Marvel's Phase Three: Where Does Hulk End Up?


Posted February 4, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

Marvel's Phase Three: Where Does Hulk End Up?

According to a report from Latino Review, it appears that The Avengers' irascible, irradiated emerald brute could find himself the center of some major activity by the time Marvel's Movie Universe reaches its "Phase Three" era.

While Marvel has tried its hand multiple times in the last decade to get the box-office ball rolling for The Hulk to varying degrees of success, it took an ensemble performance in last year's The Avengers cast with Mark Ruffalo mixing solid rage action with plenty of comic relief to finally make things click for the gamma giant. Indeed, it appears that having finally bottled the right chemistry, Marvel Studios intends to target it effectively sometime late in the upcoming "Phase Two" era of the films, which officially kicks off with this May's Iron Man 3.

Once seemingly the odd man out with an impending cosmic crucible on deck against the powerful Titan, Thanos and the rise of the Guardians of the Galaxy next year, Hulk could be poised to steal the show to an even larger extent than he did in The Avengers. According to LR's report, this will manifest in the buildup to what will be a new solo film franchise for the scientist-turned-towering-troglodyte, who is "always angry."

Think you've seen that movie before? Well think again. Keep going below for what may be some spoileriffic details regarding the Phase Three fate of The Hulk.

Marvel's Phase Three: Where Does Hulk End Up?

While Phase Two will serve to expand the Marvel Movieverse to the ongoing drama involving other worlds, it appears that seeds of foreshadowing will start to spread regarding Hulk's role. By the time we reach the apparent climax of that phase in 2015 with The Avengers 2, it seems that Hulk's rage issues will reach new heights of destruction that are no longer tolerable even to his colleagues on the team. Clearly, the ability to truthfully say "we have a Hulk" will no longer be worth the trouble. By either the third act of that film or in a post-credits Easter Egg, a secret grouping of Earth's brightest and most powerful in the Marvel Universe known in the comic book canon as "The Illuminati" collectively decide that Hulk's powerfully-unpredictable nature is the reason we can't have nice things. So, much like in the premise of Mystery Science Theater 3000, they shoot the poor powerful patsy into space!

At this point, fans of the mega-popular comic book storyline called "Planet Hulk" will see where things are headed. The plot for the Hulk's long-awaited next solo outing will show that his trip gets a major detour when it hits a wormhole and delivers him to a war-torn planet called Sakaar, ruled by the ruthless Red King, who likes to maintain his rule by throwing denizens into an arena for gladiator-like combat. -- To make a long story short, Hulk violently beats down plenty of alien opponents in the arena, before becoming somewhat of a local legend, leading to an uprising where Hulk usurps the execrable emperor, becoming "The Green King" and even takes his loyal warrior woman lieutenant, Caiera as his wife in the process.

However, his reign would hit a tragic speed bump for the people of Sakaar in an incident for which the rampaging rager blames his Illuminati exilers back on Earth. This causes him to rally his forces in preparation for a full-on invasion of his former homeland in a comic book storyline that was called "World War Hulk." Yes, folks, The Hulk is being set up to eventually be the newest super-powerful baddie of the Marvel Movieverse!

Of course, fans of the comic storyline know that there are much more specific details behind Hulk's proverbial "heel turn" in the storyline, which may even seem reasonable from his point of view. So, while he won't be beyond redemption, the destruction left in his wake should be eye candy for moviegoers.

It certainly appears that Latino Review's digging (should the results prove true,) has uncovered a far more ambitious scope for the Marvel Movie Universe than we previously thought. (And we already knew it was nothing short of monolithic.)


Marvel's Phase Three: Where Does Hulk End Up?


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