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Videogame Deathmatch Nerdfight: Steve Loves Mario and Nikole Loves Zelda Edition

Today’s Videogame Deathmatch Nerdfight pits two iconic Nintendo franchises against one another. Mario meets Legend of Zelda in a no-holds-barred battle for the hearts of gamers everywhere. Stephen Johnson is defending the honor of the great Mario, and Nikole Zivalich is reppin’ Link in the Legend of Zelda. Hopefully they'll still be friends when all this is over.  

Steve: I’m going to try to keep my temper for this Nerdfight. I’m not going to threaten to punch anyone, and I’m not going to kick anything. No more holes in the wall of my apartment. But come ON; Mario is the most iconic figure in video game history. Zelda is nice and all, but seriously, this is MARIO we’re talking about, and Mario deserves respect and reverence. Mario is a household name. Every Mario is more awesome than every other game. Mario games have been the god-standard, double-plus top of gaming since the freakin’ 1982.  Mario is universally recognized as the face of video games. There is no other franchise fit to kiss Mario’s overall-clad ass. Mario IS video games. 

Can Nikole hold out? Read more and see!

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The video below contains the first ever look at upcoming Spider-Man title, Spider-Man: Edge of Time. Check out the two dueling eras of Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?) in the same trailer. Marvel at the epic depiction of the world's foremost bit-by-a-spider hero. Gawp at the gameplay. Ponder the meaning of verbiage like "A hero has no future if he has no past."

In other words: CLICK!

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Teaser Trailer »

Don't miss our Spider-Man: Edge of Time preview, either. And if that's not enough, be sure to check out our photo gallery for more amazing temporal webslinging action.

Nintendo's Weekly Download: Super Bonk, Absolute Baseball

This week's downloads from WiiWare and DSiWare include Super Bonk, a much beloved (by me, at least) Super Nintendo game as well as some Absolute Baseball for you sporty dudes out there. Check out the entire release below the "Read More" tag.

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Pokemon Mini-Game Lets You Get One Of Eevee's Evolutions For Pokemon Black And White

A mini-game on Pokemon.com lets you meet one of Eevee's seven evolutions in the Pokemon Dream World. Once the Pokemon Global Link website is active later this spring gamers will be able to transfer their Eevee evolution to their copy of Pokemon Black and White.  If you don't want the "eeveelution" you get you can keep playing until you find the one you want. I'm getting Espeon, just try and stop me.

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Mario stands tall as an icon of the video game industry, although sometimes it seems like North American has co-opted the guy and made him an honorary citizen. Nintendo has been very forgiving, even though we made the entirely forgettable (and so laughably bad that now it's enjoyable) Super Mario Bros. movie, and the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! He's nearly right up there with Mickey Mouse and Superman, even though he's truly Japanese.

So how strange is it that we're pitting him against something as American as John Madden and his ginormous football franchise? That game has the words National Football League in the title every year, so you're playing around with some of the very foundations of American culture while you're at it. A Videogame Deatchmatch that puts a Japanese gaming legend up against the legendary American football franchise? Seems crazy. And it is.

I'll admit right here that I back Mario in this Nerdfight, and I'm pretty sure he's going to trounce Madden like the Carolina Panthers got pwned last year. But Mike takes the ball and runs with it, making a few things personal in the process. Read on to see how this Nerdfight goes, and why Mike is off my Christmas card list. Plus, don't forget to vote right now and see if pigskin can beat plumber!

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Happy Monday internet. Why is it such a happy day you ask? That's because Monday is the day Nintendo uploads games to their marketplaces: WiiWare, Virtual Console and DSiWare. There won't be a Virtual Console game this week but there are still plenty of other titles for you to choose from. Keep reading to see what Nintendo is offering this week.

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Nintendo 3DS

PS3 Games - New Releases:

Xbox 360 Games - New Releases:

Click through to see new releases for PC, Wii, DS and PSP.

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Gamers lined up outside Best Buy in New York City's Union Square last night to be the first in the country to get their hands on the new Nintendo 3DS handheld, which promises to bring glasses-free 3D gaming to the masses. The unseasonably cold weather saw everyone arriving bundled in winter gear, but the plummeting temperature did nothing to chill the spirits of gathered fans.

The turnout was small, no more than a few hundred people, but it was an enthusiastic bunch. Instead of waiting in a traditional line, fans were allowed to mill about in a fenced-off area that was highlighted by several 3DS demo stations and a taco truck. In a classy added touch, Nintendo had people walking around handing out free hot dogs and bottles of water to the gathered attendees.

That said, it was hard to avoid noticing that the crowd was a light one overall. While fans lined up along 4th Ave just south of 14th St, another area to house additional buyers had been erected around the corner, complete with 3DS demo stations and a serve-yourself hot dog-and-water buffet station. But wait... there's more!

