2013 Movie Preview: Jack The Giant Slayer


Posted January 4, 2013 - By Joseph Baxter

2013 Movie Preview: Jack The Giant Slayer

Release Date: March 1
Director: Bryan Singer
Rating: Not Yet Rated

The ancient English folklore gets an updated epic live-action treatment from the maestro of the X-Men films.

What We Know:

Modest farmboy, Jack (Nicholas Hoult, who will also occupy theaters with Warm Bodies,) somehow finds himself entrusted with some magical seeds that, much like a Gremlin, is not supposed to get wet. However, one night, in what seemed to be a slice of serendipity, beautiful Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) wanders to his doorstep lost in the rain and looking for a place to stay. The unlikely couple seemed to be hitting it off, when Jacks's seeds somehow got splashed (heh-heh) and a c-block of gigantic proportions would occur when a voluminous vine vaults through his meager little pad, sending the princess to a land of menacing giants once thought to be cut-off from the human world.

Now, this poor kid's lost opportunity to procure a royal hookup ends up escalating to a major diplomatic disaster between the people of Earth and the kingdom of the giants, who see an opportunity to conquer the land that was once theirs.

The King (Ian McShane,) not so keen on losing his daughter and being attacked, sends an army up the vine lead by elite guard, Elmont (Ewan McGregor) to get the princess back and make those pituitary-challenged pirates pay for their destructive romp. -- They'll be joined by a newly-smitten Jack, of course.

Bill Nighy and John Kassir also lend their voices to the (literal) dual role of Fallon, the two-headed leader of the Giants.

What We Expect:

Some may recall the classic 1962 Jack the Giant Killer film, which featured the legendary stop-motion skills of Ray Harryhausen. Like that film, the update, Giant Slayer goes beyond the simple story of some kid climbing up the beanstalk, outwitting a giant who says "fee-fi-fo-fum."

This time, we're seeing a depiction of a grand war between two kingdoms previously separated by dimensions; A conflict that ventures far beyond the story of Jack, while still centering those events around him. There appears to be a solid dose of grandiose battles with swords, axes, and arrows mixed with the occasional bit of physical humor that would probably make Peter Jackson crack a smile.

Considering the scale of what we've been seeing, the somewhat low-key promotional strategy for this film (which was originally supposed to hit last summer,) may have been far more understated than it could have been. This is a film that has sleeper hit written all over it.

For more info on Jack the Giant Slayer, head over the film's official site.


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2013 Movie Preview: Jack The Giant Slayer


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