X-Men: Days Of Future Past: New Photo With Wolverine And Beast


Posted May 14, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

X-Men: Days Of Future Past: New Photo With Wolverine And Beast

X-Men: Days of Future Past continues its tweet-tastic reveals with its second successive look by director, Bryan Singer at the 1973 segment of the time-bending sequel, this time with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Nicholas Hoult's Beast.

Just last week we got our first look at James McAvoy's younger version of Professor Charles Xavier in his oddly-futuristic wheelchair, dressed as the long-lost Festrunk Brother. (After all, he is a "wild and crazy GUY!") However, this brief visit to 1973 (as confirmed by Singer's tweet) actually raises a lot more questions besides the obvious "what were they smoking when they picked those outfits?"

Discerning fans of the X-Men film series will note a number paradoxes in this new photo which has the potential to collapse the universe quicker than The Ghostbusters crossing their proton streams. By all that we know, Hoult's younger version of Beast never met Wolverine and certainly never did so in the X-Mansion, where the photo appears to take place. Also, anyone who saw 2011's X-Men: First Class knows that Beast, in a failed attempt to "cure" his mutantism, accidentally accelerated his mutation and permanently transformed into the big blue furball we all know and love. Even an earlier twit-pic from Singer shows an older version of Hoult's Beast in full blue beastial glory set for this film. -- Yet, here he is, supposedly 10 years after the events of First Class, looking like he fell into a vat of Nair. (An explanation we may not want to dismiss.)

There are a number of potential theories, the easiest of which to grasp, is that the time-traveling aspect of the film, which speculation points to centering on the character, Bishop, will give the timeline of the original X-Men Trilogy and First Class a MAJOR overhaul. (Which is probably a good thing, especially after how X-Men: The Last Stand turned out.) This could also mean that the Wolverine we're seeing is not the Wolverine from 1973, but rather, the contemporary one, gone back in time. (Especially if we are to presume that 1973 Wolverine has yet to get the adamantium skeleton/claws treatment, becoming Weapon X.)

X-Men: Days of Future Past does its best to contradict canon and confuse the hell out you when it hits theaters on July 18, 2014.


X-Men: Days Of Future Past: New Photo With Wolverine And Beast


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