Take a trip through the bizarre, surreal blood-soaked experience known as 8-Bit Trip, a vision quest through the deranged mind of our own Nikole Z. Featuring Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders 2, candy and extreme violence, 8-Bit is where Pee-Wee’s Playhouse meets Evil Dead...but with unicorns!
And as if that’s not enough, special friends, hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse, stop by to seal the deal with their disturbing cameo. Give it a watch and let us know what you think:

8-Bit Trip - Where Pee-Wee's Playhouse meets Evil Dead »

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Sure, you've played the hell out of Mass Effect 3, and you probably think you've seen it from every angle, but what would you think if they decided to turn this very serious game into a 70's era sitcom? That's where we come in. Check out the wacky exploits of Commander Shepard and friends.

Mass Effect Three's Company »

G4tv.Comedy: The Black Metal Stylings of Dethstarr!

Roaming the galaxies in Star Wars: The Old Republic can sure work up a good thirst. Luckily, there are cantinas around to slake that dry-as-a-bone feeling. And what goes better with a bar than an awesome bar band? Nothing, we say. Nothing at all. And here, for your dark, evil pleasure, is the best of those bands, the amazing black metal juggernaut called Dethstarr, with their hit, 'Forced Entry.'

Bang your head. Hard.


G4tv.Comedy: Dethstarr »


G4tv.Comedy: Be Secure!

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Posted February 27, 2012 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Isn't it time that everyone knows what Call of Duty fans already know...that all you need to make yourself feel like a million bucks is to Be Secure? Watch as these very, very sad sequences from videogame lore become changed forever with just a little bit of security...which goes a long, long way.

Remember, kids, security is a state of mind, just like sadness, or carrots. All you need to do is think secure thoughts, and the world's flag belongs to you.

G4tv.Comedy: Be Secure! »

President's Day or not, it's still Monday, which means we've got another edition of G4tv.Comedy for you to laugh at while you're not working or going to school, or whatever it is you'd normally be doing today. This time, we return to the fertile laughing ground of Star Wars: The Old Republic to find two people arguing over, among other things, the merits of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the 1977 movie Orca, and The View.



SWTOR: The Wrath Of Khant »



It's Monday morning, and we all need a lift, which is why another edition of G4tv.Comedy is here to give you a giggle. This time, we follow the exploits of a writer by the name of Alan Wake who's been hired to write a script for a videogame called American Nightmare, but who needs a little pharmaceutical help to get him in the mood.

Ladies and gentlemen, Alan Wake & Bake.


Alan Wake & Bake »


By now you're probably familiar with the hysterical Star Wars: The Old Republic dancing glitch that allowed players to type "/getdown" and avoid taking damage from incoming attacks. The glitch has since been patched by BioWare as it entirely broke the MMORPG and made seemingly impossible content easy for just about anyone. We thought that this glitch was just too hilarious to let go of, so instead of moving on with our lives we made a video about what would happen in real life if SW: TOR didn't get that patch.

Star Wars: The Old Republic "/getdown" In Real Life »

If you could /getdown in real life to get out of any situation, what would it be?

Dubstep All the Games

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Posted December 28, 2011 - By juster

Each year, almost without fail, there is a recurring trend you see in games. A few years ago it was lens flare. After that came co-op. Last year it was zombies. This year, without question, it is the inclusion of dubstep to trailers. 

So we went ahead and dubstepped the rest of the games. Enjoy.

Dubstep All The Games »

It's a slow week. Go ahead and watch more G4tv.Comedy videos.

Sound the alarm! Chickens in video games must die! For years, chickens have appeared in our favorite video games like the Legend of Zelda and Call of Duty. We all thought these chickens were harmless, but secretly they've been conspiring against us. Even in the Final Fantasy franchise, they have disguised themselves as chocobos to win our hearts, but I say it's all a ploy!

Rally against these deadly creatures please by watching our compilation of chickens getting what they deserve. Death to all chickens in video games!

Death To Chickens »

Adam Jensen doesn't like when people troll about his augmented sunglasses in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Usually, Jensen igrones those comments, but appartently, Jensen blew a chip and unleashed his rage in this epic kill video. One lesson you should learn from watching this video, don't mess with Adam Jensen.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Adam Jensen Performs An Epic Kill »



See our other guides to improve your gameplay experiences with Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Muggles, wizards and those in-between, G4tv.comedy has obtained an exclusive, early-look preview at the next Harry Potter game. Please enjoy your peek into the future of the Potter-verse with the below video, Harry Potter and the Broken Condom:

G4tv.Comedy Harry Potter And The Broken Condom »


Happy Monday, internet! While the beginning of a work/school week might fill you with dread, we have a bright spot for you: A new G4tv.Comedy video! In it, we see what would happen if Sub-Zero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat were roommates in some kind of twisted sitcom.

GET OVER HERE!...and click play.

G4tv.Comedy Mortal Kombat Roommates »

If you're looking forward to Gears of War 3, but you're unfamiliar with the mythology behind the game, I urge you to check out the video below, in which G4tv.comedy explains Gears of War 2. You won't actually learn anything about the game from the video, but I think you will agree that it is very, very funny.

G4tv.Comedy Gears Of War 2 Explained »

Click the cut if you also need Gears of War 1 explained to you.

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Sometimes the best detectives are the strong, silent types, as you can see from Cole Phelps' interrogation style in the below G4tv.comedy video, taken from L.A. Noire!


G4tv.Comedy: The Best Detective In LA Noire »


StarCraft is one of those game series that I never really understood. Luckily for gamers like myself, Leah Jackson spends way too much time playing StarCraft 2. And when she's not playing SC2, she's watching other people play SC2. Her obsession is getting worse, but before we stage an intervention we got her to explain StarCraft to us. I learned a lot, like what the Pro-Ross, Zurg and Tearins are.

G4tv.Comedy StarCraft Explained »

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