The Razer Edge Tablet: A Real Game Changer


Posted January 16, 2013 - By Ashley Esqueda

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The New Razer Edge Tablet: A Real Game Changer

The Razer’s Edge tablet blew away both consumers and journalists at this year’s CES, and we got a little time with it in all its varying form factors, leaving impressed by its ability to handle even higher-end PC games with relative ease. 

The Razer Edge, if you haven’t heard about it, is the only tablet out there running a full build of Windows 8 on an Intel processor and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GPU. That’s right, this bad boy is basically a desktop PC in tablet form -- no watered down, integrated graphics here -- and it’s finally ready for the masses to behold. But how does it perform?

We had some time with the Edge as a standalone tablet, snapped into a laptop-style dock with keyboard, docked to a TV, and finally with the handheld “controller” accessory that lets you pop the Edge in and play with physical controls. You’ve never seen anything like it before, and its versatility is sure to be a huge hit with gamers like us who like to migrate around our house and play games in certain settings, depending on our mood.

The New Razer Edge Tablet: A Real Game Changer

The first experience was with the standalone, handheld tablet. The Edge is a lot lighter than expected, and at a little over 2lbs, is similar in weight to Microsoft’s Surface tablet. We played Civilization V, and the graphics were smooth, easy to navigate, and felt right at home with a touchscreen tablet. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t instantly fantasize about slapping the upcoming Sim City on the Edge so we could take our towns with us wherever we went. Generally speaking, though, it’s a tablet experience like many others, only you have the benefit of a full Windows 8 install, and the hardware inside to take advantage of that fact. 

The next option we toyed with was a kind of “laptop” accessory, where you could attach the Edge and have a keyboard option if you wanted. This time around, we played a bit of Rift with our cherished mouse and keyboard combo (there are USB ports on the device itself, which comes in handy when you’re looking for USB storage or peripheral support). This experience was also smooth, and we enjoyed walking around in-game and turning the camera with our fingers. 

Razer Edge also has a dock that allows up to 4 players to connect controllers and play on your TV. While we didn’t spend a whole lot of time on that, we did see a group of journalists from another publication having a great time playing what looked to be a racing game. From what we saw, there were no spikes in lag, or drops in frame rate, even though the Edge was streaming to a TV, which was impressive.

The New Razer Edge Tablet: A Real Game Changer

Lastly, we got to check out the Gamepad Controller, a peripheral that turns your Edge into a (relatively large) handheld console. At first, it felt a bit unwieldy, holding a 10.1” tablet inside a controller add-on, but after a few minutes, we became immersed in Dishonored and forgot that we were actually using a tablet to play. The controller feels oddly satisfying in-hand, though we’re not sure how long we’d want to be holding up a tablet/controller combo of that size, especially if we’re looking for an extended play session.

Overall, the Razer Edge is an impressive and versatile tablet that’s bound to appeal to PC gamers who’ve been waiting for their day in the handheld genre. This is what we mean when we say it’s the beginning of the post-PC era, folks. It’s not about getting rid of our computers and using lightweight tablets only; on the contrary, it’s about new form factors that can house Core i7 processors and GeForce GPUs on-the-go. If you’re interested in learning more about the Razer Edge, it’ll be available Q1 2013 (right around the corner!), and will start at $999. Accessories are sold separately, so start hoarding those paychecks.

The Razer Edge Tablet: A Real Game Changer


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