X-Men: Days Of Future Past: Peter Dinklage's Role Revealed?


Posted February 15, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

X-Men: Days Of Future Past: Peter Dinklage's Role Revealed?

It seems that the mystery of what character confirmed cast member, Peter Dinklage will be playing in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past may be solved. A report from MTV Geek! claims that the fan fave Game of Thrones star will fill the role of scientist, Bolivar Trask.

This, of course, is contrary to the initial fan-fueled rumors which assumed that his short-stature status sized him for the role of Canadian crusher, Puck. However, an ensuing report from Variety, citing unnamed sources claimed that Dinklage would play the film's "main antagonist." Now, this latest development points to Dinklage playing Trask, the character known from the pages of Marvel Comics as inventor of the giant robot bane of all things mutant, The Sentinels. (Who are definitely a part of this film.) Interestingly enough, Trask was last portrayed by repertory Schwarzenegger film player, Bill Duke in X-Men: The Last Stand. (Consistency, thy name is Fox.)

Trask created the assassin automatons out of fear from the destruction caused by mutantkind, exemplified by the actions of Magneto and his crew. However, the issue hit him close to home, since his two children, Larry and Tanya were also mutants. In the case of Tanya, her powers allow her to travel through time; a power that she uses against her father's anti-mutant cause. (An intriguing thought, considering that this will be a film involving time travel, right?) Yet, at the end of the day, multiple renditions of the Bolivar Trask character in the various comic book and animated storylines ultimately show him to be a character that was well-intentioned and not beyond redemption. Indeed, his own robot creations, led by his progenitive prototype, Master Mold, turn on him, quickly making this "antagonist" into a somewhat sympathetic figure.

At the moment, nothing has been confirmed regarding the identity of Dinklage's role and for all we know, rumors of him playing another character may surface. When it comes to Fox's jumbled canonical mess with the X-Men films, anything is possible.


X-Men: Days Of Future Past: Peter Dinklage's Role Revealed?


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