'God of War 3' Footage Leaks Onto Internet

While God of War 4 doesn't officially exist, a South African retailer has made the game available for pre-order. BT Games estimates the game will be available in February, 2013.

Let me use my video game expertise to "unpack" the two parts of this rumor for you:

  1. The Release Date: Retailers are not good sources for release dates. They often put in placeholder dates that are basically guesses.  Don't set your calendar, yet.

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New Borderlands 2 Screens Looks Impressive, Remind Us That Game Is A Long Way Off

Last week Gearbox Software demoed Borderlands 2 on a Tegra 3 tablet during PDXLAN 19. The Nvidia Tegra 3 has a PC-class GeForce GPU and is powered by Android. The mere fact this Android tablet could run Borderlands 2 is impressive. Borderlands fan were quick to wonder if this meant Borderlands 2 would be released on a mobile platform.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Could Be The Next Game From ActivisionA new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game may be in the works. A marketing promo popped up this week at New York's Toy Fair stating, "Cross-Promotions with key licenses including IDW & Activision." This could imply Activision and Nickelodeon have reached a deal to create a new video game based off of Nick's TMNT cartoon series. Up until last June, TMNT was an Ubisoft license. It could mean nothing at all, but that's no fun.

Remember, nothing has been announced at this time. That being said, I could use a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game. It would be cool if a developer like Raven could take on this project.

Which developer would you like to see tackle the next TMNT game?

Source and Image: NinjaPizza

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Listing Appears On Amazon France

A listing for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has apparently appeared on Amazon's French site. A French blog, Gameblog.fr, noticed the possible leaked information before Activision France reportedly tried to have the post removed. Gameblog.fr refused, and now they claim they've been blacklisted. This story is quickly turning into a case of "he said, she said," and we've yet to hear anything official from Activision.

We know the Call of Duty releases on an annual schedule and we know Treyarch is working on the title set for this year. If they call their game CoD: Black Ops 2 I won't die of shock. It is shocking though, that Activison would go as far as threatening media outlets, if the claims are true.

Do you think the next Call of Duty will be Black Ops 2?

Source and Image: Kotaku via Gameblog.fr

Xbox 360

Until Microsoft announces the next Xbox console, we're going to speculate. We can't help it. Kotaku has posted the latest NextBox rumor stating "multiple sources close to the project" have told them the current nickname is "Durango." I'm not crazy about this codename and to be honest it make me think of the Canyonero.

As is the tradition, codenames and nicknames don't mean anything when it's time to officially announce a console. Remember when Kinect was Natal and the Wii was the Revolution?

Source: Kotaku


Journey Release Date and Price Revealed... For Japan

Don't stop believin', folks, Journey finally has a release date and price... at least, in Japan. According to the Japanese arm of PlayStation, Journey, known as Kaze no tabebito in Japan, will be released there on March 15th for 1,200 yen (approx. $15). The game recently completed development earlier this month, so it's gotta be close at hand for US fans. Hang in there, just a little bit longer... it's not like it's The Last Guardian or anything.

Jake Gaskill, who spotted the release date associated with a new trailer, predicts March 12th. So what do you think?

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Darkstalkers Trademark Filed By Capcom

Capcom Japan has filed a trademark for Darkstalkers, sparking rumors that the series might get a next-gen makeover. Street Fighter X Tekken producer Yoshinori Ono mentioned Darkstalkers wasn't dead at Comic-Con last year. This certainly isn't an announcement but it does give me some hope that I may one day understand Felicia and Morrigan's fashion choices.

Source: Siliconera

GDC 10: PlayStation Move and Sub-Controller Photo Gallery

A tweet from Canadian online retailer FutureShop revealed a new PlayStation 3 title: LittleBigPlanet Cart Racing. The tweet reads:

"Destination Little Big Planet Cart racing announced for ps3. Move compatible wheel and 3D capable!"

The news reportedly came at a "Destination Playstation" event earlier today, but, as of yet, there's no more information available. No release window. No word on developers. No nothing. My guess is Sony planned a later reveal of the game, but someone jumped the gun a bit on the announcement.

Sony hasn't issued a statement on the matter, but I gave them a call, and when/if I hear back I'll let you know. More as it develops.

More Rumors About PlayStation 3 Slim Pile Up Overseas

While we now know that the Xbox 720 probably won't be at E3 2012, PlayStation France's boss, Philippe Cardone has stated that PlayStation will likely be the last company to announce their next-gen plans. Meaning we probably won't see the PlayStation 4 at E3 this year, either.

“It’s true that there are a lot of rumours, but I couldn’t tell you anything,” said Cardone in an interview with LePoint.fr. “Wii is pressed for time because it’s in decline. In our case, we have a lot less pressure. We were the last to release PS3, and we will probably be the last to announce something.”

