Star Trek Into Darkness: New International Trailers Hit


Posted March 21, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

Star Trek Into Darkness: New International Trailers Hit

Star Trek Into Darkness has released its latest trailer in the form of multiple international versions that give us a much closer look at the film...and, as a gift to pic hoarders across the Internet, Alice Eve's Carol Marcus modeling her space lingerie.

The differences between the six trailer variants are subtle, at best, with only milliseconds of scenes distinguishing each one. With that said, this new spot manages to give us a more solid contextual grasp of the film's events, all while still practicing the signature sleight-of-hand approach of navigating around the essential questions that fans still carry; a practice that the hype machine for this film has been doing to the point of an art form.

First and foremost, we get a look at Peter Weller (known as RoboCop to most and also as Buckaroo Banzai to film geeks) in his role as Admiral Marcus, the father of Carol, our space lingerie-sporting doctor-type lady who, if destiny holds, will be the baby mama to Chris Pine's James Kirk and develop Project Genesis. (Not to be confused with the one that launched with Altered Beast.) Unfortunately, this awkward moment between a father and his daughter's would-be suitor gets interrupted by Benedict Cumberbatch's John Harrison, a terrorist with a mysterious cause who the elder Marcus describes as formerly being one of Starfleet's "top agents." Yet, as the trailer's dialogue with Harrison indicates, the belligerent bomber's reasons might be rooted in a righteous cause (at least to him) when he says that "your commanders have committed a crime I cannot forgive." (Hey, man, Firefly was cancelled 10 years ago. Get over it, already.)

Enough talk. The action is awesome, the visuals are...visual, and speaking of shows cancelled by the Fox network, director, J.J. Abrams gets to finally close the book on his project in the ill-fated Alcatraz...by having a San Francisco-bound crashing Starfleet ship wreck The Rock! Check out the trailer, as well as a new Easter Egg-accessible poster below. -- NOW!

UK Version. The rest can be found on iTunes Movie Trailers.

So, what's this hoopla about an Easter Egg poster? No pastel-colored chachkis or marshmallow Peeps, here, folks. It seems that, in the process of sleuthing over the new trailers, the folks over at TrekMovie.com uncovered hidden URLs scattered in distinct spots in the various versions of the international trailers, each one directing fans to that country's version of the new poster. (Because that's what you're on the lookout for when a half-naked Alice Eve is on your screen, right?) The payoff for your amazing and slightly-creepy observational skills? A poster like this one below.

Star Trek Into Darkness: New International Trailers Hit
NOTE: The film's U.S. release is May 17.

Star Trek Into Darkness: New International Trailers Hit


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