Ditch the Family Vacation


Posted August 6, 2013 - By Antonio Hernandez

It's Time for a Safari

Admit it: you are getting tired of the same ol' vacation. How many times do you have to go on a cruise before you get sick of it all? Think of all of those people wandering around in a drunken stupor with way too much sunscreen on. Ick. Well, don't worry any longer, because your savior has arrived. Epic Road is a company that specializes in trips that are anything but your typical family vacation. Founded by a group of philanthropists, the company creates trips packed with adventure and life-altering experiences. Their latest expedition, an afircan safari, is completley mind-blowing. Really, this trip should be featured on The Getaway. What makes it so speical?

Well, for one, the trip allows you to go bow and arrow hunting with a Hazadabe tribe. Not exciting enough? How about some mountain bike riding alongside a group of migrating giraffe? Maybe you would prefer to geo-tag a shark and help a local research group?  Epic Road offers all of these experiences with unparralled luxury accomedations, including tents that include queen-sized beds and other amenities. 


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Ditch the Family Vacation