Currently we haven't heard much in the way of PS4 rumors and I'm not really surprised about that. The PlayStation 3 (aside from the PSN thing) had a pretty great year last year with tons of awesome exclusive titles. This year isn't looking much different, and with the Vita launch coming up in February, Sony already has a lot on their plate.

Are you surprised to hear that there probably won't be a PS4 announcement at E3 2012? If you could magic up a PS4 right now, what features would you want it to include?

Source: VG247

Wii U E3 2011

Unnamed sources on the internet (man, those guys know everything!) are claiming that the top men at Nintendo are mulling over whether or not to rename the Nintendo Wii U.

The speculation stems from Nintendo promising investors that the Wii U will learn a "bitter lesson" from the launch of the Nintendo 3DS. One of the perceived problems with the roll out of the Nintendo device was that consumers supposedly confused the 3DS with the Nintendo DS, a mistake that seems pretty easy to make.

Couple that with the announcement of the Wii U at E3 2011, which left many baffled as to what, exactly the device is, and you have a muddled message, according to some. That could lead to a new name for the Wii U.

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Microsoft's E3 2011 Press Conference

The internet rumor mill is cranking out "reliable sources" reporting on the next-generation of Xbox, a device that may or may not actually exist. Earlier today, we reported on rumors that the "Xbox 720" (a totally speculative name) will be out in Fall 2013. Since then, we've heard even more juicy rumors about the Xbox 360-2.

According to unnamed sources gathered by game blog Kotaku, the next-gen Xbox will support Blu-Ray discs as well as DVDs, will be up to eight times as powerful as the current Xbox 360, will feature smaller controllers, and will launch with a new version of the Kinect.

That's the good news. The bad news: The console will supposedly not allow gamers to play used games. At all.

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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Square Enix has trademarked the name "Sleeping Dogs" which many Internet sleuths have deduced means a new Kane & Lynch game may be coming. The previous Kane & Lynch title was Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Dog Days spent its time in the dog house, not making as much money as some would have hoped.

But that doesn't necessarily mean the series is dead. According to an interview from Eurogamer back in 2010 with Ian Livingstone, "life president" of Square Enix Ltd., the company, "haven't made any announcements about Kane & Lynch going forward, but we all know that Kane and Lynch are two amazing characters who have a lot of brand equity. People like those guys, so they're not going to disappear."

All that said, this is all speculation and currently unconfirmed by Square. For all we know, "Sleeping Dogs" could be a trademark for just about anything, including a game about sleeping puppies, a new Hitman game, or something else entirely. My money is on a game about Puppy Hitmen. 

If this does mean that a new Kane & Lynch game is coming, would you be excited to play the next iteration in the series?

Source: Joystiq, NeoGAF

Is A Resident Evil 6 Announcement Coming?

The Internet is abuzz today about a viral marketing campaign pointing to the fact that Resident Evil 6 may be announced today at 2 PM PST.  The site NoHopeLeft.com features pictures and graffiti with the slogan "19.01.12 No Hope Left." Not only that, but IGN received a promotional image from GameStop that slates the game for a November 20, 2012 release date.  It all looks pretty legit.

Additionally, gaming website GamesBeat has said that their reliable source within Capcom said that Resident Evil 6 will feature franchise heroes Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy as the two lead characters. Ada Wong is also expected to make a return, but they weren't told in what way she'd be returning.

Who wants to bet the 2PM reveal is the next Resident Evil?

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Kinect HD Rumors: Could Cheap Xbox TV Be Coming Sooner Than We Think?

Rumors are floating around about a new Kinect HD, or a Kinect-based set top box for 2012. Slash Gear, who created the prototype image above, mentioned this could be the beginning for Xbox TV and the Kinect HD might offer streaming multimedia content with a voice and motion controlled UI. "Xbox, watch G4!"

The device currently has a few codenames including the "Live Xbox", "Kinect Box" and "Kinect HD". The Daily thinks that the set top box will basically resemble what the current Kinect looks like now, with a larger base to accommodate power, HDMI, and USB ports. As of now there's no word as to whether the device would integrate WiFi or if it would have to be wired. My guess is in this day and age it would use wireless technology.

According to anonymous sources, Microsoft is aiming for a sub-$200 price tag in the region of about $150. Other rumors have mentioned Microsoft is looking around for an ex-TV executive who could help them create their own shows and content. But since Microsoft just announced their deal with Fox, XFinity, and Comcast to offer many networks and original content on Xbox Live, it seems like a good match.

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Microsoft LogoIt's no secret Microsoft will release another gaming console eventually. That's what companies do, they release better, faster, usually more expensive, versions of their products at a steady rate. Rumors have been circulating for the past few weeks about Microsoft's plans to announce said console at this year's CES.

Microsoft has yet to announce anything on the console front but it has been announced they will be working with Amtel to launch a new generation of touchpad controllers. Gamers, meet the maXTouch S. The maXTouch S is said to be Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 certified. The controller series will offer an intuitive touchscreen, "diagonal for products including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, e-readers and other applications." Could those other applications be gaming?

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