BioShock Infinite Cosplayer Becomes BioShock Infinite Spokesmodel

Posted December 3, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

BioShock Infinite Cosplayer Becomes BioShock Infinite Spokesmodel

Don't scoff at cosplay. Create a convincing enough costume and you could end up getting yourself a job. Fan Anne Moleva discovered this firsthand after she impressed Irrational Games with her cosplay of BioShock Infinite's leading lady, Elizabeth.

A post on Irrational's website reveals that Moleva landed the gig of live-action spokesmodel for Elizabeth after her cosplay left a big impression on the dev team. She's now "the official face of Elizabeth," which means that she'll be making special appearances at select events as well as appearing in promotional art and TV ads.

The announcement post from Irrational also includes a Q&A with Moleva, so head over to the source link and take a peek.

BioShock Infinite Cosplayer Becomes BioShock Infinite Spokesmodel


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