Timecop Reboot Split-Kicks Into Gear At Universal


Posted May 23, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

Timecop Reboot Split-Kicks Into Gear At Universal

Timecop, the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle which remains his high-grossing most critically-acclaimed film is getting the reboot treatment. 

The original film, which was based off an anthology title, Time Cop published by Dark Horse Comics, was a favorite amongst action/sci-fi fans for its rather original concept. Van Damme played Max Walker, an agent with the TEC (Time Enforcement Agency) who tackles the forces of a corrupt politician (Ron Silver) using the quantum coaster to "Biff Tannen" some funds by safe stock market bets in the past and also to threaten his enemies with the specter of nonexistence. The film showcased Jean-Claude dispatching baddies in peak form with split-centric moves, as well as Ferris Beuller's girlfriend (Mia Sara) looking extremely arousing as the resident love-interest whose death the time-touring tin man must prevent. Sure, the 1994 film may not have been thinking too much about its own longevity when its plot only gave the invention of time travel a scant 10 year window with its "future" setting of 2004, but it is generally hailed as the deepest performance of Van Damme's (normally berated) acting career.

At the same time, Timecop, while a popular franchise in its day, spawning a 1997-1998 TV series and a 2003 straight-to-DVD sequel, has hardly been relevant in recent years, so expectations from moviegoers are probably little to none. As a result, you should probably expect this new film to carry very little resemblance to the Van Damme film, probably looking to expand on its time-bending premise far beyond the few periods visited in the 1994 film.

In keeping with the idea of this reboot effort distinguishing itself, it seems that it will also move forward sans the "Muscles from Brussels" himself. The Hollywood Reporter states that Van Damme is not involved with the project. Of course, that is certainly subject to change and a cameo of some kind would seem the proper thing to do, if anything, for the sake of legacy. While no substantive release window has been revealed, a supposed "re-imagining of the concept" is currently out for writers. Producer, Marc Shmuger has been added via Universal's Global Produce banner working alongside fellow producer Tom McNulty.

So, while Timecop certainly isn't a property brimming with a vocal fanbase rabidly demanding its immediate return under threats of civil disobedience and hunger strikes, it appears that (for some reason,) it will nevertheless be the next property to get the now-common reboot treatment.


Timecop Reboot Split-Kicks Into Gear At Universal


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