E3 2011

Ghost Recon: Future Solider To Feature Cross-Game Achievements Via Ghost Recon Online

During Ubisoft's E3 2011 Press Conference, the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Solider team announced that the shooter will feature cross-game achievements using Ghost Recon Online. During the demo, Future Solider's cover system and augmented reality was shown off as well. According to Ubisoft, Ghost Recon: Futre Solider will feature synchronized skills, the most refined cover based system ever, augmented reality, and intuitive team coordination. The company will be demoing the multiplayer during this year's E3, so when we have more details we'll be sure to get them to you throughout our E3 2011 coverage.

Ghost Recon: Future Solider will be hitting the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, and PC in 2012.

Ubisoft Anticipating New Consoles Within 'Next Few Years'From the creators of Brother in Arms comes Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 was announced moments ago during Ubisoft's E3 2011 Press Conference. The game takes an entirely new take on war games and World War 2. In it you'll be kicking Nazi ass with Stitch, Crockett, Chok, and Montana. The demo shows the four tasing, slicing, beheading via a hatchet, and other ridiculous ways to kill nazis. It's how I always pictured Inglorious Basterds to be.

Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 will be releasing in 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Far Cry 3 Announced

Ubisoft has officially announced Far Cry 3.

This shooter from Ubisoft Montreal returns the series to a tropical setting, with the player assuming the role of a man named Jason Brody who finds himself stranded on an island inhabited by a band of insane killers.

The game is being demoed live on stage at Ubisoft’s E3 2011 press conference right now, so stay tuned for more details.

Rayman Origins Episode One Hits PS3, 360 This Christmas

Rayman Origins, the up to four player side scrolling platformer was the first game demoed in Ubisoft's E3 2011 Press Conference. Rayman and a blue, arm flapping monster start the demo by running through a lava level where floating, icy Tetris blocks begin falling in to  the lava and start to melt. The two have to get to the top even though the blocks are melting rapidly. The art constantly changes throughout the entire demo and in the next part  Rayman has to run, jump on the blue monster's hands, and dive in to the water. Underwater Rayman and Blue have to glide around to avoid jellyfish and swim away from giant sea squids. Halfway through they get to a cave that mixes elements of both swimming and platforming. The game seems very lighthearted, with both players slapping each other around and smiling as they go. The demo ends with the two in a flying level, trying to avoid enemies and kill random objects in their way.

No price point or release date was announced for the absolutely gorgeous Rayman: Origins, but as we get more details surrounding the title during our E3 2011 coverage we'll let you know!

Watch The Ubisoft E3 2011 Press Conference Live At 2:30 PM PST

Ubisoft's E3 2011 Press Conference live stream will begin at 5:30 PM EST/2:30 PM PST. Be sure to tune in for more details on Assassin's Creed: Revelations and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and possibly Just Dance, among many more titles. Could we see new Beyond Good & Evil 2 details, a Rayman: Origins release date? Who knows! Be sure to tune in.

Click here to watch the Ubisoft E3 2011 Press Conference Live Stream.


Battlefield 3 Gameplay Demo Details -- Tanks, Airstrikes, And Gorgeous Dust

DICE debuted a new gameplay demo for Battlefield 3 during EA’s E3 2011 press conference. The demo showed off the game’s vehicular combat, a franchise staple, in the form of a spectacular tank battle.

As the demo opens, tanks storm across the deserts of Tehran. The wind whips up as the screen gets flecked with dirt and the sunlight blinds the screen. Our soldier hops below deck to man the tank’s turret and unload on enemy tanks closing in on the squad’s position. Destroyed vehicles litter the battlefield as smoke, shells, and fire fill the horizon. Switching to night vision, the tank picks off some remaining tanks hidden in the smoke and dust in the distance.

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E3 2011 E3 2011 Homepage Hero

Game publisher Electronic Arts just finished up their E3 2011 press conference. They began by promising the crowd of journalists and other industry insiders that they were going to feature nine games, no filler, and that's just what they did.

