2013 Movie Preview: Man Of Steel


Posted January 10, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

2013 Movie Preview: Man Of Steel

Release Date: June 14
Director: Zack Snyder
Rating: PG-13

Wandering and ambivalent about his place in the world, Clark Kent is forced to step-up and tackle a cruel super-powered warlord from his home planet.

What We Know:

While the story of Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) is a familiar one told to us many-a-time by Hollywood, we seem to be getting a deeper, pathos-heavy version. The classic tale is still mostly in place: The last survivor of a majestic alien race, a super-infant is rocketed to Earth only to be discovered and raised by Smallville couple, Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) and wife, Martha (Diane Lane.) However, this film explores the doubts that linger in Clark's soul regarding his super-status.

Now a twenty-something, he's arrived at a critical crossroads in his life and must decide if the virtue of keeping his powers a secret outweigh an ethical duty to use them for the good of the people. (Or, as the critical lesson learned by another iconic costumed hero goes: With great power, comes great responsibility.)

His odyssey of self-discovery leads him to the big city of Metropolis working for The Daily Planet. However, despite finding a slick new job and working side-by-side with a gorgeous investigative journalist named Lois Lane (Amy Adams,) the good times won't last as his past comes back to haunt him in the form of Kryptonian visitors.

The evil General Zod (Michael Shannon) has arrived on Earth looking for a new place to instill his might. (Which may or may not involve the constant command to "kneel.") At this point, it appears a decision about those pesky powers has been made for him and it's time to kick Zod and his lady cohort, Faora (Antje Traue) back to the cold depths of space.

What We Expect:

Despite the fact that multiple teaser trailers and a full theatrical trailer have been released, the important aspects of this reboot are still safely under wraps. However, with the serious tone and involvement of Christopher Nolan (as a producer,) working off a script by David S. Goyer (writer from Nolan's Batman trilogy,) it's clear that this is an attempt to do something that hasn't quite been done in a definitive way: Make Superman dark and cool.

We still don't know if Henry Cavill's Clark Kent will masquerade as the same bumbling, stammering geek with glasses, how he ends up at The Daily Planet, or whether Lois discovers his identity. Although, the trailer makes it seem that she eventually knows, which should be the case if the film wishes not to insult the intelligence of the audience. Nevertheless, it's difficult at this point to get a finger on the film's pulse.

Like most major Superman franchises, the starring role is usually occupied by an up-and-coming actor who is far from a household name. Henry Cavill (best known from his role on The Tudors) certainly keeps to that tradition. However, he has a really strong supporting cast and a director in Zack Snyder (and say what you will about Sucker Punch,) who knows how to bring fast-paced, in-your-face, unapologetic action to the big screen. With the Nolan/Goyer team adding their own skills with character development, this has the potential to be a monumental collaboration.

For more info on Man of Steel, check out the official site.

*Article updated on 1/23/13 with new MPAA rating.


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2013 Movie Preview: Man Of Steel


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