Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide: Finding All The Intel Items


Posted November 13, 2012 - By Donell Tucker

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide: Finding All The Intel Items

Locating all the Intel in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 may be tough to accomplish, but luckily G4tv.com already went through the trouble to create the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide. There are a total of 33 Intel items in the single player campaign and each mission contains 3 pieces of hidden Intel for you to find. If you are an achievement hunter, which we know you are, then you will want to read on and learn how to complete this challenge.

Pyrrhic Victory

Intel 1 - Before you call in air support, look towards the right of the convoy and search for the vehicle on its side. The Intel is on the ground behind the burning vehicle.

Intel 2 - When you are on the barge, head up the ladder on the left side where the mounted machine gun is and look behind the vent that is putting out black smoke. The Intel will be on the floor.

Intel 3 - When you are defending the second location after falling back to the river, climb on top of the elevated sniper ledge farthest to the right.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide: Finding All The Intel Items


Intel 1 - When you first enter the research facility and the firefight begins, go to the room to your right and inside is the Intel on top of a desk near the window.

Intel 2 - Before you go inside the vault to get the Celerium, go up the two main ramps and enter the center room. There on the white table in front is another Intel to obtain.

Intel 3 - Once you reached the landing zone and went up to the upper section, you'll see a black helicopter in which you can access and control if you have the kit. If you go towards that helicopter and turn left, you'll see an open room inside the ruin where the Intel is located.

Old Wounds

Intel 1 - After the meeting with Hudson and the Rebel Leader, don't exit yet. Turn right and you'll see the Intel on top of the wooden crates.

Intel 2 - The second Intel is near a red flag that can be found northwest of the main base. It’s easy to miss this one.

Intel 3 - At the first bridge you see after the icon says to dismount from the horse, there is a big cave on the right side where you’ll find Intel on the floor.

Time And Fate

Intel 1 - Before you leave the barn, make sure to check the back of the nearby wagon to find the first Intel.

Intel 2 - This Intel can be found inside the bell tower. Have a look as soon as you’re half way up.

Intel 3 - When you enter the Cocaine Bunker and clear out the first section of enemies, there will be a open room towards the left with the Intel on a wooden bench.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide: Finding All The Intel Items

Fallen Angel

Intel 1 - Right in the beginning of the area after the Ballsita Drone blast its way through, look towards the right on the bottom grocery shelf will be an Intel to obtain.

Intel 2 - After you destroy the first gate, be sure to avoid the bus and enter the alley on the right. The second Intel is lying on the ground.

Intel 3 - Once you enter the building there will be a moment where the ceiling crumbles, look down where the debris fell you'll see an Intel on the floor


Intel 1 - Once you defeat the enemies inside the CRC computer room, head just outside the control panel room and look towards your right side. You'll see the Intel on a white computer desk.

Intel 2 - When Karma is captured and you are chasing after her in the shopping mall, go to the bottom first floor and find the clothing store towards the ride side called d'HO. The Intel is near the cash register.

Intel 3 - As you pass the Circular Bar, be sure to look out for the third Intel resting on a small desktop.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide: Finding All The Intel Items

Suffer With Me

Intel 1 - When you enter the warehouse through the skyline, you’ll find several wooden shelves. The Intel is on the second shelf.

Intel 2 - Once you are at the church, look for a bay building towards the left side with a sign saying "Electronics." Enter through the building and you should see the Intel sitting on a shelf near a couple of TVs.

Intel 3 - After you breach the main building, follow the hallway down until you see an open room in front. Inside that room near the sink is the third Intel.

Achilles' Veil

Intel 1 - After you join Menendez at the stage, jump down and head over to the right side exit. Farther from the right side exit is another room leading up to the second floor. The Intel is on the floor near some pillows and carpets.

Intel 2 - In the first building on the left, search behind the weapon boxes to find another piece of Intel.

Intel 3 - As soon as you find an ammo crate, climb the ladder and the third Intel is on the roof next to a Fuel Cylinder.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide: Finding All The Intel Items


Intel 1 - As soon as you reach the bridge of the ship, the first Intel is sitting on the desk on the far side.

Intel 2 - Before you go down stairs to meet Salazar, there is another set of stairs on the right side that lead you up to the Intel sitting on the table.

Intel 3 - When you have reach on top of the carrier, there are two VTOL on the opposite side of the VTOL you need to EVAC. Look inside the second VTOL and the Intel will be laying down on the floor near the open door.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide: Finding All The Intel Items

Cordis Die

Intel 1 - When you grapple down onto the freeway, head over to the burning car on the left side with a dead LAPD officer in it. The car is located right across from the warning sign that says "Freeway Evac Route." The intel is on the floor right next to the dead LAPD officer.

Intel 2 – When you are regrouping with POTUS, head to Hotel Kaylor’s front desk to find another piece of Intel.

Intel 3 - When you reach to the LA Downtown Plaza, go inside the building's entrance to the left. Go up the stairs and locate Wes's Favorite T-Shirt kiosk and the Intel will be located on the bottom shelf.

Judgment Day

Intel 1 - On the way to the main objective, look for a building that has the number 27 on it. Enter that building and go upstairs. The Intel will be located on top of a computer console.

Intel 2 - After you clear the broadcast room, check out the third tier of computer equipment to find the second Intel.

Intel 3 - Run around the outer edge of the building and you will find stairs that go to a lower level.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide: Finding All The Intel Items


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