Justice League Movie Has Its Villain?


Posted December 3, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Justice League Movie Has Its Villain?

Does the upcoming Justice League feature film already have a villain lined up? Well, according to a report, the answer would be affirmative.

The folks at LatinoReview have learned that when Warner Bros. wrangles the heroes of the DC Comics universe together to hit the big screen in Avengers-like epicness, they will be tangling with none other than the durable, detestable despot, Darkseid.

While it is hardly a report containing much substance, Darkseid has always been the clear front-runner when it comes to the choice of villains who are powerful enough, recognizable enough, and carry the kind of gravitas necessary to be the main antagonist in an effort against the main lineup of DC Comics superheroes, headlined by Superman himself. (Plus, Tom Hiddleston was busy with The Avengers 2.)

What could this mean for DC's mega-team movie movement?

Marvel took things slowly, building their movie universe one character's film at a time, leading into a movie event with already established characters. However, with Justice League (depending on how Warner treats next year's Superman reboot, Man of Steel,) DC might be going into theaters cold, tasked with having to introduce EVERYONE in the team, including its new Batman, who will NOT be Christian Bale's moody, gravel-voiced version from the Christopher Nolan films. (And despite rumors, will also not be Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "Blake/Robin.")

Additionally, they would then have to establish the threat that Darkseid represents and explain his motivation. Such a task entails taking a radical turn from hero introductions on Earth, to the realm of far-away planets.

Created by Jack Kirby in the early 1970's, Darkseid possess immense power, both physically and politically. He's also a slavedriver who had his own mother murdered to gain rule of his planet of Apokolips, turning it into a dark, nightmarish world overrun by his Parademon troopers. He is a megalomaniac whose only purpose is to rule everything, notably the neighboring, idyllic planet of New Genesis. -- That was, until he discovers the existence of Earth and its array of costumed heroes, notably, a certain blue-suited Kryptonian.

That's going to be quite a task for a single film that will sell itself as a big summer tent-pole.

Justice League gets ready to dodge omega beams at theaters in the summer of 2015.


Justice League Movie Has Its Villain?


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