Elysium: Debut Trailer Breaks Out The Bone Saw


Posted April 10, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

Elysium: Debut Trailer Breaks Out The Bone Saw

Elysium, the amped and upgraded next dystopian sci-fi epic from District 9 director, Neill Blomkamp has released its debut trailer.

It seems that the year 2154 is indeed the best of times and the worst of times. However, I don't think even Charles Dickens could imagine a scenario where humanity is as literally class-divided as they are in this film. While unlucky urchins of the future like Matt Damon's Max toil in miserable manual labor, living so low on the totem pole of existence that he's forced to take orders from robots, "the rich" have it just slightly better. And by that, we mean an aesthetically luxurious existence in a giant space station called Elysium away from all those blue collar bozos where they sip wine, sunbathe, and lay in magic beds that detect and remove cancer easier than a hangnail. (Although, in all frankness, hangnails are pretty annoying.)

Sick of it all...and sick in general after a radioactive work-related incident left his days numbered, Max is not just going to lay back and die like a good lemming. Seeing as he has nothing to lose, he decides he's going to get himself to Elysium, get cured, and in the process, wreck the system itself. Of course, he'll need a little help to do it, namely major cybernetic surgery performed by grumpy "resistance cell" types in a dirty basement that surely must be on the up and up. Upon completion of that, he gains new levels of destruction and badassery, as well as what his shady surgeon says will give him the ability to "override their whole system." (And also make showering and pooping into an unspeakable crucible.)

Max will need all the help he can get since he is not only being hunted by lackeys of a bitchy bureaucrat named, Secretary Rhodes (Jodi Foster), but also a tenacious bounty hunter who also appears to be cybernetically enhanced (though extremely unwashed) named Kruger (Sharlto Copley). He'll definitely need to channel his inner-Jason Bourne if he wants to break into rich people heaven.

Elysium makes the rich sell mass-produced Chinese-made cancer beds at Costco when it hits theaters on August 9. Check out the trailer as well as the new theatrical poster below!

Elysium: Debut Trailer Breaks Out The Bone Saw

Elysium: Debut Trailer Breaks Out The Bone Saw


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