Thor: The Dark World: First Official Poster Strikes


Posted April 19, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

Thor: The Dark World: First Official Poster Strikes

Thor: The Dark World has made a first official act of hype with the release of its debut teaser poster and it's a thunderous throng of coolness.

The image that's being used is certainly not taking the cryptic or metaphorical route as some teaser posters would dare to indulge. Here, we have Chris Hemsworth in his return as Thor wielding the monstrous Mjolnir, overloaded with lightning while working through some tumultuous tides of weather that would send any storm-chaser flying back to their makeshift SUV headquarters. 

As Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige tells USA Today on the unveiling of the lightning-laced image:

"It doesn't get much badder than Chris Hemsworth as Thor. It's rare that you have a poster that is just Chris Hemsworth shooting on the set. But he just looks like Thor. We just put in some lightning, and he's got his hammer and you're there. It's just an incredibly striking image."

In the film, the newly-matured and responsible Thor helps defend his realm of Asgard against an invading army led by a powerful dark elf overlord, Malekith (Christopher Eccleston.) It seems that, based on the (yet-to-be-confirmed) eyewitness descriptions of the once-screened trailer, that Malekith will be more than a match for our coffee-mug-smashing Asgardian son. He may just have to juggle the toughest enemy of his life and the continued safety of his Earth-born-beau, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) by having to resort to the help of his half-brother nemesis, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), whose level of trustworthiness is problematic, at best.

Thor: The Dark World ignores extreme weather to strike a badass pose when it hits theaters on November 8. Check out the full poster below!

Thor: The Dark World: First Official Poster Strikes


Thor: The Dark World: First Official Poster Strikes