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Meet the NGP: Tech, Specs and More

This is a quick, no-news update: Sony isn't saying how long the battery on the Sony NGP will last, nor are they revealing the price point of the "New Generation Portable" handheld gaming device. According to Sony Boss Kaz Hirai, the device is still in prototype phase, so final stats on the batteries and a final decision on the price can't be announced yet.

Rumor has it the device's battery will last 4-5 hours, which seems reasonable give the impressive technical specs the system boasts-- as long as the power lasts long enough for a flight across the country, I'll be happy. New devices are notorious for their short battery life. As for the cost: Your guess is as good as anyone's.

How much would you be willing to pay for this handheld, and how much does the battery life matter to you? Leave the answer in our comment section.

By Jason Schreier 
In the wake of last night's Next Generation Portable announcement, otherwise known as the PSP2, it's time we brushed up on the rocky history of Sony's journey through handheld systems. The PSP never quite gained the steam Sony imagined it would, selling 62 million units as of September 2010 – less than half of Nintendo's figures for its own handheld, the DS. And although games like Monster Hunter Freedom and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII have helped the system keep a foothold in the Japanese marketplace, Sony needs to make an undeniably strong showing with the NGP in order to keep up with its competitors.
The PSP has gone through four different incarnations over the past half-decade. Read on for a look at all of them, in our history of the PlayStation Portable. It's just beyond the break.

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Meet the NGP: Tech, Specs and More
Sony recently revealed its Next Generation Portable handheld device, or as they call it "NGP." Some of the staff at G4, myself included, didn't think the $250 price for a 3DS was a reasonable price for a handheld. With the amount of technology Sony's NGP has, it must cost more. I'm still not sure I'm willing to pay so much for a handheld. What would you pay for Sony's next portable console?

Sony's PlayStation NGP has been announced and Sony has debuted their first trailer telling PlayStation gamers that the power is now in your hands. PlayStation NGP has a release date sometime at the end of 2011, but for now, all we can do is wait and watch the debut trailer. Want to find out what games are coming out to the PlayStation NGP? Head on over to our preview of the PlayStation NGP's features and games.


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The Features and Functions of the PlayStation NGP

The announcement event for Sony's new hand-held console, the NGP, also unveiled some of the early software for the device that'll keep us clicking, tapping and playing our way through the holiday of 2011. 

The Games

At today’s unveiling, Sony demonstrated just a few actual NGP games. Recognizable franchises heading for the new platform include LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance, Hot Shots Golf and WipEout. New titles include Little Deviants, Broken, Reality Fighters and Gravity Daze. Little was actually shown of these titles, however, although word of a super-secret Uncharted demo had gamers excited with the promies of near-PS3 visuals and a touchpad-slash-gyro-controlled Nathan Drake!

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Meet the NGP: Tech, Specs and More

Our man-on-the-scene at Sony's press event for the unveiling of the NGP -- the codename for whatever the PSP's successor will eventually be called -- had a chance to chime in with the exact specs of the new device. Sleek, refined and loaded with tech, the NGP is no doubt looking to provide a quasi-PS3 experience directly in the palm of your hand.

Screen & Controls

The most striking feature of the NGP is its large 16:9, five-inch OLED touch screen display. It’s noticably larger than the iPhone’s 3.5” screen and features a resolution of 960x544. The back of the device contains a touch pad which can be used in conjunction with the screen’s touch capabilities for a unique  control experience. 

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Sony Announces the PlayStation NGP

The very first details about the release of the PSP follow-up, the PlayStation NGP, have traveled half-way around the world from Tokyo, straight into your brain. After weeks and months of speculation, Sony announced to a group of eager gamers that the PSPs successor, the NGP (short for "Next Generation Portable") will appear on store shelves during the holiday season of 2011.

Features will include...

  • 5-inch OLED sceen
  • Front and rear touchpads and cameras
  • GPS functionality
  • 3G speed
  • Raised dual analog sticks
  • SixAxis controls
  • Plays NGM (or "New Game Media")

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