Justice League Movie Taken Over By Christopher Nolan?


Posted March 4, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

Justice League Movie Taken Over By Christopher Nolan?

Has the allegedly chaotic state of the Justice League live action movie lead to it getting a famous taskmaster? Well, according to a report by Latino Review, Warner Bros. studio has handed the reigns of their would-be franchise to the one and only Christopher Nolan.

As the story goes, Nolan would oversee the Justice League film as a producer armed with extreme discretion at his disposal. Possibly serving alongside him as co-producer could be Zack Snyder, director of this summer's Superman reboot, Man of Steel. Given how things fare at the box-office for the Blue Bomber's bounce-back, Snyder may even be given the okay to direct the ensuing mega-movie. However, the primary theme of the report is that Christopher Nolan, much like Joss Whedon with Marvel Studios' Avengers films and J.J. Abrams overseeing both Star Trek and Star Wars, would be a puppet master in his own right for Warner Bros.' ambitious plans to recreate the lucrative crossover magic that worked so swimmingly for Marvel.

What could be the most notable benefit of this proposed "Chris-tatorship," may come in the form of the renewed feasibility that Nolan's Batman, Christian Bale could reprise his role for the spinoff film, starting the team-up of DC Comics titans alongside Henry Cavill's Superman. While Bale has said that last year's The Dark Knight Rises would be his last grizzled-voiced outing in the black bat-suit, he also did indicate that a possible return depended solely upon Nolan's involvement.

How did things come to this? Apparently, through a bit of trial and error.

While this Justice League project (last pegged for a June 2015 release,) has been the center of rumors for years on end, there seemed to be some veracity to the recent reports pointing to the complete scrapping of the film's last script by Gangster Squad scribe, Will Beall. The screenplay was reportedly so disastrous that it induced existential fears in the studio big brass regarding how this version of the proposed team-up film would have affected the ultra-lucrative Batman film franchise. (Which even prompted rumors that the Batman films would reboot beforehand.)

Now, it could be the case that the Warner has decided that the solution for this supposed crisis (...of infinite tent-poles?) is to roll the dice and put the whole shebang into a reliable set of hands...namely the filmmaking visionary behind the last Batman film trilogy which made their studio $2.5 billion dollars. Of course, a lot of this will depend on how things fare for Man of Steel upon its wide release on June 14. For a film that at one point was dismissed as yet another unwanted disposable cash-in reboot, it could ultimately find itself as one of the most critical litmus tests for Warner Bros. studio, nay the entire comic book movie genre itself. While that's quite a bit of pressure for director, Zack Snyder and burgeoning star, Henry Cavill, the prospective rewards may be beyond estimation.

While all of this certainly sounds like it carries a ring of truth, for now, they are just rumors. However, an idea that does not need any official confirmation, is that last year's The Avengers, after being placed into the relatively unconstrained hands of Joss Whedon, put in a $1.5 billion dollar box-office performance. That fact has sent shockwaves across the industry, changing the mindsets of many studios bigwigs, as power in these tent-pole projects have drastically shifted towards the discrepancy of visionary filmmakers, rather than bottom-line-watching studio number-crunchers. Whether or not the Nolan/Bale rumors hold true, the proposed Justice League film will certainly be a product of that new atmosphere.

UPDATE: ComicBookMovie are claiming that their source verifies Nolan's involvement, but denies that Bale is on board. Nothing has been confirmed and at this point, it's one site's sources versus the other's.


Justice League Movie Taken Over By Christopher Nolan?


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