Shadowrun To Get Ouya And Linux Support

Shadowrun Online will be released for wonder-console, Ouya, as well as Linux systems. The game had been previously announced for tablets, mobile and PC/Mac. The reason for more platforms, according to Cliffhanger co-founder Michael Paeck, was to "make Shadowrun an even better cross-platform experience."

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Minecraft fans have been waiting with bated breath for news of where the 2012 edition of MineCon will be headed, and now a new video from Mojang (via Notch on Twitter) reveals that location to be... DISNEYLAND PARIS! That's right, MineCon 2012 is heading to Euro Disney on November 24-25, 2012, a weekend that some folks in the United States might also refer to as "Thanksgiving weekend." So there's that.

The video is typical good times at Mojang, featuring a hat-less Notch and Minecraft lead Jens "Jeb" Bergensten as they peer around the office at all sorts of Disney swag. The timing of the coming MineCon will be rough for some of us here in the USA what with the holidays, but Minecraft is a pretty big deal EVERYWHERE and Mojang is based in Europe. Plus, I think we can all agree that Euro Disney is a pretty badass place to hold a MineCon. Will you be attending?

Wikipad Gaming Tablet Specs Released, Launching In 2012

Wikipad, the appropriately named company behind the upcoming Wikipad gaming tablet, has released the official hardware specs for its soon-to-be-released device (via VentureBeat). The Android 4.1 tablet will come packing one of those fancy, new Tegra 3 1.4GHz quad-core processors and 1GB of DDR2 RAM, which puts it ahead of the recently released Nexus 7 and behind the upcoming Ouya console in terms of raw power.

What's especially cool about the Wikipad from a gaming perspective is that it ships with a gamepad mount fitted with twin analog sticks, two triggers/bumpers, four face buttons, and Start/Select. There might not be many mobile titles that would take advantage of such a full-featured controller setup, but once you factor in something like OnLive streaming, the mount starts to make more sense. The peripheral is also designed to work with the tablet's speakers and power port.

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Baldur's Gate Site Launches, Domain Owned By BioWare Vet

Interesting little tidbit about Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition: According to a tweet from Jay Oster, Creative Director on Baldur's Gate:Enhanced Edition, it will feature cross-play between all its platforms. So iPad users can play with Mac users and PC users can play with Android users.

Here's the tweet

#bgee will have co-op multiplayer and will work across platforms. iPad can play with Android, Mac and PC. On happy gaming family:-)

The iOS and Mac versions of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will be released in September. The release date for the Android version has not been announced.

Mass Effect: Datapad And Mass Effect Infiltrator: Our First Look

Electronic Arts is streamlining its mobile business with a move that sees two of its Melbourne, Australia-based internal developers merged to form a single new studio, Gamasutra reports. IronMonkey Studios, the dev behind Dead Space HD and Mass Effect: Infiltrator, and Firemint, the dev behind Flight Control and Real Racing, are now one entity: Firemonkeys!

In addition to birthing an awesome new name into the world, EA hopes that the merger will offer both teams a deeper font of resources to draw from. They'll continue to work on separate projects, they'll just do so now from the same EA Melbourne office. Just think: soon the dream of a Flight Control-like spaceship docking game set at Mass Effect's Citadel could be a reality!

That's a dream we all share, right?


Finding the best cell phone games to play in meetings (or class) can be a bit tricky. You need to find ones that are quiet, that you don't have to spaz out to play, and that you can play vertically (so it looks like you're checking an e-mail). In the video below, X-Play breaks down a bunch of games that fit the mark, including Tiny Tower, Where's My Perry, Spelltower, Jet Pack Joyride and Ichi.

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The Walking Dead iOS Release Date Announced

The first chapter in The Walking Dead game is coming to your Apple iOS device this Thursday, July 26. According to developer TellTale Games, "A New Day" will set you back $4.99.

The good men and women of TT say they've spent a great deal of time integrating their new interface design to create an "even more intuitive experience" of exploring a zombie ravaged hellscape. You’ll have full control of Lee Everett's investigation points, actions, dialogue and decision making.

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Vectrex Collection Coming To iPhones, iPads

Older gamer-cats and fans of esoteric gaming systems are in luck. A collection of Vectrex games are coming to the iPhone and iPad. Vectrex Regeneration will feature everything ever released for the ancient system, all 19 Vectrex games, as well as more recent homebrew games and newer features like online leaderboards.

Sadly, there's no release date for the Vectrex collection, but there is a twitter feed. I'd hit "Follow" and check out what's up with Vectrex Regeneration.

The Vectrex was originally released in 1983, and it was known for its revolutionary (for the time) vector graphics as well as its weird vertical orientation and translucent overlays that added crude color to an otherwise black and white system. If you want to check out a Vectrex in action, hit the Read More tag and watch  the video.

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Apple Announces iPhone 4S

It stands to reason that Apple is working on the iPhone 5, but today's rumor-from-the-internet narrows down the release window. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, quoted by MacRumors, the iPhone 5 will be released in September and the iPad mini will debut later in the month.

"iPhone 5 to debut in September. But due to in-cell touch panel and casing yield rate limits, ability to offset older models' shipments decrease will be moderate," Kuo writes in a research note.

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Jet Set Radio Confirmed For iOS And Android

Sega pegged the Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio for an HD remake earlier in 2012, and now the publisher confirms that the upcoming release will be available for iOS and Android platforms in addition to the others that were already confirmed. The mobile version of Jet Set Radio will use the OpenFeint social platform for leaderboards and the like. It will also support Apple's Retina Display and will include a feature for converting photos taken with your device into in-game graffiti.

