Oblivion: New Trailer Showcases Ruined World


Posted February 13, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

Oblivion: New Trailer Showcases Ruined World

A new trailer has landed for the upcoming sci-fi standout, Oblivion which highlights a vastly ruined Earth of the future...and also Tom Cruise fixing robots.

While this new trailer does not deviate too far from the teaser that hit back in December, it manages to prominently display a gorgeously-ruined version of a future Earth ravaged by war and left to rot. Several examples of iconic imagery are immersed in post-apocalyptic form while managing to capture a kind of sublime beauty as nature has essentially taken it all back. Yet, at the same time, it contrasts with a high-altitude haven of a luxurious and clean future in which Cruise's character lives. It really drives home the full scope of the kind of retro-70's visually bright, almost clinical style of sci-fi that director, Joseph Kosinski is attempting bring back with this project.

Originally Kosinski's brainchild, it would first take the form of a graphic novel of the same name with a would-be film project ruminating in his mind for over five years. However, after landing a career-making gig of helming the 2010 franchise revival, Tron: Legacy, his newly-upgraded status would land him the one and only Tom Cruise for this long-in-the-making pet project. Kosinski takes the director's chair and has collaborated on the script with Karl Gajdusek and scribe of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, Michael Arndt.

The film is set to hit theaters on April 19. Check out the new trailer below to see a ruined, yet lush Earth of the future which forces Tom Cruise to finally put in an honest day's work.

Some 60 years after a catastrophic war with alien invaders, the Earth is left as an uninhabitable post-apocalyptic mess, forcing humanity to migrate to greener pastures in the galaxy. Cruise plays Jack Harper, a maintenance man of the future who tends to robot drones left by humankind to scour the remnants of the planet looking for leftover alien hostiles. Thus, it's a dangerous job which requires him to bring hardware that's a little more explosive than a Phillips-head.

When not working, Jack lives high above the clouds in an oddly-extravagant, aesthetically-clean setting like some kind of Scientology Lando Calrissian with his assigned partner, a beautiful Brit techie named Victoria (Andrea Riseborough). The duo only have two more weeks on this dangerous, yet monotonous assignment before they're allowed to rejoin the rest of humanity. However, successfully pulling that off would make for a boring movie and soon enough, something happens that will test everything Jack thought he believed about his assignment. He encounters human survivors in stasis pods...who human authorities, led by his remotely-located overseer, "Sally" (Melissa Leo) are trying to destroy for some reason.

One of the survivors is awakened and just so happens to be a stunning beauty named Julia (Olga Kurylenko) who seems to know Jack and prompts flashes in his mind of a life before the apocalypse. -- But, how would he know her? And why would he have memories from over 60 years ago? (Well, Cruise does age pretty damn well.) Soon enough, he encounters a hidden cell of human inhabitants on Earth who are a resistance movement, led by Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman) who might be tasked with telling Jack, "you can't handle the truth!" At that point, what will surely be an intense array of futuristic action will ensue.

Oblivion: New Trailer Showcases Ruined World


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