Click the links below for all the available details on EA's E3 offerings.

SSX Deadly Descents

EA’s open-world reboot SSX will be released in January 2012, EA announced during its E3 2011 press conference.

EA also revealed that the game will use NASA satellite data to recreate and map all of the mountain ranges in the game, which includes…um…”every mountain range on the planet,” according to EA’s Peter Moore.

Not sure how exactly this will translate into the actual game but expect more clarification shortly.

Overstrike: New IP Announced From Electronic Arts and Insomniac Games

Overstrike is the new game from Electronic Arts and Insomniac Games, the creators of Ratchet and Clank. Overstrike is a 4-player co-op action game that will have imaginative weaponry with immersive and witty storytelling, according to EA. The story will follow a team of elite outcasted agents called Overstrike 9, comprised of an ex-mercenary, a lifelong thief, a gifted young scientist, and a decorated detective. The team must stop a global terrorist group who is trying to wipe out humankind.

"Overstrike presents a unique blend of features that have long been a part of the Insomniac DNA: high powered gadgets, action-heavy gameplay, memorable characters in a deep and mysterious universe and of course a touch of humor," said Ted Price, founder and CEO of Insomniac Games.

will be Insomniac's first multiplatform release, coming out for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. We'll have more details to come during our extensive E3 2011 coverage.

Battlefield 3

EA has confirmed that Battlefield 3 will be released on October 25, 2011 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. There will also be a multiplatform beta launching in September.

EA also revealed that two new playable characters will be introduced during the campaign missions being shown E3 this week. Dmitri "Dima" Mayakovsky, a Russian undercover agent, who will be fighting his way through the Paris stock exchange, and  Jonathan "Jono" Miller, a Marine Corporal who will be engaging PLR forces in the Tehran desert via a massive tank battle.

Battlefield’s ‘Rush' multiplayer mode will also be playable on PC at EA’s booth.

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Mass Effect 3 Release Date Announced; Coming March 6, 2012

Mass Effect 3 has a release date: March 6, 2012.

BioWare just made the announcement at EA's E3 2011 press conference, where the game is being demoed at this very moment. More details to follow.


EA Press Conference Live Stream

Electronic Art's E3 2011 Press Conference has begun.  Be sure to watch the entire event which will detail Mass Effect 3, Madden NFL 12.

Click here to check it out!

Watch with us and learn about new games and products as they're announced! E3 2011 is here. Let's roll.

Microsoft's E3 2011 Press Conference

Shrouded in green, the Galen Center at USC was center stage for Microsoft's Xbox 360 press conference, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 kicked things off. Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward steered us through an underwater sequence which was interrupted, comically, by a "Please Reconnect Controller" message. Whoops. Sort of embarrassing in the middle of a huge press conference. In the gameplay footage, a team of special operatives had to swim through wreckage to plant a mine on a sub. It's all very James Bond-y, and your underwater movement torpedo is equipped with a motion tracker, a la Aliens. The sounds of a battle rage overhead, and you can hear sonar pings reverberating throughout. When the sub roars by above you, it's like a Star Destroyer from Star Wars passing overhead.

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The prodigious FPS giant Ghost Recon returns at E3 2011 with 'Ghost Recon: Future Soldier'. And we are here to say that it is future-tastic. A slick trailer is a mere highlight to the gameplay demo and extensive Kinect integration. Ultra customizable weapons, a test shooting gallery, and all controller-less through the Kinect. Seriously, this is some future s**t right here: 

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Video From Microsoft Press Converence E3 2011 »

Microsoft is really pushing to make the Kinect more than a fun trinket. This is just one of many new kinect features they announced at their E3 '11 Press Conference.

E3 2011 E3 2011 Homepage Hero

E3 2011 kicked off with an action-packed, eventful press conference featuring news of a new Halo trilogy, a remake of the original Halo and more, more, more. 

Check out all of our Microsoft press conference 2011 stories below:

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