There's no release date listed, but the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network (PS3 and Vita), and PC versions were previously pegged for a summer 2012 release. The game is awesome and well worth your time if you haven't played it before. The question now is: which platform will you be getting it for?

Minecraft 360

Mojang is facing an infringement lawsuit filed by Uniloc, which claims that its software patent for a "system and method for preventing unauthorized access to electronic data" is seeing unauthorized use in the Android version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Though in the suit, which you can read right here thanks to Notch, Uniloc actually refers to the Mojang game as "Mindcraft."

Notch first shared the news of this legal matter with his Twitter followers, later adding that he'll willingly "throw piles of money at making sure [Uniloc] don't get a cent." That attitude grows out of his belief that software patents are "plain evil," since "innovation within software is basically free" and "patents only slow it down." He later took to his Tumblr with a more detailed explanation of his stance on the issue, one which starts with a most excellent example scenario drawn from The Matrix.

Also, let's just make this doubly clear: Uniloc's lawsuit refers to Mojang's millions-selling, multi-platform game as Mindcraft. MINDCRAFT.

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Welcome to G4's Knuckle Up, where we bring you a byte-sized view of our five favorite mobile games every week. The phone and tablet space is filled with incredible games that will keep you busy for minutes, hours, or even days -- we'll let you know what we're playing and why we're playing it. Here are our top five games this week:



iPhone | iPad

The best part about Tiny Wings 2 is if you purchased the original, you now have the full, upgraded sequel on your iOS device. That’s right, Tiny Wings 2 is a fully free sequel disguised as an “update” from its creator, as a thank you to everyone who made the original such a success. Sure, if you want an HD version, you’ll have to pick it up separately, but that’s a-okay by us, for reasons we’ll get into later in this short review.

It’s a brilliant sequel, playing to the strengths of the first Tiny Wings without changing the game too much (or not changing it enough). You’ll still have access to the first Tiny Wings via “Chapter 1: Day Trip,” so you won’t miss out on the charm of the original, but the real fun begins when you head over to “Chapter 2: Flight School.” Now, you’ll be able to choose from four birds to race as, and the ones you don’t choose become your AI opponents, flying and bobbing through the land and air. The maps are far more uneven and interesting compared to the first game, and it makes for a far more strategic experience as you attempt to keep your bird flying high.

Any iPad owners wondering why they should drop the extra $2.99 for the HD version of Tiny Wings 2 will be delighted to hear the graphics look extra stunning on a Retina Display, and even more importantly, you’ll receive a special iPad-only local multiplayer mode (“Chapter 3: Hill Party”). And let us tell you, there are few things more fun that playing Tiny Wings 2 against a friend.

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The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer #2 »

The good news: I got to play through the first few missions of The Dark Knight Rises on iOS last week. The bad news: I've been spoiled on the first few key events of the movie; such is the risk of games writing. The Dark Knight Rises’ design is still a bit of a rarity for iOS games, namely a fleshed-out open world experience.

It certainly doesn’t compare to Rocksteady’s console achievements with the Batman franchise, but this release by Gameloft does feature a high-production mix of free exploration, mission-focused adventuring, and close-up combat.

Batman may not have his Batpod available at all times (certainly not in the beginning of the game), but he is adequately mobile, thanks to both his grappling hook and gliding ability. Practically every edge of a building is fair game for the grappling hook, and the UI gives very visible indicators for these hooking points. That includes reeling in enemies from a distance for a discrete takedown.

At times I’d pull in a thug while he was in mid-conversation, though that didn’t seem to bother, let alone alert, the other guy. This was a preview build, though, so I wonder if Gameloft allotted themselves enough time to fix such bugs.

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PowerA Tech Preview -- Fus1on Tournament Controller, MoGa Mobile, And Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Controller

PowerA moved to step up its peripheral game in 2012, with a sharp new logo and look for its products. I got to spend some time checking out a few of its flagship offerings for later this year during a recent preview tour through New York and folks who take their gaming seriously definitely have some neat toys to look forward to.

Also in the realm of console controllers is the Fus1on, a high-end, tournament-friendly gamepad for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that is meant to appeal to the eSports crowd. Backlit buttons complements the stylish matte black surface and analog sticks. A small button on the rear of the gamepad can be pressed to cycle the lighting through its five different color options.

The build quality is very nice with responsive, click-y face buttons, a well-defined D-pad, and a thick, braided 10-foot cord extending out from the back of the controller. There's also an included rubber cord management that can double as a bracelet when you've got the Fus1on plugged in. The high-quality build extends to the Fus1on's innards as well, with a metal mechanism under the hood offering more durability. It's the analog sticks and the shoulder buttons, however, which really help this controller's design stand out from the competition.

Seasoned gamers will immediately notice that both analog sticks are shorter than you would typically see on a first-party controller. The thumb grips at the top of each one are also wider, and slightly concave. Taken together, the tweaked analog stick design is meant to offer players more precise control over stick movements. It felt right to me, though some players do prefer more of a raised analog stick (see also: KontrolFreek).

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The first game coming to crowd-sourced game console Ouya will be an "episodic prequel" to upcoming indie game Human Element.

The news came by way of Twitter, like all news. Robert Bowling, the president of Human Element developers Robotoki, tweeted the following earlier today:

"Excited to announce Human Element's episodic prequel as the first @playouya 1st Party title!"

According to Ouya's page, this mean Ouya gamers will get first access to the "ravaged world of his post-zombie-apocalyptic game, Human Element."

Ouya, a console that doesn't exist yet, has raised over $5 million dollars from Kickstarter, from gamers who are anxious to see if the system will truly bring  "innovation, experimentation, and creativity" back to gaming. Check out Ouya's Kickstarter page for more information on the machine.  For the record, Human Element is planned for release in 2015.

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