point streak reward. Once you get a reward, you can customize  your points to your own playstyle by placing them in to one of three strike packages: assault, support, and specialist.

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We've got the first video from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer mode. It's filled with guns, grenades, explosions, turrets, headshots, and just about everything else we've come to love from CoD multiplayer. Check out the action below, and be sure to tune back in to G4TV.com at 11 AM PST to watch the live briefing from the Call Of Duty XP event in Los Angeles.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Reveal Trailer »

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is coming out for the Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, and Wii on November 8, 2011.

Call of Duty XP Survival Guide: How To Double XP Your Way To Victory In Los Angeles

Heres your Call of Duty XP Survival Guide, because thanks to an invitation courtesy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, answering the “call” this weekend means that 6,000 Call of Duty fans will invade Los Angeles to compete in real-world action experiences at the 12-acre Call of Duty XP compound. On September 2 and 3, they’ll trade their controllers and WASD keys in for Activision-provided paintball gear to use in firefights, juggernaut suits to wear in sumo wrestling and Burger Town rations to purchase at lunch. Just about the only thing that Activision isn’t providing at XP is training for each gamer’s online-to-in-person battle transition. Because there are no Quicktime Events in real life, here’s a quick-and-dirty Call of Duty XP Survival Guide to help you rise through the ranks of this two day event’s real-life and virtual leaderboards.

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Call Of Duty XP 2011 Details Revealed -- Modern Warfare 3 $1 Million Dollar Tournament

Yesterday's news of Kanye West closing out Call of Duty XP next week with a performance is kind of a big deal, but that's not the only musical showcase fans can expect from the gathering. Activision confirmed in a press release this morning that Dropkick Murphys will start the weekend off with a Friday performance at 8pm.

This is shaping up to be quite an event. Early access to Modern Warfare 3, paintball, ziplines, a gun museum, Yeezy and now, Dropkick Murphys. Get more information about the event at the Call of Duty XP website.

Call Of Duty XP 2011 Tickets Onsale July 19

Activision just announced the musical headliner for Call of Duty XP, the company's CoD themed fan-fest. It's going to be, get this, Kanye West! The controversial Mr. West hasn't publicly performed since the release of Watch the Throne, his most recent album.  He goes on during the final night of XP on Saturday.

All XP ticket-holders are guaranteed a spot at this blockbuster closing night performance, and I don't think anyone will want to miss it. No matter how you feel about him or his music, Kanye is an interesting, charismatic performer.

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Call Of Duty XP 2011 Tickets Onsale July 19

UPDATE: Sweepstakes is now 100% operational, since we found Makarov messing with the code. Go enlist!

The Call of Duty XP event is happening in Los Angeles, California on September 2nd and 3rd and if you want to attend, you should sign up for our Call of Duty XP event giveaway! We're offering four pairs of tickets to Call of Duty XP, courtesy of Activision. At the event you'll get to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 before its November 8, 2011 release date, and you'll get a Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition for free. The event will also include:

  • The opportunity to speed-run the infamous Modern Warfare 2 The Pit training sequence, for real.
  • A military-style zip-line plunge across the Call of Duty XP compound.
  • Suiting up for one-on-one battle in Juggernaut Sumo.
  • Rations and refreshments for sale at Modern Warfare’s 2 iconic Burger Town fast food joint.
  • A comprehensive Call of Duty armory and museum, featuring concept art and unique memorabilia from the entire franchise.

Head on over to our Call of Duty XP Event Sweepstakes to sign up for this awesome giveaway. Be sure to read all of the official rules, and know that you need to be at least 18 or older to enter. Also, you should able to attend the show in LA as there is no travel, transportation or lodging provided; just the tickets themselves.

The giveaway ends at 9:00 PM PT on August 11th, 2011. Good luck, Soldier!

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Call Of Duty XP 2011 Details Revealed -- Modern Warfare 3 $1 Million Dollar Tournament

Call of Duty XP, the ultimate Call of Duty fan experience, will  be taking place this September in Los Angeles. Activision has opened the detail floodgate for the event. CoD fans will not be disappointed.

CoD XP will have a 32-slot, single-elimination Call of Duty tournament sponsored by Xbox 360. The purse for the tourney is a cool $1 million dollars. Activision has confirmed that the tournament will feature Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Yes, gamers will be competing in MW3 months before it's released. Gamers all over the world are pre-qualifying to enter via CoD: Black Ops. But don't fret if you're not chosen, four slots will be kept empty until the tournament begins; ensuring Call of Duty XP attendees will get a chance to win the prize too. The winning squad will take home $400,000.

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Call Of Duty XP 2011 Tickets Onsale July 19

This is a public service announcement. If you were trying to buy Call of Duty XP tickets this morning, but you found the ticket site swamped, don't worry. Everything has returned to normal, and gamers who want to enjoy the fan-centric CoD experience this September can get over there and buy tickets.

Personally, I can't wait to play paintball in a real-life Scrapyard map, as well as get a burger at Burger Town. So who's going, and when do you want to hang out?

Call Of Duty XP 2011 Tickets Onsale July 19

Along with today's Call of Duty Elite beta launch, Activision has also offered some new information in a press release for those who wish to attend the Call of Duty XP 2011 celebration that is happening in Los Angeles over Labor Day weekend. Tickets cost $150 and you'll be able to buy them starting July 19 at 10am PDT.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Preview

Clear your calendar for September 2 and 3: Activision is holding an epic, fan-centric reveal for Modern Warfare 3. Attendees of Call of Duty XP will be able to play MW 3 months early, along with a ton of other CoD centric activities, including a million dollars in prizes, paintball versions of some epic Modern Warfare maps, the reveal of Call of Duty: Elite's features and a whole lot more.  Actvision promises an "Epic Event," and judging from the convention's itinerary, it sure sounds like it.

Tickets to the two-day event will cost $150, and festivities will take place within a 12-acre Southern Californian compound that will place you directly into the Call of Duty experience... with video games and paintballs taking the place of the bullets and bombs that fly in real wars.

Below the cut, you'll find the full listing of events.

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