Interstellar: Jessica Chastain In Talks To Join Next Nolan Film


Posted May 3, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

Interstellar: Jessica Chastain In Talks To Join Next Nolan Film

Interstellar, the next mind-bending movie from director, Christopher Nolan continues its habit of casting A-list actors and actresses. According to Deadline, who have been all over this film since its inception (heh, heh), one of Hollywood's recently-christened "it" girls, Jessica Chastain is in talks to join the film.

Chastain is currently riding high from the critical acclaim she received from her Oscar-nominated performance in Zero Dark Thirty and the recent horror thriller, Mama. Indeed, the actress is already getting a foothold in the blockbuster department when she recently jumped on board Guillermo del Toro's supernatural horror thriller, Crimson Peak alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. With Interstellar, Chastain joins a still-growing and already-impressive cast consisting of Matthew McConaughey and a woman whose Oscar-winning Les Misérables performance seemingly mocked her derailed Zero Dark Thrity Oscar hopes that same night in Anne Hathaway. (Which could get awkward on the set...hopefully.)

As far as details about the film go, they are restricted to a vague description of concepts; namely that it will be Nolan's take on the space scifi genre which utilizes research developed by renown physicist, Kip Thorne theorizing the use of wormholes for time travel. Certainly, Nolan's non-Bat films tend to be grounded to a more practical reality, even when they're exploring dimensional alterations in dreams within dreams and advocating the continued relevance of Polaroid photos. Thus, we probably shouldn't expect any Star Trek-like conventional space tragedies, but more of the insular Nolan-esque psychological drama, amidst the wider, more visually sublime setting of the cosmos.

Interstellar travels back in time to hunt demonic cabin-dwelling space Bin Ladens when it hits theaters on November 7, 2014.


Interstellar: Jessica Chastain In Talks To Join Next Nolan Film


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