2013 Movie Preview: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For


Posted January 23, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

2013 Movie Preview: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Release Date: October 4
Director: Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez
Rating: Not Yet Rated

The murky, monochromatic, multiple-narrative world of Sin City is visited yet again. Among others, is the tale of a seedy man trying to turn a new leaf who is seduced into a sinister plot by a sexy, but wicked woman.

What We Know:

The intermixed seedy stories of Sin City get more gaps filled as chapters focusing on characters from 2005's original Sin City film dig deeper into the dank mythos inspired by Frank Miller's seminal comic book series.

The primary focus will be on the ordeal of Dwight McCarthy (a duel role played by Josh Brolin and Clive Owen.) An aspiring photographer, Dwight is forced to take jobs as hired muscle for a rotund sleaze merchant moonlighting as a P.I. While he is no stranger to beating down the scummiest elements the city has to offer, nothing would prepare him for the malicious machinations that would await him.

Dwight's old flame, Ava Lord (yet to be cast) has intruded her way back into his life after breaking his heart years earlier. Now desperately asking for his help, she claims to be stuck in a horrific and abusive marriage to a rich and powerful mogul named Damien Lord (casting yet to be revealed). Initially reluctant to help, Dwight finds himself seduced by the voluptuous victim and in the process of "helping," ends up a pushover patsy, ensnared into her web of sex and murder. He'll need the help of his part-time lover, Gail (Rosario Dawson) and the dangerous Girls of Old Town (aka, the back-alley hooker army) to take control of the situation and gain revenge.

Shifting focus to another story of the film, a chapter entitled "The Long Bad Night" focuses on an original story of a character named Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a cocky gambler who utilizes his skills with chance to hoodwink the biggest villain in all of Sin City. Presumably, this is the mysterious Mob Boss, Wallenquist, whose criminal tentacles are firmly-affixed in all the various chapters of the Sin City mythos. For Johnny, however, it seems that his overconfidence was rooted either in delusion or ignorance, as he dares to beat this monolithic mastermind at his own rigged game. In doing so, extremely bad things are in the works for him.

2013 Movie Preview: Sin City: A Dame To Kill ForAnother original story will once again feature Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) and her childhood protector, Detective John Hartigan (Bruce Willis, who has been confirmed to return). Details of this story are still under wraps, but it is believed to be something that will properly tie into the events of the first film's "That Yellow Bastard" storyline. In fact, rumors point to it taking place after the events of the first film, which culminated in Hartigan's ultimate sacrifice to protect Nancy.

The film will also see Mickey Rourke return as the thick-chinned, lovestruck tough guy, "Marv" for some violent involvement in Dwight's story. He'll also get a chapter of his own in another tale (obviously) set well before his fateful date with an electric chair in the first film. It will also feature the return of Jamie King as Marv's amorous muses in twins, "Goldie" and "Wendy."

8 years removed from the release of the first film, casting substitutions had to be made. Dennis Haysbert steps in as a pre-occular-injury version of enforcer, "Manute" to replace the late Michael Clarke Duncan. Also, Jamie Chung will play the sword-swinging soiled dove, "Miho," replacing Devon Aoki, who left acting behind for motherhood. However, the role of "Shellie," played by the late Brittany Murphy still needs to be filled.

Additionally, Christopher Meloni, Jeremy Piven, Juno Temple, Michael Madsen, and Ray Liotta will round out this amazing cast.

2013 Movie Preview: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
(Josh Brolin plays the role of "Dwight," who, after a plastic surgery will be presumably played by a returning Clive Owen.)

What We Expect:

When it comes to all things Sin City, it's pretty safe to assume that the neo-noir styling that made the original film so unique will remain firmly in place; especially with the returning directorial duo of Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. However, for this follow-up film, the primary task will be to interweave the new chapters it presents into the events of the first film. Such a task is a mixed bag, since portions of it takes place before the events of Sin City, while other parts take place afterwards. It will certainly require a degree of narrative jiu-jitsu to work around this complex set of intertwined tales.

While the film's visual style may not experience too many creative deviations, it is interesting to note that this follow-up is being shot in full 3D with the latest post-Avatar era technology. Such a thing might complement the film's unique black and white styling in which the crimson color of blood is the only chromatic deviation. With an inevitable hard-R rating set for the film, expect to see streams of blood splattering at your face.

At this point, there are several confirmed cast members, but identifying exactly who some of them will be playing remains a mystery. This, however, may be by design, since Robert Rodriguez has implied in interviews that we will be surprised over the coming months about the revelation of exactly which cast members play what roles. As for now, the most notable vacancy is for the role of Ava, the titillating, titular "dame" who, after gratuitous sessions of skinny-dipping, reveals herself as the cruel villainess of the film.


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2013 Movie Preview: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For


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