Canabalt Creator Releases Hundreds For iOS

Posted January 3, 2013 - By Adam Rosenberg

Canabalt continues to be one of gaming's more influential titles, which means that you should definitely sit up and take note when its creator, Adam Saltsman, delivers something new, as he does today. Hundreds, available now for iOS devices, is the work of Saltsman and his fellow team members at Semi Secret Software.

The tutorial-free puzzle game tasks players with making all of the circled numbers in each stage add up to 100, a feat accomplished by tapping and/or holding each circle. A variety of obstacles spring up to complicate your number-crunching, including circles with negative numbers and spinning saw blades. Wrapping it all together is a sleek, minimalist look that immediately catches the eye.

You can hear more from Saltsman and some of his Semi Secret team members -- folks who worked on the likes of Solipskier and Wurdle -- in an interview on The Verge. In the meantime, check out the neat launch trailer.

Canabalt Creator Releases Hundreds For iOS