Guardians Of The Galaxy Casting Rumors Galore!


Posted January 4, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

Guardians Of The Galaxy Casting Rumors Galore

Marvel's 2014 live-action space epic, The Guardians of the Galaxy is gaining some serious steam in the department of casting rumors. A plethora of names are popping up for the role of leader, Peter Quill, aka, Star-Lord.

Additionally, the first crop of names for another crucial role in the team's emerald-skinned enforcer, Drax The Destroyer has just surfaced with some rather surprising names.

Back at the end of November a short-list of candidates for the film's leading character of Star-Lord was released. However, barring one exception, the previous group have allegedly panned out, taking us to the point where yet another crop of names have been thrown into the mix.

This is certainly looking to be a comic book film that's far different than anything we've ever seen. Check below as we delve deep into the long list of candidates for these two critical characters!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Casting Rumors Galore

Star-Lord: A former NASA trainee astronaut, Peter Quill discovers his half-alien heritage and becomes a galactic policeman with his new-found super-powers. He eventually forms the Guardians of the Galaxy team and leads them into battle. It is the starring role of the film.

Previously named candidates, Joel Edgerton, James Marsden, Garrett Hedlund, Sullivan Stapleton, Jack Huston, Eddie Redmayne, and Lee Pace are apparently out of the running.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

Probably one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood right now, Gordon-Levitt established some serious comic book cred with his role in The Dark Knight Rises last year. According to Deadline, his name is now in the mix.

Casting him for the lead could be seen as a safe move considering the lengths that this film may have to go to reach broader audiences.

Michael Rosenbaum:

The former Smallville star recently tweeted that he read for the role. Still known to legions of fans as Lex Luthor, Rosenbaum would certainly raise enthusiasm among the fanbase. He even has a connection to the film's director, James Gunn when they co-starred in the online comedy series, PG Porn.

However, taking this role, essentially carrying the film, would be huge step up. He'd be a nice fit, but the studio may not want to take a risk with someone not too well known to the mainstream.

Zachary Levi:

Star of the beloved series, Chuck, Levi's name does seem to pop-up time and time again for "geek-friendly" properties.

Much like with Michael Rosenbaum, he'd bring a lot of the necessary likability to the role. However, it's difficult to determine if the studio would put a guy known for comedy in front of a film of this caliber. (And degree of risk.)

John Krasinski:

With The Office soon to be shut-down, the actor has been slowly expanding his film repertoire and is currently starring in the anti-fracking film, Promised Land.

While he's certainly not typically associated with properties like this, his name was briefly in the mix for the role of Captain America, which eventually went to Chris Evans. However, much like Zach Levi, he would have to overcome his known association with comedies.

Jim Sturgess:

Apparently the only survivor from the November short-list, the star of 21, Across the Universe, and recently, Cloud Atlas, certainly brings a resume of carrying films, albeit nothing quite of this caliber.

It may be a good sign if, indeed, he made it past the cut of the previous list. (Which had names far bigger than him.) There may have been something about his testing that rang well with the creative forces.

A "Former Superman?":

MovieHole is reporting that a nameless "former Superman" tested for the role. That realistically narrows this candidate down to either Superman Returns star, Brandon Routh or Smallville star, Tom Welling.

...Of course, they could also be referring to White Collar and Magic Mike star, Matt Bomer, who was initially cast as Superman during Brett Ratner's brief tenure as director of the film that would become Superman Returns. He even got to don the blue suit, technically making him a "former" Superman.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Casting Rumors Galore 

Drax The Destroyer: Once a normal human who haplessly met his death at the hands of the powerful Thanos, Arthur Douglas' essence was placed into a powerful new green body and turned into an interstellar killing machine designed to take revenge upon the Mad Titan himself.

Besides being a potential scene-stealer, his direct connection to the film's (likely) main villain, Thanos makes him extremely important to the film, as well.

ComicBookMovie are reporting a list of three currently up to take this role.

Isaiah Mustafa:

The smooth-talking Old Spice guy could be trading his towel in for some green skin, a set of giant knives, and a proclivity for maiming cosmic baddies.

While quite active in various TV appearances and films like Horrible Bosses and The Three Stooges, this would be a MAJOR transition that the creative forces may not have time to help him make. Besides, fans have been clamoring to see him take the lead in another comic book property in Luke Cage.

Dave Bautista:

The former WWE Superstar and part-time MMA fighter has actually been carving out quite a resume of action films with recent appearances in The Man with the Iron Fists, a starring role in House of the Rising Sun, and in the upcoming Vin Diesel franchise sequel, Riddick.

He has the buff bulk, badass demeanor, acting experience, and the practical experience with action stunts from his successful run in pro wrestling. This could very well be the guy.

Brian Patrick Wade:

Known for his role on Generation Kill and a recurring role as Penny's douchebag-ish ex on The Big Bang Theory, Wade also brings the buff bulk, but packaged in a form that could be seen as more accessible.

His landing the role could be determined by how much humanity and possible comic relief they wish to bring to the Drax character. For a film that has to introduce and shift focus between multiple team members, that is an important decision for the flow of the film.

However, if they go the stoic, Boba Fett route, then Bautista is probably the better choice.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Casting Rumors Galore!


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