Bungie Launches ARG Countdown For Destiny

Posted February 12, 2013 - By Adam Rosenberg

Bungie's Destiny Story Points, Concept Art Leaks

Brace yourselves, Bungie fans: Destiny is imminent. The long-in-development first post-Halo effort for the studio has been the subject of teases and leaks for some time, but it seems that a proper reveal may be less than a week away. A newly launched website at alphalupi.bungie.net appears to be part-countdown clock, part alternate reality game.

It seems that, starting yesterday, there will be seven days worth of puzzles posted. If the first day is any indication, each day's puzzle leads to a page bearing the Destiny logo and some text. The first day has already been solved over on Reddit (see the solution page right here), and a community effort has already mobilized to see the rest of this ARG through.

The puzzle itself is... complicated. The first step involves inputting the correct code sequence, and the belief is that these codes are based on Geomantic figures. The daily code is easy enough to solve through trial-and-error, though one NeoGAF user has a chart posted running through the expected code for each day of the week. Monday's and Tuesday's codes notably both line up so far.

Cracking the code leads you to an image that apparently changes every five minutes and is different depending on where in the world you are. Text on the page that reads "Coordinate. Combine. Clarify." indicates that the solution can only be the product of a group effort. When these images are compiled using a specific process (detailed on Reddit), they reveal a link to a JPG accessible on the viral site.

You can keep up with the ongoing ARG efforts at any number of places. The aforementioned Reddit page is also joined by a growing 4chan thread and a lengthy discussion on NeoGAF. Take your pick. Answers appear to be coming soon either way.

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Bungie Launches ARG Countdown For Destiny