Star Trek Into Darkness: A Look At The New Teaser


Posted March 11, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

Star Trek Into Darkness: A Look At The New Teaser

In a movie weekend dominated by a year-high performance from Oz: The Great and Powerful, a new teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness made its way to theaters and hit online.

While only clocking in at about 1:10, the teaser is probably the most intensity-driven one we've seen thus far. Yet, the dominant recurring theme that we've been seeing remains in regards to the cockiness of Chris Pine's James Kirk and his caution-deficient attitude, which may have bitten off more than he can chew. Indeed, the scene of Bruce Greenwood's Captain Pike chewing out Kirk over his latest haphazard happening seemingly resembles a cigar-smoking, black-coffee-chugging Precinct Captain frantically screaming at the protagonist's reckless ways in some 80's buddy cop movie. However, for Kirk, a much-needed lesson in humility may soon come in the form of the film's (still mysterious) grand villain in Benedict Cumberbatch's John Harrison; an ex-Starfleet officer who, in the wake of some horrific tragedy has gone off the deep end with an agenda of destruction on Earth, beginning with a 23rd century London.

This new teaser has packed in just about everything: Close shave escapes, space base-jumping, hot inter-species romance, demonstrations in flame-retardant fashion, and the Enterprise possibly doing its best maritime tribute to SeaQuest DSV. Check it out below...even if you've already seen it.

With just over two months until the film's May 17 release, the exact aim (or identity, for that matter) of the Harrison character still remains firmly in the rumor section. Additionally, the likelihood of fan-speculation pointing to him being the iconic genetically-enhanced villain Khan Noonien Singh or even the cosmically-compromised Enterprise officer, Gary Mitchell seem to dwindle with each day.

In this latest trailer, Kirk seems to refer to Harrison merely as a "fugitive," expressing his wish to "take him out." While we already know Harrison's fugitive status from the various footage showing him in custody, the way the line is phrased might tell us that there's no direct relationship between Kirk and Harrison going into the film. (Meaning he's probably not Gary Mitchell or an equivalent character.) However, it does seem that for Kirk, the terrorist, Harrison may become a quarry that represents redemption of some kind for his reckless behavior. That could make the struggle itself a personal one for Kirk; especially if we begin to see parallels between the two foes.

Regardless of whether we get our "twist" in regards to Harrison, it's already clear that he's set to be one of the most memorable Star Trek antagonists that we've ever seen. This sequel is certain to pack a punch as director J.J. Abrams soon turns his attention to the Star Wars franchise in 2015.

Star Trek Into Darkness: A Look At The New Teaser


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