Iron Man 3: Tony Stark Explains His Insomnia In New Clip


Posted April 26, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

Iron Man 3 may already be a huge smash in numerous countries, but here in the good 'ole US of A, we're still at the one week mark before its wide release. As a result, sneak preview "free sample" clips like this latest dramatic pathos-packed piece keep dropping.

While this scene is a far cry from the obliterating orgy of awesome that the action-packed production surely contains, it nevertheless gives more uninterrupted insight on what's motivating Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark these days. Titled, "Nothing is The Same Since New York" the clip will certainly ring familiar to anyone who has seen the film's vast array of trailers and TV spots. However, we dig a bit deeper in explaining Tony's Big-Apple-related bewailing. Clearly, the events depicted in The Avengers has humbled the formerly brash genius playboy to the point where his place in the world has been redefined for him. He's a man who's made quite a number of enemies during his exploits as Iron Man and now, he's working through some subconscious-mandated insomnia to build a legion of Iron Man armors to help deal with those issues and protect the lovely Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) with palladium-packed power. -- But, is it enough?

In an existence full of space-traveling aliens, other dimensions, and hunky Norse Gods, the self-deprecating deviser equates himself to "a man in a can." (Which sounds like a product sold in bulk to lonely cat ladies.) However, don't expect Tony to spend the whole film sitting on an o-ring cushion, nursing his sore backside. While there is much he will endure, it's all designed to make the impending rise all the more satisfying; especially when takes the fight to Ben Kingsley's villainous mastermind, The Mandarin.

Iron Man 3 bombards baddies with the coolest "distractions" ever when it hits theaters on May 3.

Iron Man 3: Tony Stark Explains His Insomnia In New Clip


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