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Nintendo 3DS Guide

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Posted March 25, 2011 - By Dana Leahy

The launch of the Nintendo 3DS is just around the corner. As a public service, we've put together this Nintendo 3DS guide to tell you everything you need to know if you're in the market to buy one, or if you've just picked one up at the store.

Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: March 27th, 2011
MSRP: 249.99

Nintendo 3DS Hands-On Preview »

What Is It?

The Nintendo 3DS is the newest iteration of Nintendo's handheld console, the Nintendo DS. Arguably only a little less powerful than the Wii when it comes to graphical horsepower, the 3DS boasts 3D graphics without the need for any stupid glasses. The console was first announced at E3 2010 during the Nintendo Press Conference when women with the device strapped to their belts wandered through the audience. While the pretty ladies were nice, the real star of the show was the 3DS, wowing the gaming press with its glasses-less 3D and powerful graphics.

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Pokemon Nintendo DS Accessories: Bet You Can't Catch Them All!

So you've read our  Pokémon Black & White Version Review , you've lined your pokeballs up, and you've started catching new types all over the place. But that's not enough, is it? Chances are that if you're a Pokémon fan, you like to wear your love for these creature on your t-shirts, your hats, your shoes, your jackets, and even your very soul.

So how about tossing a little love towards your Nintendo DS? Now people will take one glance at you and there will be no doubt that you're a fire or water type. These cases don't just cradle your Japanese hardware, they also tell the world that you're a grown man or woman who loves them some Pokémon. Power A has introduced an entire line of accessories, from DS cases to character styluses to Pokémon Black & White cleaning cloths, and we've turned them into colorful Pokémon trading cards. Check them out after the break, and decide which ones you want to catch!

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Gamers Heart Japan Special Broadcast To Raise Donations For Japan -- Airs On G4 April 3rd

Gamers Heart Japan is a 60-min video special dedicated to sharing the videogame community's appreciation for the Japanese game industry and raise awareness for Red Cross relief efforts in the wake of Japan's catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.

Members of the video game community, including Ed Boon, Ken Levine and Tim Schafer, to name a few, will be sharing their thoughts on the contributions the Japanese video game industry has made in the special scheduled to run on April 3rd. Alongside many media allies, G4 and G4tv.com will be supporting this broadcast as well, with the special running on G4tv.com on April 3rd, and a special airing on April 4th on G4.

We'll be getting more details soon, but mark your calendars for this event now, and as always, you can go to American Red Cross to make a difference now!

A full list of participating outlets and video game participants is after the jump.

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Nintendo 3DS Adds OK Go Video

If you're lucky enough to be holding a Nintendo 3DS right now, days before the official release date, you'll note that an update went live today that added something cool: A 3D video from internet-favorite indie-rock band OK Go.

The video, "White Knuckles," features the band interacting with a bunch of trained dogs in an insanely choreographed dance routine. It's very impressive, especially with the added dimension provided by the 3DS.

You can watch the 2D movie under the cut, or just wait until Sunday, when you'll be able to watch OK Go in glorious 3D, once you download and install the update.

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Since the days of the Super Nintendo, the Pilotwings series has always been used by Nintendo to show off the graphics-power of its consoles. Pilotwings Resort for the Nintendo 3DS is no exception... but is it worth the purchase? Jake "believes a man can fly" Gaskill played the game, and said:

"Considering that Pilotwings Resort  is essentially a Wii Sports-ish compilation that serves as more of a packaged tech demo than an actual game, it’s a shame Nintendo didn’t bundle it with the 3DS. Because for what’s here, $40 is a little steep, especially if you just spent $250 for the 3DS. The game and the tech driving it are solid enough, but you’ve basically seen all it has to offer after about an hour. This wouldn’t be such a problem had the game come with the 3DS, but since you paid for it, you’ll undoubtedly start to wonder what else you could have bought with that money."

 Read the rest of Jake's Pilotwings Resort review.


The Nintendo 3DS comes out this Sunday, and that means gamers will be wanting to trade in their old, busted Nintendo DS for a spiffed-out new system. But where can you get the best trade in deal? Read on, and we'll give you an idea of how to trade your old DS in for a Nintendo 3DS.

GameStop has a tremendous deal: According to the company's website, the retailer is offering $50 worth of trade-in value for a DS Lite, $75 for a DSi, and a heaping $100 for a DSi XL. So if you hand in a DSi XL, you're basically getting a 3DS for only $149. Gamestop is also offering $300, online-only bundles which include a 3DS case and a game (either Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition or Samurai Warriors Chronicles).

More trade-in deals are under the "Read More" tag.

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Natsume Championship Wrestling

It's Monday and that means it's time to download some Nintendo titles. Each week Nintendo uploads a plethora of games to their marketplaces: Virtual Console, WiiWare and DSiWare. It's Spring Break so get crazy and do something wild like buy Natsume Championship Wrestling. That's actually as wild as we're legally allowed to condone. Be safe kids.

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